Emotional Times, Final First Tuesday of 2015

I’m not quite ready to write a longer update, but I do want to acknowledge the challenges that continue to surface as the energy pushes us to release what will not be going with us to the next level of our collective creation. A kind of general grief is not so unusual right now, especially considering what comes up for many people around the holidays. Amplifying emotions in this time is the underlying recognition, whether conscious or unconscious, that we are leaving a reality that is familiar to us and has long sculpted how we perceive and experience the workings of life.

We have longed for and worked mightily toward a new world free from the dynamics, drama and limitations of duality consciousness. Our dream is rapidly becoming our reality, and now we’re approaching the doorway through which we will step. It’s at this point we are beginning to realize that the door will close behind us and we will never return. It’s a bigger deal than what we might feel prepared for, though despite discomfort I don’t recommend reversing course. As if that was even possible.

We may suddenly find ourselves glancing back, emotional about the dissolution of what for eons has bound us. I am reminded of Stockholm Syndrome, described by Wikipedia as “a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.” We could even find ourselves wondering if our enslavement has really been all that bad. Just for clarity, yes, it has.

I’m wondering if some people may still think that the reality birthed within duality can somehow be fixed. In my view, the corruptions of an unsustainable system are not being patched up. The entire structure of consciousness that birthed that system is dissolving, along with any parts of us that may yet vibrate with that system. Is it any wonder that one may feel emotional and unsure of anything when the system we’re familiar with disintegrates and we have no operating manual for what’s next? A reminder, too, that along with the dissolving of the old is given opportunity for a choice. More about that choice in the next update. Stay tuned.

Note that this coming Tuesday is December 1st, which marks our final First Tuesday event of the year. First Tuesdays are when Michele facilitates a process directed by the needs of the participants. That means the session is specific to what’s happening with you, even though worked with as a group. In fact, it’s easier and more powerful as a group. You can join us in person, or at a distance by phone or internet stream. See the website for information and the calendar listing for signup.

Dang near 2016,




Choppy Waters & A Special Visit With Mary

Such a strange time. Every morning I arise and proceed with my day, pretending it’s business as usual. Yet, nothing is as usual. Plans often change in a moment, assuming I’ve had the energy to follow through on plans at all. Sometimes I just sit in my chair, thinking about what I could be doing, or reflecting on what used to be interesting but no longer calls to me. Even distractions like television or internet seem less tolerable and more annoying. Is it just me? Tell me it’s not just me.

From what I’ve been seeing, people are moving through various stages of transition that may include some kind of non-specific grief, a level of anxiety one can’t quite put a finger on, another round of dealing with old issues, or even a radical disconnection from something once held dear. Or maybe all of the above. Others have entered a state of relative calm, feeling confident that we are being steered through choppy waters toward clear sailing on a new course.

As much as we seek to integrate the positive aspects of change and hunker down through emotional trials, many challenges on a physical level have recently loomed large. I’d be surprised if you haven’t been working with something physical that perhaps came on unexpectedly, hopefully triggering something to clarity. I’m sure there is a wide spectrum of experiences as we collectively move through this time of energetic acceleration. Viruses, colds, transformation flu…. call it what you will, these all represent some process of the body as it adjusts itself relative to its changing environment.

I’m also betting that most of us are still recipients of occasional reminders that prod us to deeper self-examination. Those reminders point toward old patterns and programs that serve to clarify what still needs acknowledgment or attention. All of those mechanisms we used to survive the rigors of duality don’t just disappear on their own. Remember the many predictions of the great awakening and becoming conscious as creator within creation? How clever that certain bits were left out of the grand visions for change, like the part where we would get to process. And process. And, well, you know. Because becoming conscious includes dealing with whatever has been relegated to the unconscious. Say what!?

As I was writing this update I flashed back to childhood visits at my grandmother’s house. She would serve milk to us in mugs that had a small, ceramic animal cast into the bottom. On the side of the mug was written “What’s at the bottom of the cup?” We had to drink our milk to find out. I was thinking about the unconscious and the need for it to empty as we transition to a new reality. Just as we get near to completion, there sits a significant object we’ve finally uncovered. Um, kind of like saving the best for last? And just as we’re sure there couldn’t possibly be anything left in the unconscious because “I’ve dealt with that”, the final reveal informs us otherwise. Yes, we have additional opportunities to face our most resilient nemesis, but we also find that they are now to be forever vanquished. Oh, and let’s not forget the karmic goodies, the personal narratives that are coming to completion as the last chapter closes on the old story. Forget the sound of one hand clapping, I say multiple, loud ovations are in order.

