Solstice Planetary Event Monday, June 20th at 7pm

Hi All,

This is a reminder of our Solstice Planetary Event next Monday at 7pm central daylight time. The information you need to join us by phone or internet stream is posted on the calendar listing.

Our Lightsmith events have shifted so much, and I have missed connecting with so many of you. It’s such a challenging time for many reasons, and I’m looking forward to this opportunity to visit with as many of you as can join us.





Strange Days


Strange Days Have Found Us. Strange days have tracked us down.
The Doors, 1967 

1967. Strange then, strange now. Then again, days have felt strange to me for almost 67 years. And the immersion into peculiarity continues apace.

I’m never sure which facets of the weird to reference when creating these updates. Should I mention the recent spate of dreams filled with Dali-ish imagery and disjointed plot lines? Or how about the growing list of things I could/should/might do but have minimal energy to actually accomplish? Then there’s the mystery that is money, phasing in and out on a rhythm of its own. And I haven’t yet mentioned the curious global sideshow featuring supremely odd acts of people who seem unable to expunge themselves from a reality carved of delusion.

Life is shifting so rapidly and the sorting is so persistent that I’m amazed we’re able to weather this transition intact. Didn’t it seem heroic to be considered a first-waver, out on the edge blazing a trail? Sometimes I wonder if our participation happened like one of those comedies where the drill instructor calls for volunteers and you’re left standing in front when everyone else steps back. Or maybe we were just so fed up with the rate of progress that we took a breath, hunkered down and said let’s get ‘er done. All I know is there we were, here we are, and the better part of a lifetime has passed between.

And done it is, IT being the deconstruction of a decrepit old structure of consciousness. We dismantled it one small bit at a time by immersing ourselves within it, taking ourselves apart and reconstructing our reality. What’s nice is that the memory of the process seems to fade as fast as the new reality is taking hold, and that rapid memory dump is significant. That’s an indicator that we did well, we’re moving on, and the long, long, long endeavor is fini.

Now we’re less about transformation and more about transition. Less about healing, and more about polishing to clarity. We’re still shaking loose a few things hiding in fissures of the unconscious, since it’s evident that we can’t be conscious within creation when anything unconscious remains. Fortunately, it’s much easier now to move through processes triggered by little things. You know, the ones that just show up to poke us, pointing out where a spot was missed.

Along with this tidying up, we’re being brought up to speed, literally. That’s a different experience. No less taxing, just different. We are undergoing significant alteration of our DNA and cellular, physical form. It’s understandable that all we might feel like doing sometimes is sitting in a recliner doing nothing of significance, or binge-watching The Murdoch Mysteries while endlessly scrolling through Facebook. Plenty is happening, even if it isn’t exactly what you had envisioned after reading one too many predictions about the energy of these times. Be kind to yourself. Anything needing to get done will get done. The rest is you thinking about what you should be getting done.

As for our summer of political frivolity, it can be helpful to take a step back and view the hubbub as a process of people sorting themselves. There are several trajectories possible at this juncture from which souls may choose to continue their evolution. Those choices are significant in a story that goes beyond how one might vote for a president. Trust the process, and watch for the broad strokes of change. And notice the little things, too. There’s magic afoot.


Until recently I, too, have had a heaping helping of sluggishness and recliner chair non-activity, and have been slow to make available the Earth Mother Synchronization process from last month. As you probably know, we have reached the end of the major project with our friends in Spirit. The template is set for the new dimensional experience, and the Earth Mother is now our direct guide for continuing the transition out of Duality. This new recording is from the first of several expected sessions with the Earth Mother as she helps our bodies keep up with her own shifts and frequency acceleration.

The session includes a welcome by Michele, a channeling of the Earth Mother including helpful information, and a process using the language of creation. The session ends with a process co-facilitated by Michele and EM. I transcribed a few lines from the channeling to give a sense of the purpose for this first session:

“This experience is about allowing your bodies to vibrate with more life, to feel the experience of aliveness and to open the currents from my body to yours in ways that can assist more creation, more collaboration, and more consistency and sustainability.”

