Session #2 of New Series this Saturday – with Gabriel

This Saturday is our second session in the 6-event special series for 2014. We light-heartedly have named this series Creating in the 5th Dimension with a Little Help From our Friends. Assisting us on Saturday will be the Earth Mother and Gabriel. Gabriel last visited us in November, essentially kicking off the major sorting process we've been in during this long, contracted winter. We're not Continue →

Equinox Planetary Session Thursday at 7pm

Hi all, A very quick note to remind you of the Equinox planetary session Thursday evening at 7pm central daylight time. There is no charge for this event, and you can join us in person, on the internet or by phone. We have been seeing the Equinox as a kind of turning point following a long, contracted winter and a great deal of personal and collective sorting. I must say, I feel emptier than Continue →

Special Request from Chris

Hello to all of you on the Lightsmith mailing list. Please indulge me this one time with a special request on behalf of my alter ego and a different kind of Lightsmithery. I am creating a new list for people interested in receiving email from me about my various photo projects and gallery exhibitions. I have been a photographer since high school and for almost 20 years in my earlier life I Continue →

The Relentless Push. Special March Events.

A very pushy acceleration of the sorting process is underway. In some recent personal experiences and those of friends, I have noticed how sudden physical challenges may trigger an underlying sense of vulnerability. We developed patterns of control and repression to feel less vulnerable, but the cost has been a willingness to endure things that are not in alignment with who we are. Life is not Continue →

Last-Minute Info for Saturday

I have written before about how much we are shifting into an experience where we know little about what is next until we need to know it. The same has become true regarding information we work with in preparation for our events. Based on some insights received this morning I offer this quick update about tomorrow's event, Creating in the 5th Dimension with a Little Help from our Friends. The Continue →

Cross-Quarter. Creation in the 5th Dimension.

A last-minute reminder of our Cross-Quarter planetary event Monday night, and a first-time notice of our new series for 2014. Also, a little commentary on current energies at the end. Monday brings us our first of 8 planetary events for the year. At each session Michele facilitates a process guided by the Earth Mother and other beings of Spirit and Earth. The group assists by focusing the Continue →

Channeling Posted. Sorting Event January 18th.

I really liked the New Year's channeling we did on the 1st. The information was clear and quite detailed about activities in the world right now and what we are moving through. Many of you could not participate live and have been waiting for the recording to be uploaded. If you haven't yet discovered it, the channeling can be found in the Freebies section of the shop. Along with a great Continue →

Solstice. New Year’s Channeling. New Moon.

3 Significant Events in the Next 2 Weeks The Solstice gathering tomorrow, December 21st, is our last major planetary event of the year. We will be joined by the Earth Mother for what I'm sure will be a potent and powerful process. We never know in advance what the focus will be at these planetary events, but sometimes we get a clue from what starts to show up in our own processes or client Continue →

The Cloud. The Portal.

First, a reminder: New Moon Event next Monday, December 2nd at 7pm The Cloud I do realize that it has been weeks, nay, months since last a commentary was posted. Like many of you, Michele and I have been occupied by both dramatic and mundane hullabaloo and hoopla demanding significant time, attention and energy. And sometimes often I simply have not felt like doing much at all, so no Continue →

Cross-Quarter Tonight, New Moon Monday

How quickly these events seem to cycle through! The Cross-Quarter planetary session is tonight, Wednesday, October 30th at 7pm central time. This event is open to everyone without charge. Information to join us by phone or internet stream is on our calendar. Following close on the heels of the CQ is the New Moon session next Monday, November 4th at 7pm. With these events in such tight Continue →