Along with fielding assorted symptoms from this large shift, many of us remain clueless about the future. Or, perhaps more accurately, we may feel more clueless than ever about what is next in our lives. Some days I wonder how everything is going to work out, yet at the end of each day I notice that I am still here and somehow things have continued to organize themselves, often with much synchronicity. I’m not sure how that happens, but I find relief in knowing there is a big story of which I’m a part and that it’s not truly up to me to make it all work. As for that part of you that sometimes just doesn’t feel like doing anything, know that it’s okay to sometimes be less active despite any self-imposed to-do list. Listen to your body, listen to Life and listen to yourself. Your navigator knows the way.

And today’s bit of trivia: Did you know that the heat from forest fires pops open the cones of pines and spruce trees, forcefully ejecting the many seeds destined to sprout from the ashes of the forest floor? Life has mastered the intricacies of transitions and transformations, and through its cycles we are constantly being remade. I admit that this current bit of upgrading may be more than a bit challenging, but I also trust that Life knows what it is doing. We may not feel engulfed in flames, but the acceleration of the energy is certainly heating things up.

It might be that grand movements sweeping us into new lives are not yet in motion, but like seeds fertilized by the remains of the fire, sprouts of possibility and potential are starting to show themselves. New growth is inevitable, and even visible if you look beyond the ashes. So, I’m curious, do you feel popped and re-seeded or are you still feeling the heat, ready to burst? It doesn’t really matter where you are in the process, because the outcome you have chosen is assured. It’s working out the details that is keeping us busy. Carry on.


Our design here at Lightsmith is to assist the carrying-on, and we have some great/helpful/potent November events scheduled:

First Tuesday, next week on the 3rd: 

  • First Tuesday sessions work specifically with individuals to help process whatever is up for you in the moment. Since many issues are often shared by more than one person, Michele opens up to the group and assists the shifts underway. If you can’t make it in person, you can join us by phone or internet stream. Sign up on the calendar page. Information will be emailed prior to the event.

Cross Quarter Planetary Event, next Friday the 6th:

  • These events are designed for us to work as a group on behalf of whatever is needed by the earth or the collective. Sessions are guided by the Earth Mother through facilitation by Michele. There is no charge to participate, though donations are welcome. See the calendar listing to connect by internet or phone.

A Special Visit with Mary, Saturday the 14th:

The being we have known as Mother Mary (name shift at her request) wishes to work with us during this special event on the second Saturday of November. We have no inkling of the focus for the day, but you can be sure the intention will be timely and powerful in its assistance. Again, see the calendar listing for sign-up information.

With a nod (and apology) to Shakespeare, there is much ado about something.



This Special Moment in Time

Hello, wondrous friends of Lightsmith,

This post is longish, but I wanted to include several pieces of information from the Earth Mother. Over the past two decades I have had many unexpected, amazing and powerful experiences on this journey of personal and planetary healing and resulting transformations. Along the way, certain moments have felt as though they were highlighted as events of special significance. For me, our recent session with the Earth Mother was one of those moments.

We titled the event The State of the Planet, but it turned out to be much more than just information about what’s taking place during these times. Yes, there was interesting and helpful information, but perhaps more important and powerful was the process initiated by the Earth Mother and facilitated by Michele.

I’d like to first share some of the messages we received during the channeled portion of the session, and then explain a little about the process we experienced and why it feels so important. With some of the Earth Mother’s words I have done some light editing to improve clarity or preserve context in short notation. The channeling opened on a reassuring and positive note, continued to inform us of imminent changes expected, and offered suggestions about how to navigate what is unfolding.

Excerpts from The State of the Planet in the words of the Earth Mother:

Is it not time to begin to choose a new creation based in harmony, love, respect, and all that within us longs to have in our embodied experience? It is truly time!

There is a convergence unlike any convergence I have experienced yet in my long incarnation as a planetary being….a convergence that is bringing many things together. What will come on the other side will be different.

Some of you struggle with the clouds, the illusions, the judgments, etc. But others of you are beginning to sense that there is a great possibility within you that longs for emergence, longs for freedom, longs to play, longs to create.

It can feel like a blind walk at times, as if the mystery is unfathomable, as if the “I don’t knows” outweigh the knowing. Many of you have that experience, which is common at this juncture. It takes a quality of courage, perseverance and love to trust that there is something on the other side, even if you don’t know.

Over the next four months, or four to six months…there is a kind of precipitating that catalyzes motion in multiple arenas simultaneously, and primarily collectively. For you it’s already happening, you’re already in that motion.  The larger precipitating is imminent, and this opens up in the larger collective on many levels.