“There’s a need now, in the human population, to start to have a vibrational living consistency or sustainability. We are moving into waves of synchronization. We cannot do that if there is not an ability to sustain. Sustainability is primary. There are places within each person that are used to being responsive to what is going on with your mind, what is going on with your emotions, what is going on energetically. It is not within a kind of stabilized, sustainable life force that has its own vibration, and is less likely to be knocked off course with other things that go on.”

“My vibrational nature has been shifting, and shifting, and shifting. That has been sorting what can be sustained and synchronized here with us, and what is sorting out and will not be sustainable and not be synchronized. It’s very simple at that level.”

“If you look around you, you will see people that are vibrating away. They are vibrating out of synchronization here with life. They are anti-life. They are actually pushing away from life. They are anti-love, or anti-presence. You can watch it, their vibrations are sorting out. They will not be sustainable here on a physical level. But those who are staying need to become sustainable, and that is what we are here to do.”

“Those who are staying need to become sustainable.” That sums up the intention of the session, though words barely touch the nature of the experience and energetic assistance. The word I use for these kinds of sessions is potent. If you’ve been feeling the need for some kind of support and you’re not sure exactly what that might be, give this session a try. Check our shop menu for a link to order.

I have also added another item to our shop, which is the recording of Michele’s grid class from a few weeks ago. She demonstrated how to make energy grids to keep your space clear, grids for personal manifestation, and also touched on planetary grids. We use space-clearing grids at our building and at home. The clearing grids do a lot of work so you don’t have to, and learning how to make and activate them is a key part of the program. I’m also guessing you might have an interest in a personal manifestation grid.  This is a technology Michele rarely teaches, and we’re glad to finally have a video version available. The download includes both the video file and a two PDF handouts. Visit the shop for more information and the purchase link.

And, one last thing. Although we haven’t promoted ourselves much in this capacity, Michele and I work together to do space clearings and other energetic adjustments to buildings and property. We often are contacted because of entity interference, but adjustments can also include the moving of ley lines when needed, gridding of a space to keep out unwanted energies, or any number of other issues that we discover when we begin a project. I will be creating a page with more information, but in the mean time you can contact Michele directly for more information. 651-224-4451 or

No, wait, THIS is the last thing: Our next planetary event will be the solstice, currently on our calendar for Monday, June 20th at 7pm CDT. You can join us by phone or internet stream.  I’ll have login information on the calendar listing prior to the event.






Reminders from Michele, Thomas Jefferson Birthday Bonus

Happy Spring!

From Michele: Just a quick note to say there are still several spaces open in this Saturday’s Visible & Present Discovery Process I: Authentication (10-5). This is a perfect time of year as we shift seasons. If you have been thinking about clearing out your closets or longing to come into greater integrity with who you are, this will assist you immeasurably! People have called this work life changing, transformational, and super-practical. Aligning your essential self to vibrate clearly through your field into the larger field has effects that you begin to experience as soon as you apply what you are learning. I have found it to be one of the main components of consciously creating my experience each day. This work is for everyone (although I recommend no younger than junior high age, 12ish). Men benefit just as much as women.

And, there are still several spots open in the afternoon Grid Class on Saturday, April 23. That class runs from 2-4:30 pm and includes learning how to make living matrices of consciousness to hold intention and influence the energy fields in which we live and work. We use crystals, semi-precious stones, and other objects as the foundation for the grids. Once you register, I send you a supply list. This class is also being offered online for those at a distance.

See the calendar listings for more information, and Email or call me if you are interested in either event., 651-224-4451.

And from Chris: First, I must admit that I was late in getting Michele’s Visible and Present Class posted on the calendar, so you may not have seen the date. She only does three cycles of these Discovery Processes per year, with the next series starting this Saturday. Discovery Process One will not be offered again until September, so if you’ve been thinking of beginning this fascinating journey, please consider joining her this weekend.

Also, today is the birthday of Thomas Jefferson. He was one of our special guests when we began the 3-year series of channelings back in 2006. He spoke of the intention for this country relative to the creation of the new dimension, and also offered some insight into the times in which he lived. This recording is one of my favorites, and awhile back I posted it in the freebies section of our shop. If you haven’t listened, you’ll find it ready to play or download right here.

