Michele on Visible & Present

Hello! I'm sending this quick note to inform you about newly scheduled Visible & Present Discovery Processes and other upcoming Lightsmith events. Note: you may receive two of these emails if you signed up to receive both Lightsmith Announcements and Visible & Present notifications. Over the years I have found it personally satisfying and great fun for me to assist others to move Continue →

Visible and Present Shopping Guide Session Postponed

Hello! I hope you have had some quality time outside during our lovely last week. In Autumn, the energy of the Fire Element encourages all of us to put things into form, to take action, and to move ideas out of our heads into a creative process. In line with this energy, I feel like I have just given birth to the new incarnation of Visible & Present! Nine wonderful women joined me this Continue →

Visible & Present Clothing Exchange this Friday!

A Warm Hello! It has certainly felt like Fall has arrived this week. I am feeling a bit discombobulated! I don't know how to dress or what to wear as my summer clothes are not warm enough for these temps and my winter clothes are still packed away. So it is a perfect time to clean out and determine what has lost energy and can move on. Remember the Visible and Present Clothing Exchange is Continue →

Visible & Present Returns!

A Warm Hello from Michele! After a bit of a break, I am excited about what is taking form as I move back into the current of Visible & Present. I have been creating new experiences for Visible & Present that I call Discovery Processes. I also have some other information to share further down, and a personal request for assistance. Included in this update:  2014 expansion of Continue →

A Letter to Humanity

As expressed through Michele Mayama, July, 2013 Download this article in PDF format As we in the United States celebrated independence over the 4th of July, I had a quiet four day break from work and family. What follows began to come through one morning and continued in stages over the next couple of days. I was both channel and creator as it wove its way through my consciousness into form. I Continue →

Visible and Present Spring Clothing Exchange!

Hi Everyone, I know it does not feel much like Spring here in Minnesota, but it is in my psyche! I no longer want to wear turtle necks and winter coats and am craving color. But I also hate being cold, so just a little longer.... To perk us all up, I have scheduled a clothing exchange on Tuesday, April 23 from 6:30-8:30 pm. These are fun events and everyone usually goes home with some new Continue →

Date change for Visible and Present gathering

Hello again, I heard from a number of people interested in giving input into planning for the future of Visible and Present here at Lightsmith but the Tuesday date (tomorrow) did not work. So I am proposing a second date and time......Monday, Jan. 28 at 6:30 pm to accommodate those coming from work. Again, if you are able, willing, or interested, let me know (michele@lightsmith.com). You can Continue →

Request for Input

Hello Visible and Present Friends! As we begin 2013 I am feeling the need to get your input as I plan the future of Visible and Present here at Lightsmith. For those of you who have found this work powerful in your own life and who are free during the day, I am inviting you to bring a sack lunch to Lightsmith on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 12 noon. We will sit, eat, and talk about possibilities for Continue →

Clothing Exchange and New Playshop Scheduled

Hello to all! Spring is my favorite time of year….and I love the ritual of transitioning from winter to spring and summer clothes. As I touch and look at each piece of clothing, I ask whether it fits who I am now or if I still have a connection with it. If “no” is the answer, it goes into my give away or move on pile. I also look at what I have from previous years that I still like and see how Continue →

Last-Minute Info From Michele for New Moon Tonight

Sorry for the late notice, but sometimes I do not sense the current until we get closer to an event. Tonight's New Moon session will be focused on rewiring the Solar Plexus chakra. Many people don't realize that our chakras are also in a process of shifting as we transition out of Duality. Most of us have adapted our chakras to live within Duality and its inherent way of getting our needs and Continue →