Every choice matters, small or large, and that you are honest and truthful with who you are, to the best of your ability. No more coverup, no more lies, no more judgments that cloud your own awareness of who you are. It is imperative for each of you to stay true and honest in every moment to yourself. To stay in the core of your being, in the core of life, in the core of who you are in the core of creation, in the core of your beingness, in the core of Love, in the core of who you are in the core of all that is.

It doesn’t matter anymore who’s doing what out there, or what your teachers say to you, or what you read, or what you see on television, etc. Or what your friends are doing, or any influences from any external sources. Honesty, truthfulness, presence, core. Practice this. Imperative! Because in the larger collective…let’s just say some things will not be able to stay together in the ways that they have been. The pins are pulling out and some of those pins are wobbly. Some of those pins don’t take much to precipitate a cascade of events.

There are those who think they know…but they are not honest. Think of that! Think of that place where people are so convinced that they know, but they are not in alignment with the truth of who they are, they are not in truthful honest presence with the core of their essence, the core of their being, with life, with love, with creation, with all that is.

There have been many people, nationalities, nations, religions, governments, or groups that have banded together to isolate, to separate, to define, self-define and therefore separate out from others, to dictate a kind of way to live and believe, a way to be.

There are many separated, self-defined groups with structures of consciousness that have crystallized and maintained a kind of control through threat, through fear, through domination, through a kind of raping of resources and people, through a kind of loss of integrity of soul, of heart, of being, through a kind of rigidity of consciousness.

The precipitation within the convergence that leads to a kind of sequence, a catalyst, is now basically in motion. The next six months will be the kind of six months that, if you look around, it may begin to seem a bit chaotic. It is imperative to stay present in your own experience, in you own awareness, in your own daily choices, and to be there in such a way that you can absolutely know that you are completely supported, completely integrated within this love and life and beauty and wonder and creation that is within as well as without. You will feel stable in that honesty and truthful place.

You are woven in. You are woven no matter what. And being woven no matter what, and even if some of you have a hard time sometimes feeling it, you are woven regardless. You are connected regardless. I have connected you, you have connected yourselves. I know you, you know me. That’s all it takes. At the very foundational level, a trust in life, in love. That’s sort of basic.

There’s a large, large, large, large shift in process, and it is now time to realize that this new creation’s dimension is stable enough to allow the larger shift that is to take place, do you see? It is stable enough, it is strong enough. We, together, are strong enough to allow a larger shift. And yes, people will not know what is taking place. They will not understand. Many will be frightened.

Some of you will find that your desire for creation overwhelms you, almost as if it just takes over. You embody it. You begin to embody this desire to create, whatever that means to you. Simultaneously with what is sort of falling apart out there, your urge to create will start to move you. You’re on the cusp of it really opening, because it is actually a sort of how to be, hooked up in this new dimension to make your way through this next convergence and all of what is to break apart. When the pins begin to go, there is a lot of energy freed up.

Where is that energy to go? Some of that you begin to take in, transformed of course, but freed energy from that which has been locked up. Energy that has been crystallized, contracted, and controlled. When that frees up in consciousness, there have to be enough people in Earth, in my body, that are able to take up some of that energy and focus it, use it. I don’t care how. Do you understand? It isn’t about purpose, as if you have to come up with something great or helpful or supportive to someone. No. It’s how it feels to you as it’s coming through. Is it honest, is it truthful, does it feel like it moves something into creation? That impulse to create will open up over these next six months.

Erase the word purpose from your language now. Some of you still go into purpose which then means service. That is dissolving. That is not honest, and it is not of integrity. It’s an old form of love within the old story that has bound people just as much as judgment. Service, purpose, that is all dissolving. Honest, truthful, integrity, authenticity, being present with who you are in the moment with the choices you make, and going through your day. That is not purpose, it is not service, it is not making something up with your head and trying to make it happen. It is not a list, and yet everything within your life and everything within your creation and experience is included.

It is time to be present. If you’re choosing Earth, choose it. Be here. Be here, and you will open up the urge within your whole soul to create in ways that are both mundane and wondrous, and everything in between.

Some of you may still have some fear, so be gentle with that fear. Allow yourselves to realize that the path that you have embodied for many many lifetimes has included a great deal of fear and a great deal of trauma, and that your psyches are slowly, but sort of relentlessly moving beyond the fear. Love is the only antidote for fear, truly. You’re still hooked up. You’re still part of the new dimension even if you have fear. You don’t have to be perfect. There’s no requirement to get it all, to have some achievement in order to belong or be part of. Not this dimension. No requirements. Be authentic, be yourself, and stay present, choosing love no matter what, as best as you can.


