New Experience Is Opened As More Light Embodies


Opening comments from Michele: When the following information was given to Chris and me, we both felt as if there was a special grace or blessing weaving mystically through it. Not only was it a conscious reference for something we had not yet experienced, but it also was a bridge into the experience. Since that time in late September, a level of consciousness has begun to feel its way into Continue →

Equinox, A Synchronization With The Earth’s Grid


"Dear people of the earth," "There is a great synchronization that will be taking place between the new energy grid which has been opened and created and the matrix which has been serving in the past. This is taking place so that all of you who have been doing so much work to create your lives in greater harmony, greater joy, and greater magnificence - matching the truth of who you are - will Continue →

A Creation Story From Earth Mother


I am going to tell you a story, a brief story. And as I share this story, if there is a resonance within your awareness, breathe into your body and exhale, release. Because the story is our story. It is not your story or my story - it is our story. There are certain pieces of it that need to be remembered for there have been veils of forgetfulness over consciousness for many, many, many centuries. Continue →

Like Attracts Like, Let Go And Surrender


"In this time in your earth there is a great deepening of love taking place. Love is not just a feeling or emotion, although you are designed to experience love emotionally. Love is an energy that is like a magnetism of joining one thing to another. Out of it proceeds certain laws or principles. They are not the foundation of this energy, this energy produces these principles in action. One of Continue →

A Small Group Gathering with The Earth Mother


Comments by participants are in UPPER CASE Breathe with me please. Ahh, yes breathe. Breathe deeply into your body and bring this life force deeper, deeper. There is much that is good about living in a place where there is more fresh air. You can breathe and there is that which refreshes you. More oxygen. That is good. Heeyah homikaya Alomaha......................... Would you Continue →

Glory Hallelujah, We Are Free At Last


"In this time let yourselves reflect on some words that have been said in song or music, but often do not get said in your own lives. Let yourselves reflect on GLORY HALLELUJAH. Open to the expression of that and the experience of it. When ones express GLORY HALLELUJAH it comes from a deep place of appreciation, of knowing, of excitement, of bursting forth. In this last winter time it was a great, Continue →

Integrating Love Into Every Aspect


"What we would like to speak of today is what it is to be embodied in full measure and in integrity with your Spirit, your soul. There has been much that has been channeled, much that has been written, much that has been taught in every spiritual tradition of this world of yours. Yet many take it in, learn it in some form or fashion and do not come through all the way into body or into action, Continue →

Don’t Go Back


Do you remember a relationship that you had to leave? Have you ever quit a job because you just couldn’t bear to do it anymore? Have you ever watched somebody die and realized your own inability to change the outcome? Perhaps you have your own example to help remind yourself of what it feels like to move through the experience of one form ending and another beginning. Did you struggle to hang on Continue →

Discern The Flow Of Movement And Step Into It


"There is a great degree of opportunity now being presented to ones when they are sitting on a sort of threshold. They have done much clearing and they have not yet opened into what is to come, so they sit in a threshold place. Yet, if they open to listening and feeling they will feel a current or flow of energy, a breeze, a freshness and a fragrance blowing them in the direction they should point Continue →

Balancing Inner Masculine And Feminine


"Greetings, hello. In the earth plane right now is a great desire to bring to balance the relationship within and without in the world that has to do with the masculine and the feminine. Our topic is focused on this partly because this time is one where the inner masculine is having a great deal of difficulty surrendering its hold upon what it has thought was its place. The inner feminine is now Continue →