Michele on Visible & Present


I’m sending this quick note to inform you about newly scheduled Visible & Present Discovery Processes and other upcoming Lightsmith events. Note: you may receive two of these emails if you signed up to receive both Lightsmith Announcements and Visible & Present notifications.

Over the years I have found it personally satisfying and great fun for me to assist others to move into greater coherency and clarity as they come into vibrational resonance through what they wear. We are becoming conscious of how we affect each field we enter and how those fields and relationships are affected by who we are and how we are visibly present in our bodies and lives. It’s time to ground who we are into our lives, align our inner and outer experience, and free up energy to create anew.

Recently I did something for myself that grew out of my recent re-entry into the current of Visible & Present. I decided to do a vibrational closet clearing. I went through every item of clothing and all my accessories to see if they vibrate who I am. I was astonished that after living with this awareness of energetic matching for nearly 18 years, that half of the things I thought worked did not vibrate with my essential energy.

I am aware that many people are clearing out from many levels what does not match them. Clothing is part of the physical level, yet it also must be matched energetically with the core essence of who you are. I found the process of closet clearing to be so clarifying that it has carried over to my house and other facets of my life. I also feel that a lot of energy has been freed up that is now informing a host of new ideas. Now, I am teaching the Visible & Present series less as a system to learn and apply and more as a way of noticing what vibrates with you and what does not. In the process you learn how to support yourself to be more fully present in every field or situation of life.

Last-minute call for Saturday, October 25th:

I still have a little room in tomorrow’s Discovery Process I: Authentication. This is the entry-level process for those just beginning this journey. See the calendar for information.

If you have already been typed:

Join me on November 1st if you’d like to make your own personal fabric Visible & Present Shopping Guide. This will be an upgrade from the laminated fan you previously received, and will be more precisely focused to match your core essence. 10am-1pm. See calendar for details.

Two opportunities for Discovery Process II: Magnification:

This process is for those who have already been typed. 10am-4pm on Saturday November 22nd, or Saturday December 6th. See calendar listings for each. Classes are limited to 12 people, so let me know if you are interested so I can reserve your place. I am also available to assist you to do some vibrational closet clearing, or for personal shopping assistance to infuse energy into the process.

Chris will likely be sending an update soon with commentary and upcoming Lightsmith events, but I’ll mention a couple dates in early November. Thursday, November 6th is the Cross-Quarter Planetary Event. These powerful planetary events are open to everyone and are offered by donation. You can join us in person, by phone, or by internet stream. Saturday, November 8th is the second-Saturday support session following up on the recent wave of energy that has been pushing even deeper to help get us conscious. Both of these events are more fully described on their respective calendar pages.

I have been appreciating this lovely fall with extended days of lush color and temperatures, great for being outside taking it all in. I won’t complain if we have an extended Indian summer! Enjoy, and please contact me if you have any questions about any of the upcoming Visible & Present Discovery Processes.






Visible and Present Shopping Guide Session Postponed


I hope you have had some quality time outside during our lovely last week. In Autumn, the energy of the Fire Element encourages all of us to put things into form, to take action, and to move ideas out of our heads into a creative process.

In line with this energy, I feel like I have just given birth to the new incarnation of Visible & Present! Nine wonderful women joined me this past Saturday for their discovery of their Essential Elements. Abundant gratitude to Joey Lee and Carol Neal for assisting and midwifing this birthing process. I could not have done it without you! And thank you to all those who have come to help cut fabric this past month. The Essential Element boxes have filled up with colorful little fabric squares that are then carefully chosen and added to the new Visible and Present Shopping Guides. Each person’s guide is unique to them and it was fun for me to witness just how specific these guides become as the women on Saturday created theirs. There will be a second round of cutting as we get ready for Discovery Process II so I will be sending out some new times to volunteer.

I have decided to postpone the Visible & Present Shopping Guide Creation session for those who have already been typed that I had scheduled for next Saturday. I want to reprint before I do that session so there will be consistency going forward. I am rescheduling for Saturday, Nov. 1, from 10-1.  I hope the change of date works for those of you who were interested in creating your own personalized guide. Please let me know if you are planning to come so I can prepare your new guide especially for you.