The Earth Mother also responded to a number of questions asked by participants. I asked why this time was different compared to other cycles where transformation was more destructive and challenging. Her answer, in part:

Never before has there been the capacity to form a new dimension simultaneously with the penetration of Light as we and our solar system move through this particular experience of space together. So the dimension creates a new opportunity to move through this and stay embodied, rather than experiencing a cataclysm of some kind that basically makes much of life start over. Previous transitions have been more cataclysmic, you might say. People are still afraid of that, by the way. You might feel it in your own psyches, especially if you were on the end of one of those civilizations and went through the cataclysm, you might be anticipating, here we go again. But it is because we have formed a kind of structuring of Light within our mutual planetary experience….it’s difficult to explain…there’s a way that a potency of a combined consciousness with me, humans, devas, nature consciousness and spirit consciousness keeps a kind of coherency through this time that has not been able to be managed before. And so, I am actually quite excited.


In brief, the channeled portion of the event consisted of three parts: A commentary by the Earth Mother offering a reflection on tumultuous times just ahead, a question and answer dialogue with participants, and a setup for a process that was expressed in the vibrational language of creation.

It was this last segment by the Earth Mother and the subsequent process that I consider to be the core of the session. Yes, I understand that we like to have information, and I understand that the mind likes to think it knows. However, transformation is not a function of the mind, and having more knowledge does not equal a greater ability to change. Still, having some knowledge can help the mind to relax and release its grip of control so a deeper process can occur, and we are often given a little information to satisfy the mind’s need to be included.

The heart of the session, the process, began with the Earth Mother preparing us with her vibrational language. After a short break, the process itself was orchestrated by Michele while being hooked up with the Earth Mother in a guided but less channeled way. This process is one of the most affecting, effecting and potent energetic experiences I’ve ever had at one of our events, and that’s saying something. This moment was not about more healing. This process was a very powerful experience of the Earth Mother calling us to be here. At a soul level, we were literally called in by her and pulled deeper into our bodies, and hers. It’s an amazing experience to feel the energy drop in as she speaks. I can’t adequately explain what I felt during this process, but I sense it was significant in the scheme of things.

For several months, during Saturday events and First Tuesday events, we have been assisted with preparations necessary to interface with the new field. Our fundamental structures of consciousness have been changing and have undergone “upgrades” and modifications for us to function in the new dimension. This event was different. This event was focused on bringing in aspects of ourselves that either could not fully be here in the past, or have never embodied at all in an earth experience.

We are now to be more fully embodied than ever before possible, and aware of who and what we are. This experience is not just some imagined elevation of “ascension”. This is something new. This is fusion. This is full integration. This is a merging of Spirit and Matter, Light and Life, Heaven and Earth in a form that has never been, and we have no reference anywhere in our history for what that means or what we are becoming.

This moment is unique, grand and forever noted in the annals of time. This is the fulfillment of ancient destiny. This is Source manifesting its greatest desire. This is the dream becoming reality. This is the birth moment of Conscious Creation.

So it is.


We invite you to experience the Earth Mother and this process more consciously by working with this recording. The segments are as I described:

  • Introduction
  • Information about and preparation for the times ahead
  • Q&A dialogue
  • Energetic setup by Earth Mother in her language of creation
  • Process guided by Michele with Earth Mother.

I believe you will find this program to be supportive, and in turn your participation supports us. We thank you for both your part in the great story, and for your assistance in making this level of work available by helping to keep us around :)

Read more and listen to the first six minutes of the channeling right here.



The State of the Planet

At the request of the Earth Mother we have scheduled a special event this Saturday, September 12th from 1-3:30pm central time. We don’t know much about what will be presented, but it is likely to be both informative and energetically helpful as we collectively make our way through these challenging times.

No secret I advocate for the earth. It is my view that this planetary mother is the primary orchestrator of what is taking place here, and therefore is the source I most trust. I know, it may seem more glamorous to focus attention on ET’s as saviors, or to entertain predictions of how money will be miraculously re-distributed, or how on a certain date we will all experience instant global awakening. Really? How about distractions, flummery and balderdash.

Ah-ka ma-ka teh-a ma

Know what that means? Listen to your mother :)

You can listen and more on Saturday either in person, by phone or by internet stream. If you are at a distance, you can sign up using the link on the calendar page.

Other events of special note:

First, save the date of Sunday, October 4th, 3-6pm. We are planning a Lightsmith community event to which you’re all invited. Details soon, but we didn’t want to shift the emphasis in this update from the Earth Mother event.