Warmer weather, nice,





Michele Adds 2nd Grid Class, Video-Streamed

My error of omission on the last update ruined my shot at a glitch-free 2016. It’s the 66th year in a row I have made at least one mistake, though this one barely glistens in the shadow of some.

I wrote that Michele is offering a Grid Class in April, and I failed to mention the date. Some of you, however, did find the listing on our events calendar (to which I also forgot to make a link, so 0 for 2) and mostly filled the class. To accommodate the level of interest, she has decided to repeat the class at a later time the same day.

Grid Class Information, Take Two:

The Grid Classes will be on Saturday, April 23rd. The first class is scheduled for 10am-12:30pm. The class will then be repeated that afternoon from 2pm-4:30pm. Times are in the central daylight zone.

We have also decided to video-stream the afternoon class since we are getting interest from people at a distance.

First, visit the calendar listing for a class description if you need additional information.

Then, send email to and let her know which class you’d like to attend, and if you’ll participate in person or at a distance. The morning class is almost full, though some rearrangement may occur from opening up the afternoon.

For those of you at a distance, please make payment using the Buy Now button on the calendar listing. Prior to the class I will send PDF files of the handouts Michele will be using along with information you’ll need to login to the video stream. We will be able to take questions from you by email or by phone.

Whatever I forgot, let me know ;)





Synchronization Begins & Special Grid Class Offered

On Saturday, April 2nd, we will be hosting a much-anticipated event with the Earth Mother. Our friends in Spirit previously announced that our formal work with them was ending and we would begin a new phase of synchronization guided by Gaia Terra, the great being of the earth.

During the event I expect we will be more informed about the processes coming our way and what it means to stay in synchronization with the planet.

Yeshua made some interesting comments about our relationship to earth during his visit last month. Part of the understanding I picked up from the larger message is that potentials and possibilities for the new field have been formed at other dimensional levels and become available in the new field when enough people have brought a sufficient amount of their greater spiritual selves into their bodies. As frequencies continue to change, those possibilities begin to be brought into a manifest reality. The intention of the synchronization processes is to assist us to keep up with earth as she continues her own dimensional shift.

I transcribed a few other comments by Yeshua highlighting the nature of our relationship with our physical body’s mother, Gaia Terra (with some light editing for clarity):

“Every time you come into a body, you’re here. You’re part of her. You’re part of this planetary being that is having this experience while you’re here. Most of you present know this, but you’re about to learn that as a [collective] human consciousness in the next few years.”

“You’re going to synchronize, and synchronize, and synchronize and synchronize at more and more and more levels, in ways that you can’t quite yet imagine.”

“Those who are synchronizing in and with the earth, you will have no fear, because you are with her, you are part of her, you are in and of her. That is why we are turning you over to the arms and hands, body and heart of your great planetary birth mother. It is hers to synchronize at the levels that are hers to synchronize, because that alleviates the fear. We [in spirit] can’t alleviate fear. Isn’t that interesting? Everybody thinks we can.”

“All of the ages where humanity was synchronized with the earth were peaceful. The ages of humanity that had spirit as their focus, and getting out of here, have been hell. Put it together.”


Here’s where I mention again how profound was that February session with Yeshua. It’s one of the few Saturday events we’ve made widely available after the fact. The channeling is full of very interesting perspectives including much information none of us had heard before. The facilitated process guided by Yeshua and facilitated by Michele helped to prepare us for what’s next. It’s still a very timely session if you’d like to hear a lot more about what’s happening and participate in the process via the recording. See the page for the Return to Life Special Event. You can download immediately.

And now we continue the adventure with the Earth Mother, next Saturday, April 2nd. Remember that you can join us in person, by phone, or by internet stream. Sign-up information for those at a distance is on the calendar listing.


Three more quick things….

•  Many of you were not able to join us for the Equinox planetary event last Monday. I have uploaded the recording for anyone interested, and you can listen or download from the freebies section of the shop.

•  We’re finding that I caused some confusion in a previous update from how I worded changes taking place at Lightsmith. We want to be clear that Michele IS continuing to see clients into the foreseeable future.