Discovery Process II: Magnification is scheduled for two Saturdays, and you can choose to attend either Saturday, 11/22 or Saturday, Dec. 6. That experience will add cards to the guide as we explore how light interacts with your body and  and which patterns empower you . We will also move into more detailed exploration of design lines, essence qualities, and how and when to magnify your presence.

Unexpectedly I saw some Water clothes at Chico’s last week….besides their usual Earth and Fire….just in case…

In Gratitude,


Visible & Present Clothing Exchange this Friday!

A Warm Hello!

It has certainly felt like Fall has arrived this week. I am feeling a bit discombobulated! I don’t know how to dress or what to wear as my summer clothes are not warm enough for these temps and my winter clothes are still packed away. So it is a perfect time to clean out and determine what has lost energy and can move on. Remember the Visible and Present Clothing Exchange is scheduled for this Friday evening, 9/19 from 6-8:30pm at Lightsmith. Come if you can!

And THANK YOU to those who have helped with cutting fabric for the Shopping Guides. I am still in need of help and will be cutting next Saturday, 9/20 from 10- 2 and Sunday, 9/21 from 12-4. Let me know if you can make either time. I appreciate both the help and the company!

Fires, this is your season! There are some great fire clothes, corduroy pants and tops in your palette at both Chico’s and at Eddie Bauer. Eddie Bauer (at the MOA, west side between Macy’s and Nordstrom on 2nd floor) has pants in short, regular, and long as well as several different styles of waist shaping and leg width to fit a wide range of shapes.

As I am out and about, I’ll post more of what I’m finding. Post a reply to this post if you find some good Fall things for any of the elements.

Enjoy being you and wearing who you are!


Visible & Present Returns!

A Warm Hello from Michele!

After a bit of a break, I am excited about what is taking form as I move back into the current of Visible & Present. I have been creating new experiences for Visible & Present that I call Discovery Processes. I also have some other information to share further down, and a personal request for assistance.

Included in this update: 

  • 2014 expansion of Visible & Present programs
  • Volunteers needed for creation and preparation
  • Clothing exchange scheduled for September 19th
  • Personalized services with Michele announced

First, descriptions of the three primary Discovery Processes: 

Discovery Process One


Discovering what colors, shapes, textures, and fabrics bring you into alignment with your essence. The introductory part of this process will focus on learning the basic four Essence Elements and how they uniquely combine within each person. We will begin to discern each person’s elemental nature and what vibrates most intensely when you are clearly present. In the second part we will discern more individual characteristics and create the Visible & Present Shopping Guide that is personal to you.

Discovery Process Two


Discovering how to refine and magnify your visibility and presence through focus on pattern, light, and essence vibration. In part one we will focus more specifically on what is supportive to being fully visible and present in various parts of your life. We will focus on the empowering aspects of using pattern and light to animate your soul vibration through your body. In part two we will discover your essence vibration and begin to explore how to dress consciously for any situation. Participants will make more uniquely-personalized cards to add to the shopping guide.

Discovery Process Three


Discovering how to free yourself for your life’s adventure by exploring why and how you resist being visible. We first will focus on how and why we unconsciously either hide or project to cope with stress or heightened emotion. We will explore new options to choose to stay present with support, particularly when triggered into old patterns. In the afternoon we will explore how to come into even clearer focus. Each participant will be invited to bring two outfits with accessories to put on and share with the group. With gentle reflection and coaching, you will learn how to attune your choices to being authentically visible, fully present, and energetically supported to be yourself at all times.

New Visible and Present Shopping Guide

Some of you already know what your essence elements are through participation in a previous playshop of In Your Element or Visible & Present, I will be creating new sessions in which you can assemble your own Visible & Present Shopping Guide using fabric samples that are unique to you. The first Shopping Guide Creation session is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 4 from 10 – 1 pm. Please pre-register so I know how many to plan for. The fee is $85.

Volunteers Needed!

As I create the new foundation for this work, I could use some volunteer assistance.

If you have some time on the dates listed and are up for some fun camaraderie while entering the new V&P current, please let me know. I will be working on various parts of the project on the following dates:

Saturday, 9/6 10am-2pm
Monday, 9/8 10am-2pm
Wednesday, 9/10, 5pm-8:30 pm
Friday, 9/12, 10-2

We’ll start there and I’ll add more if needed.

