Balancing Inner Masculine And Feminine

“Greetings, hello. In the earth plane right now is a great desire to bring to balance the relationship within and without in the world that has to do with the masculine and the feminine. Our topic is focused on this partly because this time is one where the inner masculine is having a great deal of difficulty surrendering its hold upon what it has thought was its place. The inner feminine is now gaining access to greater and greater depths of resources and power and she will no longer be denied or stay put in what was supposedly her place. So ones are having struggles within and struggles without, and so we would like to address this.”

“When we speak of the masculine we are not just speaking of the males of your species, but of the inner masculine that is also within women. Women are also affected and patterned and modeled as well as the males. For a little over 5,000 years the inner masculine has thought that it had to be in control of creation, to subjugate the land to his desires. This was usually for food, sustenance, and then wealth, based on what was produced. Land ownership was the first basis of wealth, honor, and what was then passed on for posterity, or prosperity which is passed on.”

“There began to be an acting of a principle of putting oneself in a divine placement, a mastery, being that which is superior to or having enough wisdom to be a master over something that is designated as needing such mastery. In that position there was a sense of dominance that was readily and quite naturally accrued because of the positioning. Secondly there was a positioning of separation and therefore gradually there was fear. For what was presumed to be the position of mastery was not in truth given by God to be so. It was not in truth given by the Mother to be so, but a certain level of consciousness that was in the earth plane presumed itself to have a certain power.”

“That power was to be over death. If you have enough to eat and prosperity to pass on then you have something that lives on even if your body dies. You pass on wealth, you pass on land, you pass on a legacy, but this is all in the masculine patterning of power, possession, and then power over death. From the very beginning, the masculine has been set up in consciousness to stand in this positioning and then to contract around this positioning. Then if ones do not feel that they have an inheritance to pass on, or if there is a sense that one has not conquered death in some way or other, then there is a sense of great failure. Then there is a constriction around that.”

“You have all had many lives. Many of you have been masculine and others have been feminine, but in the masculine times you have embodied and taken on this yoke or burden which has been carried very seriously and quite pridefully because it has been your inheritance to do so. It is what you were taught regardless of what culture you came into, at least in the “civilized”, agricultural culture. It can be eastern or western as long as the basis is the subjugation of land for the purpose of overcoming death. Now hold that thought for a bit and look at the feminine.”

“The feminine on the inner and outer planes was likened unto that which was the earth. The feminine has a body which grows things. Women grow babies, the earth grows plants, fruits, and other things to eat, and animals, etc. So there is a body which grows things and then a body that nurtures these things. Because women were like unto the earth, there is that patterning or positioning that put women into the same category as the earth. They became something to be subjugated, controlled, and in some way something to be conquered because she carried life. That was part of that great fear of death that is underneath so many things that you are now releasing. Her body, her patterning, received what was provided to be in a position to have and nurture children, to provide workers for the fields, and to continue to offset death in the way that was her way. To produce. The patterning within women is to have children and to nurture life for the purpose of work, or producing more food or wealth for inheritance so that can be passed on thereby avoiding permanent death. If she does not have children or her body does not produce or nurture life, the psyche considers it a failure. Women have been working very diligently to come to another understanding of themselves and their bodies, and they have been breaking out of the mold. That has brought them face to face with their own mortality as well as the opening of another level of creativity or life force which is down in the bottom centers. As this life force is now coming forth they are no longer in the positioning that they once were in. They have faced death in order to open these centers and the feminine in these places in both women and men are now rising to say “I am life, I am not death and you do not need to put me in a position in which I am the tool of those who fear death”.

