Dimensional Acceleration

Only three weeks have passed since the Spring Equinox, yet the activities and challenges jammed into the last 23 days made it feel like a much longer stretch. Time is less linear than one might acknowledge, and we've just had some excellent demonstrations of its elasticity. The process of disconnecting from Duality has seriously kicked into higher gear. The equinox was expected to be the Continue →

Traversing the Wormhole

Wormhole: "A tunnel in the geometry of space - time postulated to connect different parts of the universe".  And perhaps different dimensions? If my soul has a to-do list I may soon be able to cross off being funneled through a wormhole. It's akin to being expressed through a pasta maker, yet disorienting enough to distract you from fully recognizing your new shape. Holy ravioli! We had our Continue →

Finally, March

We may still feel like we're idling, but the shift into drive is not far off. The spring equinox is soon upon us, and by the end of the summer we may wonder why we didn't better appreciate some down time while we had it. This brief update is a reminder of what's setting up here at Lightsmith during March, and how you can join us for what's going into motion. Following this listing of events you Continue →

In the Chute

Soooo....how goes the transition phase of your arduous rebirth? That would be transition as in labor. As in the stage of labor where you feel out of control and start to wonder what you were thinking when you first began the process. I claim zero personal experience with growing and delivering a child, given my lack of what is required, but I have sought consultation with my close friend Dr. Continue →

Brief Update about Coming Events

Michele has passed along her latest perspective on how our two main series of events are inter-related this year: "As the currents for the year open up, I can sense a bit more how the Creator Within Creation classes and the New Moon events will complement each other. The 2nd Saturday classes will be with the Master teachers who will be guiding us to master our own frequencies, our choices, our Continue →

Reminder: Cross-Quarter Planetary Event Friday Night

The first planetary event of the year is tomorrow night, Friday, February 1st at 7pm central time. During these events we open to be of assistance to humanity and the planet. We never know ahead of time what the focus will be, but the sessions are always interesting and benefit participants as well. There is no charge for this event. You can join us by internet stream, phone, or in person. Login Continue →

2013, Ramping Up.

Back in the pre-historic days of the mid 1990's Michele and I found ourselves connecting with a man who had spent extensive time researching the Maya and their calendar system. Through our work with him we realized he was carrying a level of information that did not synch with the notion, popularized in 1987 by Jose Arguelles, that the "shift" suggested by the current version of the Mayan calendar Continue →

2013. Yup, Tis.

Special Open Channeling this Saturday. Apologies for the last-minute notice. My bad for missing the calendar entry. Details further down. Welcome to 2013 as we enter the post-apocahypetic era. We have yet to move into the post-megadrama era, but one day at a time, people, one day at a time. Perhaps you look out into the world, eyeing the chaos and endless positioning and grumbling, wondering if Continue →

New Year’s Channeling Next Tuesday, January 1st

This time is truly one of celebration for all that has been accomplished within the consciousness of humanity and earth. The early phase of the New Dimensional experience is now well-established even while being less visible to many. Yet, many also feel the tide turning in ways prompting both relief and trepidation. Such is the nature of fundamental change. Collective events have a way of serving Continue →

2012. The Windup and the Pitch.

The final moments of 2012 include two more significant events, completing a triple whammy that began with the Cross-Quarter planetary work of November 5th. Next Wednesday is the infamous 12-12-12, which rides the energy of all the focus we give it while being amped up by the new moon. Then, of course, the world ends on December 21st, so.....see ya! Not so fast. The winter solstice is yet Continue →