And, Michele has scheduled the next complete round of Visible & Present Discovery Processes. If you are not familiar with V&P, it’s about bringing your outer appearance and presentation into alignment with your inner vibrational essence. Below, you can read more from Michele about the upcoming Visible & Present events. This program is more powerful and life-changing than you might think, and Michele is the perfect guide for the process. You will be able to see and feel the transformation in yourself and other participants as change happens right before your eyes.

I will sign-off here with a final invitation to join us on Saturday. I may not know details of what to expect, but given my previous experiences with the Earth Mother I’m sure that whatever takes place will be quite wondrous.




From Michele:

The next round of Visible & Present Discovery Processes are on the calendar for the fall. If you are ready to become a conscious creator, it is more than being conscious within your mind. The clearer we communicate our true self into the larger field, the more effect we have both in the field as well as is attracting from the field. Visible & Present takes all of what I know about vibration and frequency and translates it into teaching you how to dress who you are so there is no static or confusion in your personal energy field. Vibrating with clarity and learning what colors and frequencies to wear to enhance various types of experiences gives you practical tools for becoming more conscious, authentically visible, and more fully present in your life. It is fun to do this process with friends or family members so you can support each other as you shift your wardrobe and possibly home into vibrating who you are.

The benefits and effects of this work are many! As you learn to dress who you are, you can expect to experience some or all of the following:

  • Feeling of being supported through what you wear
  • Save money by only buying what vibrates with you
  • Shopping is simplified and time is saved
  • Conserve energy every day so you have more for what you want to do
  • Love and appreciate your body as your visible voice and your soul’s expression
  • People trust you more naturally and quickly
  • Relationships are enhanced and communication is more effective
  • More instances of being authentically heard and respected
  • Closets are cleared and dressing is simplified
  • You receive more support as your home environment transforms to reflect who you are
  • Vibrating clearly ripples out into creating more clarity in your life and choices
  • Greater ease of connection with others as they relax when they are with you
  • Feeling more confidence in previously stressful situations or encounters
  • Show up authentically without reverting to old patterns
  • Enjoy being YOU!


Here are the dates for the next round of V & P Discovery Processes:

Saturday, September 26, 10-5 pm: Discovery Process I: Authentication

In this first process, each person learns how fabric vibrates and how it can either vibrate with you or actually drain energy from you and those around you. We explore the attributes of the four primary elements and then discover your body’s unique vibrational signature. You will begin to learn an attunement practice so you can discern whether the fabrics vibrate with you or not. We then create the fabric filled shopping guide that is specific to you. Cost: $296 ( Students:$206)(which includes the creation of your shopping guide valued at $125) If you already have been typed but still have the laminated fan, you are welcome to come for $155 so you can learn the attunement process and make your fabric shopping guide.

Saturday, October 17, 10-5: Discovery Process II: Magnification

This process focuses on how to more consciously influence your experience to be respected, heard, trusted, and to conserve energy while showing up in a variety of situations. Each person learns about what specific patterns empower your presence, and what design lines support your body and natural way of moving. We also explore how light interacts with your skin and body and hone in on using that knowledge to illuminate your aura and magnify your energetic influence. Five more cards are created and added to your shopping guide. Cost: $195

Saturday, November 21, 10-4: Discovery Process III: Integration

In this process we go deeper. Through some gentle visualization, we explore aspects of our unconscious that we learned early in our lives to either project or to hide in order to get our needs met. This is where we focus more on conscious creation using all of what you have learned and how to apply it in creating the kind of experiences you desire in your life. In the afternoon we play with creating whole outfits that include all the elements needed to support you to be fully visible and present. We include hair and make-up consultations to more fully align you with your signature. You receive a Wardrobe journal both to facilitate the creative process and to remember what items have been combined to create your effective presence for specific situations. Cost: $195

Pre-registration required for each event. Payment not due until you arrive. Register with michele@visibleandpresent.com or 651-224-4451.

A Lightsmith Summer Pop-Up Channeling Event

Has the crazy hit the fan? I don’t know about you, but for us the jolts, starts and stops of the past couple weeks may have set a new record for unpredictable rearrangements. Throw in a little eye surgery for me and every day has had some kind of challenge, weird twist or sudden reset. Stability is not the word of the day.

Just for fun and a change of pace, and to help satiate our curiosities about all the changes, we thought we’d lighten things up a bit in August by adding a special event with our Friends in Spirit. Instead of very focused personal or planetary work, we are inviting our friends to join us for some amiable dialogue and questions. For us it’s almost like coming full circle to the channeling events of the early Lightsmith days, except now our deeper healing and transformation work is mostly past and we can just enjoy a visit with some of the non-physical beings who have shared this journey with us. You will be welcome to ask about anything, general or personal.