Clothing Exchange Scheduled

I am also scheduling a Visible & Present clothing exchange on Friday, September 19th from 6-8:30 pm. It is time to go through your closets and pass on those things that are in good shape but no longer right for you. This is a good opportunity to learn more about what works and what doesn’t for you. You can also bring things for me to check if you are uncertain about clothing or accessory items. Fee: $15

New! Personal Assistance from me

I’m excited to announce that I am also available for assistance with closet clearing, outfit creation, or personalized shopping experiences. Such personalized focus helps you apply the principles to your own body and life and have fun in the process! My consulting fee, at least through 2014, is $75/hour.

New Discovery Process dates will be added to the calendar soon, and I will send additional updates about future classes. I have also asked Chris to update the website so the many changes to V&P are listed and shareable.

For now, if you need any additional information or wish to schedule personal assistance sessions, please contact me at michele@lightsmith.com, or call 651-224-4451.




A Letter to Humanity

As expressed through Michele Mayama, July, 2013

Download this article in PDF format

As we in the United States celebrated independence over the 4th of July, I had a quiet four day break from work and family. What follows began to come through one morning and continued in stages over the next couple of days. I was both channel and creator as it wove its way through my consciousness into form. I know not who it is for, so I share it without agenda.

With Love,


I greet the soul of each of you with Love for who you are,

I am the Essence of your nature, your Being, your soul.

You exist because I exist….

You are a unique emanation of my all-inclusive Presence.

Since I am within each of you, within all of Life, all of creation,

I know your true nature, I know your true name.

You are as ageless and eternal as I am.

You move into time and space and experience aging…

And then you move into spirit and remember you are ageless.

You have each had many bodies and many life experiences.

Each body, each life, has been an opportunity to discover who you are,

to choose Love

and to create with greater consciousness than in the last life.

Each life is filled with moments of choice:

Do I listen to my own senses, feelings, intuitions, knowing, heart,

or do I place more value on what others have determined to be real?

Do I speak the truth as I know and feel it to be

or do I swallow it down and go along with a lie?

Do I act in alignment with Love

or give in to fear and its many guises?

Do I trust my passion, my body, my life currents,

or do I doubt or deny my feelings and

give others the authority to decide or act for me?

And do I listen to the quiet voices of Nature, of all Life, to discern how I

create in harmony with Life,

or do I project my own voice so loudly I cannot hear those voices

or allow anything else to speak?


Choices matter.

I have recorded them all for you…

Each time you leave a life through the death of your body,

and move into the non-material experience of who you are,

I pass the record before you.

Within an embrace of Love so great that all human love affairs are but pale reflections,

I ask you to look at your choices and the effects of your choices.

I have been patient with this process for I know that only you can choose to evolve the

aspect of Love and the emanation of Light that you are.

As you become more conscious of the effects your choices have had on yourself, your

body and life, on all those you have touched, as well as all creation,

you come to know, love, and evolve more of your nature.

You begin to see your strengths as well as those areas that are still evolving.

You are eternal, so you take that awareness and choose a new life, a new set of

opportunities to make choices more in alignment with who you are

within your evolutionary path, within Love, within Life.

There is no death for your soul, your Essence,

and each of you has an abundance of

opportunities for continuing to evolve your multi-faceted nature.

All choices matter.

No choice is made in isolation, even if you think it only applies to you.

You are part of the whole of consciousness and creation

by virtue of Being a unique emanation of my all-inclusive eternal nature.

Every choice, momentous, menial, or in between, matters and has an effect in creation.

How aligned that choice is with who you truly are,

how clearly you are honoring and loving

the Being that you are, matters…..materializes.

You are creating with every choice you make,

and choices that are aligned with your nature bless and add to creation,

evolve your soul, and support the evolution of all consciousness.

Those choices that come from fear or greed, a denial of who you are,

unexamined beliefs, or your split-off unconscious take energy from life,

create harm, and can slow the evolution of your soul.

And you cannot make choices for others.

Each soul evolves through their own created path for evolving their nature.

Presuming to know another’s soul path and attempting to

control, alter, protect, or judge them is your choice, not theirs.

That choice affects you more than it does them.

You are not in alignment with your own true nature.

