The Transformation to Conscious Creation: Part 4


The Final Surrender If you're reading this article, I would bet that you have had some experience of trying to talk about subtle energy fields, consciousness, or sensing the presence of those who are not in a physical body. If you have given voice to such things, you might also have had people respond with various versions of fear, derision, or judgment. That response is often enough to create Continue →

The Transformation to Conscious Creation: Part 3


First, the Healing of the Feminine Up until the mid 1960's, there was a collective image of the ideal family. Father out in the world working a steady job and making the money to support mom at home with the children. Each family in this ideal lived in their own home in a neighborhood with other families in the same mold. Women sometimes worked as nurses, teachers, or secretaries, but most quit Continue →

The Transformation to Conscious Creation: Part 2


The Nature of the Shift In this second article about the process of Transforming to Conscious Creation, I'd like to focus on clarifying the shift itself. What is actually shifting and why is it such a big deal? I'll begin by looking at duality as the structure of consciousness that has given form to our current collective reference for reality. Its nature is polarity, which generates dynamic Continue →

The Transformation to Conscious Creation: Part 1


Feel your Capacity for Metamorphosis and Connection This is the first of a nine part discourse on the process of Transformation to Conscious Creation. In the fall of 1998, I facilitated ten classes focused upon restructuring consciousness in the body in order to play within the new matrix of creation. This series will draw from that course and will include powerful practices that, when used, Continue →

The Merkaba: Information And Activation

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PLEASE BEGIN TO AQUAINT US WITH THE MERKABA. "About 3 years ago I began to explore the merkaba. The Spirit Beings that guide my soul taught me a process to begin to experience and gradually learn to use that energy field. The process involves spinning two vortices of energy, one connected to Source which comes from above, and the other is sourced in the Earth. The two merge, rather like Continue →