We know many August weekends here in Minnesota are busy for most people, including us. To fit this event into our calendar we have chosen Sunday, August 16th at 4pm central daylight time. These channeling sessions usually run about 1 and 1/2 hours, so we should wrap up before supper. I hope you will find time to join us after other weekend activities. We decided against evening or weekday hours because it can be more challenging with these channelings to hold energy and focus late in the day. More information and sign-up for those of you joining from a distance is on the calendar listing.

Other Reminders: 

First Tuesday

This week on Tuesday, August 4th at 7pm central time. First Tuesdays are process sessions facilitated by Michele. Much of our focus these days  during these sessions is on what we call upgrades, additions to our “operating system” that are being added to interface with and function within the New Living Field.  See the calendar for details and signup.

Cross-Quarter Planetary Session

This week on Thursday, August 6th at 7pm central. This session is one of our 8 planetary events of the year. The focus is on the collective, and the process is facilitated by Michele with directive from the Earth Mother. This event is without charge, donations accepted. See the calendar listing for login information to join us by phone or internet stream.

And put this on your calendar now:

A very significant event is scheduled for September 22nd at 1pm central time. This special session has been requested by the Earth Mother. It is titled The State of the Planet. We don’t know anything about the content for the day, but there will be two parts: A message from Earth Mother channeled by Michele, and a process that will follow. We’ll be making more announcements as the date approaches. Please pass the word.

As usual, we’ll be right there with you on the front edge of this transformation. We’ve always been told it would be a wild ride. Well, yeah.

Hanging on. Or is it letting go?


Seismic Shifting

From Michele:

Have you felt the seismic shifting underneath consciousness these past couple months? It has felt both freeing and relentless as the process scours our psyches and bodies so we can embody more light and shift frequency with the planet. It takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to stay with this process as well as some gentle self-care and acceptance of how we feel each day (which can swing from wonderful to sludge without much warning). Things I thought I would accomplish this summer languish, and I am trusting that their time will come as energy allows.

The Spirit-guided Second Saturday input we have received has been helpful in giving perspective as well as spurring on the deep shifts within us. During the June session guided by Michael and Quan Yin, I felt a shift in the structure that has served this ongoing relationship with them over the past four and a half years. As a result, we are taking a break in August….no Second Saturday event. It feels both like a space to breathe and a time for more fully integrating the embodiment of light that is creating transformation within our DNA and cellular memory.

What I am sensing now is a request from the Earth Mother to have some time to share her perspective of this shift and the state of our planetary body. She may also facilitate a process to assist our bodies as we sync up with her shifts in frequency. So, on the second Saturday of September, 9-12-15, we will invite her to join us for this purpose. This is not a continuation of what has been coming through, but a singular event after which I am not sure what will occur. We have been mentored to live by being conscious of what is in the moment, and that is all I know!

Yesterday, I found a video that I will link here describing how the sun and all of the planets of our solar system are being affected as we move through what many have called the Photon Belt, an area of space with higher frequencies and a toric energy field emitting out of Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades around which our solar system rotates. My body relaxed as what we have felt and known for years was acknowledged by science with long term measurements and statistics. I include it here because it seems to fit with the request I am sensing from the Earth Mother to update us on her experience.

Click photo or this link to view the video:


A reminder that we continue to offer ongoing support for the shift on the First Tuesday evening of each month. This past Tuesday we focused on releasing memory from the Vagus Nerve and nervous system going back into the womb. The process re-engaged how we felt coming into bodies whose genetics were governed by the collective consciousness of that time. As sensitive souls who were born for a higher frequency, our nervous systems imprinted the experiences and feelings of what we felt when we tried to be and expand in the midst of forces trying to diminish and keep us from being fully present as who we are. If you still have unexplained bouts of anxiety or patterns that seem stubborn to shift, I recommend this process. Our bodies are shifting frequency too!

Reminders from Chris:

One event remaining for July

  • Tomorrow, Saturday, July 11th is the follow-up support session to the big work we did last month with Michael and Quan Yin. That event is from 1-3:30 pm, and details are on the calendar.

Two events in August:

  • First Tuesday on August 4th
  • Cross-Quarter Planetary event on Thursday, August 6th. See the calendar for details on both.

Three events in September:

  • First Tuesday on the 1st.
  • Special Earth Mother event on the 12th (details to be announced).
  • Equinox Planetary Event on the 22nd.

Flow going,


Lightsmith’s First First Tuesday is Tuesday.