If they listen to you and not to who they are,

their evolutionary path is slowed so long

as they put your authority above their own.


You evolve your nature through making choices.

Over the centuries of creation I have given each of you

many opportunities to speed up your own evolution

and to affect the evolution of the whole of humanity

with the choices you have made.

About 2000 years ago I opened a new dimension, you call it heaven,

to assist you to examine your choices between lives

within the embrace of great love and grace.

Remember the two men crucified with Yeshua?

One went with him into the dimension that was opened at his death,

and the other chose not to go.

Some of you took that same opportunity,

using the time between lifetimes to consciously evolve,

and have made great strides in these last cycles of embodiment.

There are also those of you who chose not to use the opportunity of that dimension.

All of your choices and the effects of those choices

must then come to consciousness,

be examined, and evolve during lifetimes in Earth.

Those who have chosen and lived more self-reflective lives,

you have also evolved your souls,

albeit somewhat more slowly and perhaps with more life challenges.

And those of you who have refused to look at your choices

or the effects of your choices for many lifetimes,

the time to do so has arrived.

You may have continued, lifetime after lifetime,

making the same choices to dominate others

with the same fear you have made more real than love.

You may have continued to punish yourself and others

because of unhealed guilt over choices that had effects many lifetimes ago.

You may have crystalized separation and fragmentation as the only reality,

while not realizing your rigid hold on such beliefs

create that reality for yourselves and others.

Or you may have chosen to amass great wealth to subsume your fear of death,

reincarnating back into the same clan or family

and staying unconscious of how your choices in the past

led to loss of life or freedom for yourself or others.


This is the time of harvest.

Many of you have done well and are more and more consciously making choices

that are aligned with your true Nature, our nature, and all of Creation.

You are the fruits of this harvest time.

In this time of harvest, another new dimension has opened,

this time birthed by the fusion of the dimensions of heaven and earth.

That fusion is also happening within each of you who have chosen Love

and who are choosing to be true to yourselves.

Each of you are being embraced in immeasurable Love to become whole

and expand to become in life all that you are.

And I, Great Spirit, relax within you as each of you choose Love,

choose to create within a mutually synchronized dance of Creation.

There are many examples of the harvest in motion.

Those choosing to advocate for people to marry whomever they love,

they are sensing that this choice is greater than just for those

who are free to love more openly.

Those choosing to love and honor the rights of women, children,

the environment, the Earth, food, bodies, and all of life

are also making choices that became clear when they were between lives.

Those marching in the streets for freedom from oppressive regimes,

they have made the choice to live and be who they are

knowing no external authority can make these choices for them.

Those bringing to consciousness what others have tried to hide,

they know the harmful effects of secrecy and are choosing to create

transparency so all can choose.

And those consciously healing, transforming all the familial patterns, old wounds,

and becoming whole, embodied, conscious creators

chose their path knowing the harvest time was to be within this lifetime.

These souls are aligning and shining and synchronizing within a unified field of Love, of Life, and of Light…..the harvest.

And what is the fate of those who have chosen not to evolve

through either the dimensions of heaven or earth?

Those using fear to hold the minds and emotions

of people hostage to their agendas,

Those clinging fearfully to divisive separating beliefs

regardless of what they are,

Those so attached to the material plane that they have invested all of their energy

in amassing great stores of it while taking from others,

from the Earth, and from Creation with no regard to the effects.

Those so enamored with their own knowledge, degrees, authority,

positions, fame, that they mislead millions

to grant them authority and power to make choices for them.

And those sowing seeds of fear, violence, arrogance, complacency,

ridicule of difference or uniqueness, and separation

through control of life in all of its manifestations.

Instead of releasing into my all encompassing Love, reviewing your choices to become more conscious in the cycle of life to follow….

You chose not to trust Love and to wait in the astral plane

for your next opportunity for life in Earth, coming to parents

or into families where many of them had also stopped evolving.

You clung to what you knew, believed, interpreted, felt, or

accumulated in those many lives.

Over and over you chose to turn your back on the choices for Love

that were in your path, to disown your own sensing True nature,

and to separate from the whole of creation.

You formed a shell around your heart, your Essence, and fear and beliefs

hardened by lifetimes of either pain or entitlement became your reality.


Choices matter.

