Brief Update about Coming Events

Michele has passed along her latest perspective on how our two main series of events are inter-related this year:

“As the currents for the year open up, I can sense a bit more how the Creator Within Creation classes and the New Moon events will complement each other. The 2nd Saturday classes will be with the Master teachers who will be guiding us to master our own frequencies, our choices, our emotions, our daily experience of Being. The New Moons will be facilitated by the Earth Mother and friends and we will be moving into greater mastery of materializing who we are within our bodies, our lives, and our world. All of the Spirit Beings and Earth Mother feel quite energized and excited to be moving with any who choose into this year’s adventure. We start with Kuthumi on Saturday, Feb. 9 and the Earth Mother on Monday, Feb. 11. I hope to either see you at Lightsmith or feel your participation in the field at a distance during one or both of these experiences.”

Our preparations these past years have brought us to this point. We are entering a new life in a new dimension, and it is time to receive some masterful guidance for how to proceed. We now have dates on the calendar for our main events this year, but the details are far from known. Those of you who have been part of our mastery series know that the content of each session isn’t known even to Michele until the day of the events. Each month we gather for the unveiling of these special presentations and together we open to the mystery and discover the gifts as they reveal themselves. Being in that process with each other is itself deeply satisfying, and we greatly appreciate everyone who creates these moments with us.

We begin on Saturday. Your presence is requested.


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