I was hoping that subject line would get your attention :)

Tomorrow, June 2nd, we begin our new event schedule. In our previous update I noted that we are no longer doing events around New Moons. Instead, we have shifted the timing to be the first Tuesday of each month.

We refer to these events as First Tuesdays, a shortened version of First Tuesday for Personal Expansion and Development. The focus is very similar to what we have been doing on New Moons. These sessions are all about assisting you to transform or integrate something in your life. This kind of process work is guided by Michele as she reads the field created by all participants and directs the energy accordingly. There is no prerequisite to attend, and you can participate whenever it feels right for you.

We made this change to our schedule partly to help establish a regular rhythm to the sessions, and partly to avoid weekend conflicts. We have also recognized that so much is changing so quickly that whenever we have a facilitated session these days we are working with new energies. We have mostly moved beyond healing and release, and are now receiving and integrating more aspects of self and much directly from the New Field. We are offered a good deal of support at all times for this integration process, and riding on the New Moon energies has become less important.

As with the previous New Moon events, you can join us in person, by phone or by internet video stream. Anyone can join us and there are no pre-requisites. Information is on the calendar page or on the First Tuesday information page. The cost is $30 for single sessions, or is included with a subscription to The Lightsmith Deal. BTW, previous subscribers to The Lightsmith Deal will continue with First Tuesdays instead of New Moons.

FYI for those who participate in the Materializing Light series on second Saturdays, our guest co-facilitator this coming Saturday, June 6th, will be Michael. See the calendar for sign-up and info.


Moving Right Along

Our challenging immersion into 2015 continues for many,  but at least sun and warm weather (here in Minnesota) allows us to be outdoors and moving about more freely. Funny how, without much notice, one-third of the year has snuck right past. Years ago the Earth Mother spoke of collapsing the matrix of time. We experience the effect as time speeding up, yet as past and future disappear from reference we gradually find ourselves in the only remaining place: the present moment.

“Living in the now” has often been seen as a goal rather than a state of being. I suggest that it will soon feel much more normal to simply be consciously aligning with each moment and what is being birthed into experience, uninfluenced by the past and unconcerned with knowing the future. The new dimension is fully available for partnership, and trust in the process of conscious creation is our practice until we establish our new “normal”. The shift of operating systems is a radical undertaking. Be patient with yourself as we all learn to navigate in a way none of us are familiar with.

Simultaneous completions and new openings seem abundant as we transit this first triad of the year and move into what’s next. Becoming more visible are conflicts between those extracting themselves from the old story and those invested in maintaining control and domination. While I am confident in the magnificence to be experienced in the outcome, the process can be difficult to observe. I suggest avoiding, as much as possible, most of what makes it to controlled media.

The reminder I offer, despite any appearances to the contrary, is that the transformation to the new reality is unstoppable and is accelerating substantially. On the subtler levels it has already occurred. It’s the sorting out and releasing of dense energies that takes time to work out in the physical. In cosmic time it truly is a blink of an eye, though our experience of the transition can be challenging when measured in years. I do sense that the sorting is mostly completed between those aspects that are merging as part of the new structure of consciousness, and those that will be moving on to a different experience. For those of us on the pioneering edge of the process, we may not know what tomorrow will bring but we are continually assured that all is well.

Here at Lightsmith the only future events we know about are the ones on our calendar. Even then they’ve been prone to rearrangement. So for today I will list our primary events for May. I figure if I don’t act promptly to send this reminder update it will suddenly be June.


Visible & Present Discovery Process One

By now you may be familiar with Michele’s Visible & Present Discovery series helping to guide you into alignment with your choices of clothing and other elements in your life. If not, check this page for details. The next session of Discovery Process 1: Authentication will be Saturday, May 16th from 10am to 5pm. This is where you begin the adventure. This is also the only date for this process we currently have on the calendar. We’re not yet sure when this first process will be repeated, so if you’ve been waiting to jump in now is the time. Payment is not due until the day of the event, but please pre-register soon if you plan to attend. Contact Michele at 651-224-4451 or michele@visibleandpresent.com

Cross-Quarter Planetary Event

Next Tuesday, May 5th, is our Cross-Quarter Planetary Event. During Planetary sessions we work as a group with guidance from the Earth Mother, usually through Michele and sometimes directly. These processes are focused on shifting levels of consciousness that affect the whole. There is no charge for this event (donations accepted), and you can join us in person, by phone or by internet video stream. If you’re at a distance, look for login information on the calendar listing.

Second Saturday Support Session

For those of you who have been participating in the Materializing Light series, the next Saturday support session is May 9th from 1-3:30pm.

