2015. New Year’s Channeling. More.

New Year's Channeling Materializing Light Visible & Present New Moons Verbiage Alert!  Abundance of words ahead. A commentary and details about our plans for 2015 make for a longish update, but we have a lot to share so hang in and here goes: 2014 is a year I don't really need to tell you anything about, since the constant barrage of individual and collective challenges pretty much set Continue →

So Long 2014

2014 or Whatever That Was Creation Class - December 13th Solstice - December 21st New Moon - December 22nd   If I'm going to offer any reflections about 2014 I need to commence with the writing. You probably noticed I haven't penned perspectives this year with the same frequency as times past. The reason? Well, partly because of the somewhat paradoxical journey of 2014. We did a lot of Continue →

Planetary Event & Support Session

Oh yikes, how quickly we're cruising through the 2014 calendar. We're already coming up to the 7th of our 8 planetary events for the year. Tomorrow evening, Thursday November 6th at 7pm, is a Cross-Quarter session. Solstices are often a larger draw, but I can tell you that what happens at the 6 other planetary events is also powerful and beyond imagining. It is these events where we collaborate Continue →

New Energies, New Visible & Present

Sometimes I sit down to write and only a meager flow opens. My experiences of late seem more about my mind emptying than overflowing with observations to share. Or perhaps that IS my observation for the day. To make up for my sparse offerings, this update will be shared with Michele. She has her own reflection to pass along and some information about her newly updated Visible & Present Continue →

Reminder: Equinox Tonight, New Moon Wednesday

Happy autumnal equinox! The fall coolness is in the air as we prepare for our next planetary event at Lightsmith. These sessions are focused on the earth and the collective experience during this time of intense and rapid transformation.  We never know what we will be invited to assist with, but it's always interesting and satisfying to play our part. You can join us in person, by phone or by Continue →

Wow, What a Special Cross-Quarter Evening

I didn't plan to write anything again so soon, but after the rather stunning session last night I rushed to upload the recording to our website. This session was one of the most powerful I have experienced for a long while, and what took place was profound in my opinion. I cannot explain well what took place, though you are welcome to have your own experience through the recording. The context is Continue →

Words of Wisdom

The core of this message is from our Friends in Spirit. They connected with Michele early Monday morning with words of assurance and encouragement. I used to write more often, but in these past months I have sometimes been challenged to articulate a general sense of things energetic. The information in the message offers some explanation to me why that would be so, and in a perfect way becomes the Continue →

Solstice Event 3pm Saturday, This and That

This is a curious time for people like me who comment on curious times. Over the previous 20 years, give or take, it seemed easier to take a read on the energies and wrap some words around a sense of things. That was during yesteryear when all we were doing (yes, sarcasm) was healing a bajillion years worth of abberations within consciousness that we so lovingly took on to transmute. Like many Continue →

Reminder: New Moon Event Thursday Evening

May 29th at 7pm central daylight time. More information on the calendar And, in case I don't write more prior:  our 3rd installment of this year's creator series is June 14th, co-presented by Michele and Mother Mary. Probably the shortest, least wordy update you'll ever receive from me. I'll try not to do it again. Chris Continue →

Gorgeous. Radiance. Shift.

Cross-Quarter Planetary event Monday, May 5th. Support Process Saturday, May 17th. New Moon Thursday, May 29th. Details below   Given my own mood, which is always where I write from, I'm going to deduce what you don't want to read here. I'm thinking that you probably don't want to read about what a wondrous world we're moving into and all the promises of a new tomorrow. I'm Continue →