Love is everywhere you are and everyday more choices are presented.

Choices that matter to your soul, opportunities to kick-start your own evolution

as part of the vast consciousness that I am

and the harvest that is now unfolding.

They matter to the whole of creation for each of you is a unique facet of

a greater potential than any one of you possess alone.

They matter because your choices may be in a trajectory of separating you

from this greater potential and creation senses you pulling away.

Those of you consciously choosing separation,

dictating with your limited viewpoint and personal will

what is deemed real or acceptable in your creation,

so be it.

You are creating your own experience of separation,

but not from those of differing sexual preference,

from women who are choosing to end a pregnancy (for the soul lives on),

from immigrant people desiring to support families,

or from liberals, republicans, or blacks, or the poor,

or whoever you have judged as unworthy of inclusion in Love and respect.

You are also harvesting what you have chosen.

You are choosing separation from the Living field of Love within this

beautiful planetary Mother, Gaia Terra.

You are choosing separation from the part of you that I am.

You are choosing to be separate, to be apart

from all of what has been evolving here

through all the choices of all the souls that originally chose this planet

for their souls to mature.


Look at the effects of your choices.

Look at the true effects, not at how others react,

for reaction is not a true measure of whether a choice is aligned with Love or not.

Anything that is of truth, love, beauty, or alignment with who you are,

leads to greater peace, harmony, wholeness, and synergy.

Fear, greed, hate, projections of your own unreviewed past,

create separation, polarization, suffering and more of the same.

Violence and fear beget violence and fear….and so it goes….

That is your harvest…..

Is it not ironic, that those who claim to hold the greatest truth

and judge others based on those beliefs,

often use the Old Testament, or old patriarchal dogmas to justify their truth?

Yeshua, Buddha, Mohammed, and others who came to shift the paradigms of the past,

or to counsel how to use the new dimension of Heaven for soul evolution,

are illustrated in what is left of the New Testament,

or in other new revelations, possibilities and paths,

all teaching that Love is the bottom line.

Do you embrace, with the Love that you are, all that is surfacing within your

awareness so you can make new, more aligned choices?

Or do you project it out and blame others and want them to change

so you don’t have to make a choice?

Or do you hold to your pain and your story,

taking in the blame for what does not belong to you

so you hold the pole of victim for those holding the pole of control?


Making no choice is a choice too.

The sorting that was prophesied by Yeshua and John is already happening.

There is no God out there that is determining your fate.

The aspect of God/Creator that you are is the great determinant.

Within the book of Revelation is a vision of the end of

this age that began with the opening of the dimension of Heaven for faster evolution of souls.

People are seen being taken up out of the Earth.

The assumption has been that they were the ones being saved…

What if those leaving are those who are choosing separation during a shift of ages,

a shift of consciousness

into a new dimension of Living Love?


Your choices matter! Love matters! Who you are matters!

In this age of harvest they matter even more.

This great influx of Love, Life, and Light is pushing through all consciousness

to sort what is of love and what is not,

to clarify what supports or adds to life and what does not,

and to bring each soul into greater and greater alignment with their true nature.

Watch as people’s choices become more and more public,

attracting input to their consciousness to perhaps make a new choice.

Watch as those choices and the effects of those choices

are examined within the whole.

Watch as new possibilities arise that break open the gates

bound by those who have held such great fear of change

that they stopped their own evolution

and who are trying mightily to stop the shift of consciousness that is underway.

The consciousness of the Earth is choosing too

Just as women around the world are saying to the patriarchal men of their cultures,

“You do not own me, you cannot possess me, rape me,

or control my choices, my body, my soul, or my life,”

So too the Earth is saying to humanity,

“You do not own me.

You can no longer rape, burn, mine, frack, poison,

extract from or dump garbage in me

or presume control of my body, my Being or ecosystems without consequence.”

Her choice matters too.

It matters to you, to all life in this, Gaia’s body, your home.

As living systems large and small feel the effects of the accumulation

of unconscious human choices, she is sorting as well.

Life is synchronizing with those who have chosen Life, chosen Love,

chosen to be and express who they truly are here,

in Earth, mother of the new dimension.

If she cannot feel you here, if you cannot feel your own nature weaving

into a new dance within life, within creation,

pay attention.

