Coaching Tips for Art Fair Clothes Shopping

The American Craft Council public retail show in St. Paul starts tomorrow, Friday April 20th, and runs through Sunday (for details follow the link at the bottom of this article). If you are planning to attend and are interested in trying on Art to Wear, here are some tips from an experienced Art Fair groupie.... 1. Wear a neutral in your element, especially on top. I wear the same color top and Continue →

Hot sale at LaRue’s in Minneapolis!

Just wanted you all to know that this weekend is LaRue's Recycle Sale.....Friday through Monday. It is an opportunity to get gently used upscale clothes at really good prices! People who shop at LaRue's bring LaRues quality clothing and then get store credit to use on some lovely new additions.. Get on their e-mail list and birthday notification list too. Some great perks! LaRues is on the corner Continue →

Testifying in The Halls of Justice


People who know me or know of my gifts often assume that I always know what is going on and that I am rarely left to muddle along the best that I can. Not true! From about the first of January through mid February I had a nearly constant pressure in my Third Eye and head. Whenever I did my meditations or when I lay down to rest or sleep, the pressure would painfully intensify and then gradually Continue →

Letter from Michele in response to events of September 11, 2001


Hello to all, I have wanted to write something about what I have sensed occurring within the collective for some time now. The events of this week seem to be the catalyst. Since the Solstice Eclipse in June, I personally have been very focused, moving through deeper layers of distortion in my body and consciousness. I also noticed this happening for others. I said over and over that we are now Continue →

And The Bridge Exists No More


For many years, some people have been crossing the bridge of consciousness: Healing from lifetimes of wounding and trauma, Waking up and seeing inherited beliefs that diminished their Essential Natures, And courageously exploring ever deepening levels of subtle awareness which had been pushed into the shadowland during our industrial/techno-scientific age. Sometimes, these people have Continue →

The Transformation to Conscious Creation: Part 9

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And Now We Reach The Golden Chariot Note from Michele: This article on the evolution of consciousness is the last in the series of nine, leading up to the millennium. It has been good for me to articulate and give form to my experience and growing awareness, and I thank The EDGE Newspaper for the opportunity to present this material to a wider audience as well as each of you who has taken the Continue →

The Transformation to Conscious Creation: Part 8


Harvesting Our Experiences to Seed the New Creation Over the years, I have worked with many people who have carried deep woundedness from significant losses in this and/or other lives. My personal story has also contained that theme. The focus of the experience is usually on the loss, the trauma of the way it happened, the lonely or empty feelings that remain, and the inability to open or trust Continue →

The Transformation to Conscious Creation: Part 7


Stepping into the Current of Creation As I sit down to write this article, my Millennium countdown clock registers 111 days until the end of the current cycle as marked in linear time. Contemplating this, I become aware of a feeling that has been increasing in frequency and strength in the last few weeks. Last month, I wrote about the shift from the personal focus of transformation into the Continue →

The Transformation to Conscious Creation: Part 6


The Case of the Dueling Pendulums: Transforming From Individuation to Wholeness Not long ago I had the opportunity to travel with a group of evolving people, all of whom have been practicing various ways to validate their intuition. There were a number of group decisions that had to be made. Suddenly, out popped the pendulums. Some went back and forth and some went in little circles. Soon Continue →

The Transformation to Conscious Creation: Part 5

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The Shift to Organic Awareness I often find myself struck by the awesome immensity of what we are collectively accomplishing during this age of transformation. Many people are pursuing personal healing work be it through energetic, psychological, or other means. Science reflects how we are interdependently connected and how decisions in Brazil or Pakistan affect the whole world. The internet is Continue →