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Choppy Waters & A Special Visit With Mary

Such a strange time. Every morning I arise and proceed with my day, pretending it's business as usual. Yet, nothing is as usual. Plans often change in a moment, assuming I've had the energy to follow through on plans at all. Sometimes I just sit in my chair, thinking about what I could be doing, or reflecting on what used to be interesting but no longer calls to me. Even distractions like Continue →

This Special Moment in Time

Hello, wondrous friends of Lightsmith, This post is longish, but I wanted to include several pieces of information from the Earth Mother. Over the past two decades I have had many unexpected, amazing and powerful experiences on this journey of personal and planetary healing and resulting transformations. Along the way, certain moments have felt as though they were highlighted as events of Continue →

The State of the Planet

At the request of the Earth Mother we have scheduled a special event this Saturday, September 12th from 1-3:30pm central time. We don't know much about what will be presented, but it is likely to be both informative and energetically helpful as we collectively make our way through these challenging times. No secret I advocate for the earth. It is my view that this planetary mother is the Continue →

A Lightsmith Summer Pop-Up Channeling Event

Has the crazy hit the fan? I don't know about you, but for us the jolts, starts and stops of the past couple weeks may have set a new record for unpredictable rearrangements. Throw in a little eye surgery for me and every day has had some kind of challenge, weird twist or sudden reset. Stability is not the word of the day. Just for fun and a change of pace, and to help satiate our curiosities Continue →

Seismic Shifting


From Michele: Have you felt the seismic shifting underneath consciousness these past couple months? It has felt both freeing and relentless as the process scours our psyches and bodies so we can embody more light and shift frequency with the planet. It takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to stay with this process as well as some gentle self-care and acceptance of how we feel each day Continue →

Solstice Event Sunday at 3pm

A very last-minute reminder that our Summer Solstice Planetary Event is this Sunday, June 21st at 3pm Central Daylight time. Join us in person, by phone, or by internet stream. Details and login information are on the calendar listing. The shortest update I may send all year :) Chris           Continue →

Lightsmith’s First First Tuesday is Tuesday.

I was hoping that subject line would get your attention :) Tomorrow, June 2nd, we begin our new event schedule. In our previous update I noted that we are no longer doing events around New Moons. Instead, we have shifted the timing to be the first Tuesday of each month. We refer to these events as First Tuesdays, a shortened version of First Tuesday for Personal Expansion and Development. Continue →

Moving Right Along

Our challenging immersion into 2015 continues for many,  but at least sun and warm weather (here in Minnesota) allows us to be outdoors and moving about more freely. Funny how, without much notice, one-third of the year has snuck right past. Years ago the Earth Mother spoke of collapsing the matrix of time. We experience the effect as time speeding up, yet as past and future disappear from Continue →

Anxiety, Anticipation

Been cranky lately? We seem to be in a time where senses of grand possibility rapidly alternate with overwhelming senses of annihilation. The influx of energies have become increasingly relentless and demanding, obliterating the unreal and inauthentic with swift, stunning efficiency. Yes, it appears we're still in a deep-cleaning process of uprooting and releasing various bits of ourselves that Continue →

New Moon. Supermoon. Eclipse. Equinox.

Okay, now we're talking a rip-roaring focal-point of energy. Plus, Michele has been tracking a recent blue frequency that appears to be coming from the New Field itself. This new energy appears to be connected with clearing limitations or restrictions that inhibit pure authentic choice. I don't have more to share about that particular frequency at the moment, but I'm sure we'll be learning more Continue →