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2019. The Unexpected, Like this Update

The ghost of New Year’s past says hi, how’s it going? For many years Lightsmith offered New Year’s channelings. We invited our friends in spirit to lend their perspectives on how consciousness was shifting about and how the energies of change might affect us in the next cycle of our calendar year. I'm thinking the last such channeling was in January of 2014, which seems long, long ago. In Continue →

A Lightsmith Surprise

  Hi! I bet you weren't expecting this in your inbox :) I began this update once upon a time, and then completely lost track of where I saved it. Apparently some new material wanted to be included, making this version 2.0. The delay in posting turned out to be beneficial. Funny how that works. So, how are you? That may seem like a rhetorical question, but not completely. At the Continue →

Lightsmith – The Form Dissolves

This is one of the last update emails you will receive from Lightsmith. We intend to remain connected, though the form will change. For this to be a year of new beginnings, the old must release. For us, that time has come. We are grateful for all that has been; your support, your friendship, your participation in extraordinary action within creation, your agreement to become who you are through a Continue →

Moving On, A Celebration

Right off the bat. That's how energy seems to have gone into motion as we entered 2017. Although I'm writing from what I witness in my own experience, I'm usually never alone. For awhile last year I wondered if anything was ever going to feel like movement in the outer world. 2016 took us deep, yielding more clearing and release, but with a resulting clarification in a sense of self and a kind of Continue →

Solstice Event Tuesday, Save January 22nd

Solstice on Tuesday Our Winter Solstice Planetary Event is Tuesday, December 20th at 7pm central time. You can join us in person, by phone, or by internet stream. The information you need to connect is on the calendar listing. You can also check there for any last-minute changes. A Last Gathering Pot Luck Meal and Garage Sale Sunday, January 22nd from 2-5pm. At the moment it appears that this Continue →


During a Thanksgiving holiday walk, I was appreciating those of you who have been such an integral part of our lives during these past many years. You have been beside us, experiencing the many challenges of deep transformation, radical change and life rearrangement. Some of you were long-term compatriots, some of you showed up to trigger a process or two, and some of you crossed our path only Continue →

Upcoming Events, Earth Mother Reflections

  Welcome to mid-September. Yeah, already. Perhaps like many of you, Lightsmith is in a process of moving past its present form. Moment to moment is how the flow goes these days, and some of those moments are events that still remain on our calendar. Here's a reminder of what's just ahead, and then some reflections on our recent session with the Earth Mother. Discovery Process One: Continue →

Lightsmith’s Last Hurrah

It is time. Or maybe the end of time. Our original need to exist has completed, our raison d'être fulfilled. We have assisted those of Spirit and Earth to accomplish what was agreed upon eons ago. We have stayed the course, we have moved as directed, we have done our work, we have given 100% to the plan. And so have you, which is why you understand what is coming to a close. Our finale, so to Continue →

You Cannot Avoid the Void


  It's weird. On one hand it seems there is much ado about everything. On the other it seems there is not much ado about anything. There is compelling drama as the old reality melts down into chaos, yet there is immersion into the pregnant stillness of a world yet unknown. And impatient frustration reigns as we navigate between them. We're tested in every moment these days. The old Continue →

Two-Part Event with Earth Mother, September and October

This is a save-the-dates notice. The Earth Mother returns with another process to assist us to move in synchronization with her. We know nothing of the content so far, and may not until the event begins and we are then informed. Perhaps I'll know more later and will share on a future update. Then again, maybe not. To be honest, I don't think that matters to those of you who will be drawn to Continue →