Those willing to still their minds enough to listen for the living wisdom

that will align and synchronize their bodies with hers,

their choices with hers, and their creation with her living wisdom

can yet join this new dance..

There is still time….the invitation to awaken is still open to all…for a time.


The harvest is happening now

The time of karma is over, the bottom line for evolution within and between lives

is shifting within creation here in Earth.

The fusion of Heaven and Earth, Light and Life, spirit and matter,

is proceeding.

The new dimension is here, dissolving duality, separation, and unconsciousness.

There will no longer be the possibility of avoiding Love,

or the promptings of Love,

to become conscious of your own choices and the effects of those choices.

As Love interpenetrates human consciousness more and more,

all those that choose away from Love choose away from the whole of who we are

and the Living Nature that informs this planetary experience.

They are saying in effect, I am using my free will to separate

from this new hologram of Living Love,

the birthing of a new age in Earth.

There is no judgment on that choice.

It is the gift of your will to make such a choice.

Are you fully aware of the effects of this choice in this time?

Ask to become conscious

Choose with Love to include and uncover any hidden places of fear,

trauma, stress, pain, sadness, grief, shame, guilt, anger, etc.

so you can sort what is of Essence and what is not.

If you do not know Love because the experience of unconditional Love

has been limited in your life,

notice how loving others has evolved your capacity to also love yourself.

Then love yourself….all of you!

If you see in another what you would like to become,

bless it in them and in yourself….

You cannot see or be attracted to anything that is not part of your nature,

albeit not yet evolved or expressed.

If you feel bound or powerless in survival,

focusing on whatever you have to do to get money or the basics of life,

realize each choice aligned with your Nature opens Life

and Life flows to and through you when unrestricted.

The whole of Creation is pulsing with rampant Life

and is responsive to every need and desire of your nature.

Relax into Love, into your nature that is my nature,

trust Life, and align with the Light of your soul.


So what do you choose?

How do you respond to the opportunities within your life, your moments,

your relationships, your thoughts, your bodies, your soul?

I long to relax deeply within you, human being evolved to be the place

within all creation where I could completely merge,

conscious Creator within Creation,

to feel, sense, and fully experience creation as a sensory Source embodied.

Embodied through the nearly infinite variety of uniqueness

that each of you have evolved through the nearly infinite number of choices

you have encountered and made.

Fusion of Heaven and Earth, Light and Life, Spirit and Mater, Source and Souls,

a magnificent culmination of a long intention unfolding within Earth.

I invite each of you to be part of this new creation,

to choose Love the next time you are offered the choice,

to relax into Love and allow it to assist and ease the sorting

of what will weave into this new creation,

and what will be winnowed out.

I created each of you with Love as your Essence

and with the capacity to freely unconditionally choose,

so to evolve your own unique and specific nature

and learn to be a conscious creator.

The choices you make in this time have an effect

on your soul’s trajectory beyond this time

as heaven and earth merge,

and the dimension of Living Light and Love emerges.

Whatever your choice,

so it is….


I Am, Love.


Download this article in PDF format


Visible and Present Spring Clothing Exchange!

Hi Everyone,

I know it does not feel much like Spring here in Minnesota, but it is in my psyche! I no longer want to wear turtle necks and winter coats and am craving color. But I also hate being cold, so just a little longer….

To perk us all up, I have scheduled a clothing exchange on Tuesday, April 23 from 6:30-8:30 pm. These are fun events and everyone usually goes home with some new treasure. It’s also a way to learn more about what matches you and what may be better on another person even if you are the same element. So clean out your closets and bring clean gently used items of clothing, jewelry, or accessories that are not in your element and you wish to pass along. You can also bring things to check with me in case you are unsure. Cost: $15

Hope to see  you there!


Date change for Visible and Present gathering

Hello again,

I heard from a number of people interested in giving input into planning for the future of Visible and Present here at Lightsmith but the Tuesday date (tomorrow) did not work. So I am proposing a second date and time……Monday, Jan. 28 at 6:30 pm to accommodate those coming from work. Again, if you are able, willing, or interested, let me know (michele@lightsmith.com). You can also bring items to check with me if you wish….but this is not a clothing exchange time.