“What is happening to the masculine that is obvious by now? Males, and the masculine within, which is the head or consciousness, is having to come to grips with a basic primordial concept and belief that has been woven into the myths of all your different civilized, agricultural societies. These myths say that your position, your responsibility is all woven around this base place of fear. This has never been told to you in this way, but it has been assumed. The assumption is being broken up as the feminine rises within and challenges it. There is a great scrambling in consciousness as the fear rises to the surface. Ones do everything they can to not face it. Some say they “lose a grip on reality”. They do more than that. They begin to have an awareness of something that is very deep and something which they have called evil rising from within them. They may name it as something outside of them as those who would bring it to them. They will try to crush that inside and out until they realize that what they are trying to crush is their life force that is rising within them to bring them back to life, not to kill them. Life is the desire of the Creator. The desire has always been to bring to life, to manifest, what is within consciousness into forms that can Divinely dance! The Mother knows this, and she serves this desire. She IS this desire made manifest. Your bodies know this. It has been the fear of death that has programmed death. Quite insane, yes? It is the fear of death that focuses and locks it into the cells, and that is what then creates it.”

“This message has some radical implications and multiple levels of relational connections inside each one in relationship to each other, and in relationship of groups and nations to one another. It is time now to look the fear of death in the face, and to face directly that which is deep within the psyche, the belief structure, matrix, and cells of just about every body on this planetary body, because you will create death in mass if it is not faced soon.”

“There are some things that can be helpful. There have been many stories about life after death, those who have appeared to die and then came back. It has been purposeful to make that public. There are also stories of angels or those who are assisting, or about those who are not embodied but are very much present. This has all been purposeful so that ones realize that there is that which is beyond the body and you do not lose life, you just change form. Many more are aware of this at least at a semi-conscious level. They are beginning to be more aware of it as your media produces programs on such things and more stories and books are written. These things are helpful to the mind to make a reference to that which is not death but an ongoingness of life.”

“Another way that is helpful and working right now is that more and more ones are being aware that their choices each day make a difference in how they feel. When you choose against what your energy wishes to do you have a sense of depletion and you die a little. When you choose with your energy then there is more life and more support for life and you feel better. You are learning to listen to how you feel as a consequence of your choices. Consciousness is now starting to weave its way into a conscious daily pattern or conscious daily life. As ones become more conscious and make more choices based on their consciousness, feeling, and body, this activates a life principle that is also in the cells and also in the consciousness. That place that constricts around death will surface because it has been inherited and born within the body. That is one of those things passed on for “posterity”. If you have sufficient consciousness you will recognize it and you will be able to bring forth much more gently a knowing that it no longer fits for you.”

“This is loosening collectively now, and those who are at the forward edge of the shifting will experience it first. It is very deeply imbedded. Be not afraid of your fear of death however it may manifest. Let it come out, let it surface in your body, in your awareness, in your consciousness, and let yourself look at it. Look at it and then open it to the Mother, the great Goddess of Life. Open it to the Father, Creator, the great Source, impulse for Life. Open the fear. Open it to these aspects of your own body, your own self, and allow it to pass out of your body. As more and more of you do so, and it is essential that you do, this body as a whole has greater freedom and greater choice is available to all. One of the possibilities right now is that the constriction around death can be loosened to such a degree that large-scale death can be transmuted.”

“There is a natural place for the masculine when it releases from its fear of death and its need to control the forces of creation and life in order to avert death. The natural place for the masculine is to honor the feminine, the life force, and to enhance it and use that creativity to bring through forms that are of great benefit to all. Life is not to be controlled or manipulated. Life is to be honored, acknowledged, and brought forth through bodies and consciousnesses into forms that are gracefully enhancing of life itself. The masculine aspect within each does this.”

“The feminine aspect when it is in balance is connected to the life force and brings forth the power, the energy, that blood of life that fuels what then is created by the masculine aspect. The feminine is the power, the life force. The masculine brings it into form by honoring, by acknowledging, by true respect. Your indigenous cultures, particularly in their most true state knew this. There was great honor for Creation, for the Mother, and there were those who were in place with this to honor, to acknowledge, and to bring wisdom and consciousness of it to the younger ones. The feminine and the masculine were in balance in the life that was created. You are not going back to those primitive life experiences, you do not need to, but there is that within it that will come back to balance in life as that balance is restored through every day choices, every day consciousness, and in the wisdom that is passed on for posterity.”

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