•  And, a somewhat rare event has been scheduled. A small group of people recently asked Michele if she would teach her Grid Class, which she hasn’t offered for years. They are okay with adding more people, so we have opened the event to anyone interested. Michele will be teaching about how to make grids like the ones she uses for all the groups and planetary work that we do here at Lightsmith, as well as those that are useful in homes or offices.

Grids hold intention and frequency, and add support to an energy field for whatever is happening within that field. They can also form energetic walls to keep a space clear. This is an experiential class, and once you register you will receive a list of materials to collect for the class. Michele has extras of everything to share during the class, but it helps if each person has some basic supplies of their own.

During the class you will learn about:

Basic Numerology
Matrix (six pointed) grids
Manifestation Grids
Planetary Grids
Field Generators
Gridding a wall or room
Gridding a home or yard

The cost for the workshop is $107. Space is limited so please call 651-224-4451 or e-mail michele to register and hold your space.

There you have the April highlights, and when May comes around we will already have passed through 1/3 of the year. Yikes.

Always a little out of synch,











Reminder: Equinox event on Monday at 7pm CDT

A quick reminder that this coming Monday evening, March 21st, at 7pm CDT we present one of our 4 planetary events of the year (equinoxes and solstices). During these events we partner with the Earth Mother and other beings of Spirit and Earth. The purpose is to provide a group for processes intended to facilitate transformation on a scale larger than personal.

Although we never know content of these events ahead of time, we usually learn something about what’s happening in the big picture, and participants always receive a gift of acknowledgement from the Earth Mother.

These planetary events are offered without charge, donation optional. You can join us in person, by phone, or by internet stream. Login information is on the calendar listing.





New Earth Mother Event, Message From Michele

Hi, and welcome to a week of radical shifts. It’s such a special time, no? Lots of kablooie happening as more things lacking resonance are suddenly ejected from your life. Or you from them. I guess it’s mutual. I know that the times of new moons and eclipses birth a multitude of reflections and analyses, but really, what day recently hasn’t been chock full of entertaining scarifying transition and surprise. Then again, focusing on eclipses and such saves us from thinking about how our entire solar system is orbiting through space at 500,000 miles per hour while passing through areas of high-test energy blasting away at the foundations of our reality. So hey, kablooie galore.

The previous update highlighted the end of the spiritual downloads and the turning toward Life. We learned that the Earth Mother would soon begin to work with us for the next steps in the sequence of our transformation. Well, that didn’t take long. We’re barely adjusting to our new schedules, and yesterday Michele informs me that the Earth Mother is requesting a session. We set the date for Saturday, April 2nd from 1-4:30pm central time. I know it’s coming up quickly. Due to personal and Lightsmith events we didn’t have another Saturday open for awhile, so we’re going with the flow. The signup button for remote participants is on the calendar. You do not need to pre-register if coming in person.

A reminder that our next planetary event is the equinox session on March 21st at 7pm. There is no charge for planetary events, and the login information is on the calendar listing.

And now, less of me and more of Michele. Lucky you. She and I were having a discussion this morning about something moving through her awareness, and I asked her to note a few observations for this update.



From Michele:

Lately I have been reflecting on the difference between love and resonance. I used to believe that if one just loved enough, differences and wounding within relationships could be overcome or healed. Then, as I learned to authentically love myself, I learned to establish boundaries with those who consciously or unconsciously wounded or dismissed me and my experience. That clarified relationships and empowered my emergent soul embodied.

When Jeshua spoke with us in February, he indicated we were moving from the phase of fusion, that of bringing more and more of our own Spirit into an integrated embodiment within matter, to synchronous resonance within the earth and the new dimension. Since then the sense of vibrational resonance has been increasing in my body and I have become more aware of resonance and dissonance within energy fields and relationships. This morning I was able to see how this shift was influencing my tendency to be led by my heart’s capacity to love, overlook, and forgive even if there has been a shift in resonance or even long term dissonance in relationship. Resonance and Love are very different and one cannot overrule the other.