And Elene had two corrections for anyone interested in buying her long brown sheared mink coat….it is a size 10-12 and she is willing to negotiate the price! It is lovely and elegant and super warm….and perfect for a Water/Earth or Fire/Earth or maybe an Earth with brown eyes! Her e-mail: elene@usfamily.net

Oh and one more thing…..there is a relatively new women’s boutique in St. Paul called Poppy’s Togs and Clogs, 251 Snelling Ave. S (near St. Clair) and it is having a sale….50% off 50% of the store. She likes colorful, playful, clothes and includes some local designers. I saw lots of Earth, Water, and Air selections in a variety of sizes, and a few Fires. I got some lovely socks and gloves that work with my I-phone. Check it out if you are in the neighborhood!

Hoping you are feeling warmth within and without as we experience our deepest cold streak of the season.

Warm Wonder,


Request for Input

Hello Visible and Present Friends!

As we begin 2013 I am feeling the need to get your input as I plan the future of Visible and Present here at Lightsmith. For those of you who have found this work powerful in your own life and who are free during the day, I am inviting you to bring a sack lunch to Lightsmith on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 12 noon. We will sit, eat, and talk about possibilities for future playshops as well as other things that may be relevant to expanding and extending the work. Please let me know if you can come….

And one of our Visible and Present community has a beautiful long brown coat, size 8-10, that has a sheared mink lining and collar…super soft, warm, and elegant. It originally was $3000 but she would like $900 for it. It would be perfect for a Water-Earth or a Fire-Earth as the outside fabric has some soft sheen. Contact elene@usfamily.net if you are interested in learning more.

In Warm Wonder,


Clothing Exchange and New Playshop Scheduled

Hello to all!

Spring is my favorite time of year….and I love the ritual of transitioning from winter to spring and summer clothes. As I touch and look at each piece of clothing, I ask whether it fits who I am now or if I still have a connection with it. If “no” is the answer, it goes into my give away or move on pile. I also look at what I have from previous years that I still like and see how I can use it in new ways or with different accessories to make it “feel” like who I sense myself to be inside. Sometimes one new item will renew the energy and use of items you already have. Remember, your body is your canvass for your inner self to express who you are….Wear  who you are and you will feel more true to yourself!

So for those of you who have already been typed and who have been sorting, we are having a Clothing Exchange! You can bring nice, clean, clothes that are either not in your element or no longer matched with you to Lightsmith on Monday May 14th from 6:00-8:00 pm. We have hangers and racks for use, or we lay things out on tables. Accessories are welcome too. It is a fun opportunity to learn more as you see what works on you or others and what doesn’t. I coach and run around matching people with tops, dresses, etc. and ask a $15 basic fee for the time. People have gone home with amazing treasures in the past, including moi! Come if you can or drop off clothes if you cannot attend. Leftovers go to either Goodwill or a local charity or you can take them home and share them in your own way.

And for those of you who are not yet typed or who know of friends or family who are interested, a Visible and Present Playshop is forming for Thursday, May 31 from 10-5. Cost is $215 and includes a laminated fan of the colors within your element. There are still some spaces available so pass the word and let people know where they can read about the Playshop.  If you want to come as a refresher, the cost for you is $45. If you sponsor someone new, you come for $30, two people, you are in for $15 and 3 people, you come for free!

In Springtime Presence,


Last-Minute Info From Michele for New Moon Tonight

Sorry for the late notice, but sometimes I do not sense the current until we get closer to an event. Tonight’s New Moon session will be focused on rewiring the Solar Plexus chakra. Many people don’t realize that our chakras are also in a process of shifting as we transition out of Duality. Most of us have adapted our chakras to live within Duality and its inherent way of getting our needs and wants met by focusing externally. Now, the chakras are beginning to restructure as we bring more of our Light into our living experience.

The restructuring begins to allow our nature to not just be more whole and present, but also less vulnerable to the effects of still living within a largely unconscious humanity. We begin to open a capacity for generating a new conscious operating system that is not affected by, and does not interact with, the old reality. It’s rather like the old programs cannot function within it. In other words, we can start to be here without feeling so influenced by a world many still see as real.

Tonight we will be focused in particular within the shift sequence of the Solar Plexus and any other places that are interconnected or holding the old structures in place. You can join us in person, by phone or by internet stream.

More New Moon information and registration