Equinox Recording 09-22-13

A quick note to let you know we have uploaded the audio recording of the Equinox session from Sunday afternoon. You'll find it in the Freebies section of our shop. Many of you were unable to participate live and wanted to be informed when the recording was available. I think you will enjoy the supportive information and process from this event. This session continued the powerful shifts within Continue →

New Territory and Sunday Equinox

First, a reminder that our Equinox planetary event is this Sunday at 4pm central time. Join us in person, by phone, or by video stream. Information is on our calendar page. If you wish, send us email (link on viewer page) letting us know where you're located. For years we have been part of the "bleeding edge" of transformation creating pathways for change. By our own healing work we have come Continue →

Surfin’ Safari

It seems appropriate that I sit here typing this note at 4 in the morning. What's the deal with sleep patterns these days? This morning I woke up around 3:30, right out of a very detailed dream. I know I'll be awake for at least two hours before I can sleep again, so I  prefer to get up and do something rather than stay in bed processing little barbed thoughts poking at my mind. The sleep-pattern Continue →

August Reminders – Wednesday and Saturday this week

The shortest reminder I may ever send out: Our two remaining events this month... New Moon Wednesday (tomorrow) August 7th at 7pm with Michele and the Earth Mother Creator Within Creation Class this Saturday August 10th, 1-5pm co-presenter is Sophia with rays of Beauty and Divine Order On we go, Chris Continue →

Cross-Quarter Planetary Event Thursday, August 1st

Discombobulation, odd spatial distortions, constant rearrangement of plans, erratic sleep patterns, lack of clarity, boredom, unexpected emotions with no apparent connection to a cause, lack of future vision, ringing ears, fatigued, and much of the time a lack of interest in much of anything. Yet still busy. There you have a sampling of the weirdnesses being experienced in the current Continue →

Reminder: New Moon and Creator Session This Week

Summer has finally landed, and we're keeping our calendar light here at Lightsmith. Our only two scheduled July events both happen this coming week beginning with the New Moon session this Monday evening, July 8th at 7pm. These New Moon events have evolved into quite powerful shift sessions, always focused on the individual while also working with the Earth Mother and the larger currents. You can Continue →

Summer Solstice Planetary Event Thursday, June 20th

A quick reminder that our summer solstice planetary event is tomorrow evening. The "official" moment of the solstice in the central time zone is just after midnight Thursday, so our gathering will be right on the cusp of perfect timing. This event is open to everyone at no charge (donations accepted). We offer these sessions to be of assistance to the earth and greater humanity in whatever ways Continue →

Navigating the Transition

Our journeys in this life have surely taken us along the road less traveled. Only in hindsight have we understood the processes we've been through, and rarely have we been able to explain or articulate our inner motivations to anyone not walking beside us. Our traveling companions needed no explanations, though, so mostly we remained an enigma to friends and relatives who seemed oblivious to Continue →

Cross-Quarter Planetary Event Wednesday

We continue our trajectory through 2013 with one-third of the year having already moved into the past. Our acceleration moves through phases with build-ups and then exponential leaps. We call them shifts, perhaps because we don't have a better word for dimensional traversal and we can't explain it anyway. We may also consider the term more user-friendly than the actual experiences most people Continue →

Deep Release Breathing session this Saturday

We are sending this brief reminder to our entire list to inform you of some last-minute changes for anyone planning to attend the Facilitated Breathing session this Saturday, April 27th, from 10am to 12:30pm. Please note: The highway 52 bridge (LaFayette Bridge) will be closed both directions on Saturday. Please plan an alternate route to our building. This is the last breathing session Continue →