Love can and does exist without resonance. I can love someone unconditionally without feeling resonance with them. However resonance creates experiences of mutuality with respect for authentic individuality, and can lead to and greatly enhance love. In my current place of reflection, even though resonance is different than Love, I sense that where there is resonance there is also the Living Love of the new dimension…but it feels very different than the unconditional love I know and trust. I sense we are evolving into a deeper and more intimate organic resonance within our bodies and our lives, and that is the first step. Resonance seems to be essential to experience the synchronous waves within Life that will be coming through the Earth in the future.

Jeshua turned us over to the guidance of the Earth Mother for this next phase, and at the time I had very little sense of when or how often she would follow through. But, knock, knock….she gets my attention with a request to join us for a focused time with her. So we agree, set it up, and invite you into the adventure!

Also from Michele is information about Visible & Present as we begin the next cycle of Discovery Processes starting April 16th:

I continue to evolve a greater awareness of our need for clarity in our personal energy field as we move into conscious creation. Clothing is the only thing we have a choice about that exists and vibrates in our field. As we learn to attune to how clothing vibrates and how it influences our experience, we also can learn to use clothing and accessories to affect our field which in turn affects the larger field wherever we are. It seems strange to focus on clothing in this way, but as I clarify in my own experience of embodiment, my choices matter and how I vibrate in each situation of my life influences both my experience and the experience of others.

This work is not just about appearance or clothes, or what is slimming or in fashion. Those perspectives create rules that are externally referenced. This process attunes clothing to who you are, and you learn to discern the way different colors, fabrics, etc. affect your experience, from grounding support to magnifying presence. There is an evolution within this process of moving into greater clarity and learning the discernment process. I have split the process into three steps, and the first step includes dialing in ones own vibrational spectrum. It is sometimes called typing, but in this process it is much more individualized than typing. Each of us is truly unique and no two shopping guides (made of the fabric samples matched to you during Discovery Process I: Authentication) are alike. Once you enter the process, you can do the next step whenever you feel ready. We offer the three processes in cycles three times a year.

On Saturday, April 16th, we will gather to introduce you to this way of grounding consciousness into embodiment. It can open up another level of transformation as we move the inner self into outer vibrational resonance, and we begin to explore our unconscious tendencies to either hide or project through our choice of what to wear each day. Each process is designed to gently assist this transformation while being fun, uplifting, and empowering while reframing old body images and external references for what to wear.

Discovery Process I: Authentication: Saturday, April, 16th, 10 am – 5 pm with an hour break for lunch. $296 ($215 if you have already been typed in the past through In Your Element). Youth age 11 or older accompanied by an adult are also $215.

The next steps in this cycle in case you want to hold the dates:

Discovery Process II: Magnification: Saturday, May 21 from 10-5, $195 (Youth $145)
Discovery Process III: Integration: Saturday, June 18th from 10-4, $195 (Youth $145)

Please preregister by e-mailing Michele or calling the office at 651-224-4451.


And Now We Pivot

To describe the transition we’re now in as a “shift” is wholly inadequate. Our recent event with Yeshua spoke to our current state of transition, was helpful in its clarification and stunning in its message. Like most events of this type, we had direct conversation through channeling and a guided process facilitated by Michele.

Changes. I’m wondering if something in you is saying “I’m done. No more. I am not only unwilling, but unable to continue in the way that I have.” Maybe it’s a job, maybe it’s a relationship, maybe it’s where you live. Maybe it’s how you have defined yourself to yourself or others. Maybe it’s just an impulse you’re following. Maybe we are all giving up roles in favor of true expression as unique, individuated beings. Maybe sacrificing our authenticity to fit in has become unbearable. Or maybe organizing ourselves around theories, beliefs, codes and dogma is giving way to a greater immersion into life and new experiences of unrealized possibility.

Letting go when it is time truly does create an opening for something new. You’re already aware how old forms are dissolving on all levels. No one is exempt from the effects of this dissolution, nor from the demands of the transformative process.

We are headed for a new experience that includes fulfillment of heart and soul desires. There is more dissolving needed in the whole, and perhaps personally, but do not fear the re-creation of painful experiences. That is not the way of the New Field. I believe you will find that consciously choosing to release yourself from old forms is much more liberating that you might have thought possible and much easier than the struggle of resistance. It is nigh time to move forward. Boldly go.