Our LAST New Moon Session May 19th

We have decided to end our New Moon sessions. We will continue with another form of monthly group work similar in nature, but not focused on the schedule of the new moons. Our new events will be scheduled the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm central starting June 2nd. As with the New Moon sessions, these events will be opportunities to work with the most current energies in a group process directed by the needs of the individuals participating. Current subscribers to The Lightsmith Deal will continue with these events. In the past we had Tuesday Tune-ups. These will be similar. Name suggestion, anyone?

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Anxiety, Anticipation

Been cranky lately? We seem to be in a time where senses of grand possibility rapidly alternate with overwhelming senses of annihilation. The influx of energies have become increasingly relentless and demanding, obliterating the unreal and inauthentic with swift, stunning efficiency. Yes, it appears we’re still in a deep-cleaning process of uprooting and releasing various bits of ourselves that cling to enticing illusions of safety and security, binding us to the matrix of duality.

With energetic help from the New Field we’re moving through cleansing blitzes that can last a few days or a few hours. During that time we might feel withdrawn, tired, and preoccupied. And annoyed. What follows is a sense of loss, then grief for something that has often been so unconscious we may barely recognize it as it leaves. Barely does the grief lift when the space we have opened begins to fill with surprising quickness, shifting us into the next phase of the process.

Dropping in more of ourselves is next, aspects of self long waiting in queue for the opportunity of full embodiment. Then we integrate the new aspect, not so much with mastery but with the mystery of not knowing how to fully be here or understanding clearly how the New Field works. Add a pinch of no vision of the future, and dish yourself up a serving of confusion with a side of anxiety. Then, as soon as we re-stabilize just enough, the cycle repeats. Until it’s done. So, yay.

We did, after all, volunteer to participate in this process, fully intending to be part of the transformation. And haven’t you been asking for change in your life and in the world? Well, here you are. Good on ya. I’m sure it sounded easier in theory. You’ve also heard of living in the moment? That would be now. And FYI, practicing such has been made easier since in the New Field there really is no option. That helps.

Our part here at Lightsmith has been to offer assistance for the transformation through the many waves of process. Michele has steadfastly maintained the full-ahead approach for those who have felt the call to participate in whatever was next. Reaching the culmination of the Grand Plan has taken eons of time and unfathomable numbers of beings. We are grateful to the many hundreds of people with whom we have crossed paths over the past 20+ years, and perhaps during many lifetimes. Whether you joined us one time or for many years, your presence has been known and is acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you.

April Events

Mother Mary will be the co-facilitator this coming Saturday for the second session of our 2015 Materializing Light series. These events continue to help us negotiate the intense energies of what’s up right now, and we always love the opportunity to hear from those in Spirit who are being of assistance. These Saturdays begin early for Michele when she receives information about the focus for the day. That information is later shared with the group, giving context for the  process that will take place. We also hear directly from our co-facilitator in a channeled segment, and then Michele guides a process of clearing, shifting and integration.

We have worked with Mary before (the beings have asked that we drop titles, such as master, archangel, etc.) and there is no shortage of love in her presence. If you wish to join us in person or remotely, you’ll find information on the calendar listing.

NOTE: if you will be driving to our building from Minneapolis, know that I-94 will be closed in both directions for 6.5 miles from highway 280 to 35E. Plan alternate routes.

Michele also has this message for you:

“Many of us are making new choices to eat more consciously and to align our lives with who we are. What about how our presence influences every energy field we visit? Our field is influenced by what is in our field, especially the energy vibrating from the clothes we are wearing…the colors, the textures, the amount of light we absorb or reflect, etc.. If you think of the clothing we wear as our visible voice, are you communicating with clarity and coherency or are you dressing in a way that is creating static between you and others? It may be time to consider including conscious clothing choices as another aspect of personal transformation.”

“The next opportunity to learn to dress who you are is Discovery Process I: Authentication on Saturday, May 16 from 10-5 pm at Lightsmith. You will learn about four primary rhythms or elements and which combination is animated through your body. As we move through the day you will learn how to vibrationally attune to notice what vibrates with you and what does not. This is a skill you can use with other things too! Then you will make a personal fabric-filled shopping guide to support your choices. Look for cost and other information on the calendar listing.

This process is very fun to do with a friend or relative so as to support each other as you are moving through the process of integrating the principles into your life and wardrobe. Contact Michele to register or learn more about the program.

One last note: Our next New Moon session is on Sunday, April 19th at 3pm. These events also work with current energies and are focused on individual participants. You can join us in person, by phone or by internet stream. Details on the calendar.


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