Lightsmith, Too

Lightsmith also is yielding to the winds of change. We, too, must release what has reached completion as we recognize and honor shifts of energy. And, as two people expressing through the Lightsmith form, Michele and I are no different in having initial reluctance to releasing what has been known. But, we get to practice what we preach. Trusting the flow and opening to the Mystery is the order of the day. And so we take a deep breath and leap into changes of our own, which include:

  • The ending of all First Tuesday sessions
  • The completion of Spirit channelings or Spirit-guided events.
  • The cancellation of all subscriptions to The Lightsmith Deal (since covered events have ended).
  • The elimination of Cross-Quarter planetary events.

What will continue:

  • Equinox and Solstice planetary events remain on the calendar.
  • Sessions with the Earth Mother will continue to arrange as needed.
  • Visible & Present Discovery Processes will continue and are expanding.
  • Michele will continue to see individual clients, at least for awhile.

These changes partly reflect a very large collective shift (I’m getting to that). And, might I note that when something feels done it is increasingly more difficult to focus any energy into attempting business as usual. I suspect you’ve noticed.

The Pivot

There is a reason we at Lightsmith are moving away from working so directly with compatriots in Spirit, which is that they are changing their relationship with us. Another chapter in the story is opening. For many years certain people, Michele among them, have been positioned to be conduits for downloads from those in Spirit assisting the evolutionary process. Many more people have been the receivers of these downloads, willing to do the inevitable personal work and shifting necessary to integrate these energetic shifts into their consciousnesses, thereby affecting the hologram of the collective. This phase is done, so Spirit is also making a shift. The series of downloads into human consciousness from Spirit sources has completed. We are being directed to now shift our focus.

It is this turning of attention, what I am calling a pivot point, that is behind many of the challenges you are experiencing and Lightsmith is reflecting. Attention is now returning to Life. For us, that also means sharing our grateful appreciation for the magnificent being directing this grand transformation. We call her Earth Mother. Some know her as Gaia Terra.

Gaia Terra is a master manifester, capable of materializing light into infinite forms. It is she who has been evolving a human form capable of embodying the fullness of our Source-light. It is also she who volunteered to gather all the aspects of consciousness that were evolved in the universe(s), with the intention of weaving a New Field within a new dimensional experience. She is not just “nature”. She is a vast being in a planetary embodiment that is fulfilling an intention to fuse eternal Spirit within a living, materialized experience. That willingness to do so is a gift yet to be fully appreciated by most.

Besides extensive work with those in Spirit, Lightsmith has also represented Earth Mother. She began communicating through Michele in 1995, and subsequently Michele and I have traveled to many countries on behalf of the earth. We have usually done so without much foreknowledge of the purpose. We have been her advocates, even as we worked with Spirit to facilitate their portion of the plan. We are aware of her role and will continue to be of assistance to her when asked. The shift is re-directing attention to Life, and healing a separation that has caused great imbalance in our understanding and perceptions about why we are here and what we are doing.

We do not consider Spirit superior to Matter. Neither do we consider physical form to be dross, nor life embodied as something to be endured for lessons to be learned before returning to the “real” realm of Spirit. Physicality is, and always has been, part of the plan. The fusion of Light within Matter to create a new dimensional experience is the endgame of a long-held intention within Creation. The capacity for full embodiment in human form means Spirit can have emotional, sensory experiences. And playmates. And synchronous, collaborative creative experiences in form.

Imagine the possibility of living a life where you can express your authenticity and be honored for your uniqueness, where you can evolve beyond pain and separation, and where conscious co-creation is reality. Then imagine it right here. It’s not so far away as you might think.

Some time ago we were informed that the 8 years between 2012 and 2020 would be tumultuous as old structures began to exponentially lose integrity and energy. That sense of acceleration in the rate of breakdown sure feels accurate to me, and I know how challenging it can be to stay focused on the big picture when dramatic meltdowns can stimulate distraction.

To help me maintain integrity and alignment while the world moves through chaos, I keep a few things in mind:

  • The shift into the new field is assured. It cannot be stopped.
  • A great sorting is taking place, and choices made by each person will determine the kind of experience they will have going forward.
  • This is a transformation, not a collapse and rebuild project. The breakdowns we are witnessing in the world are needed. All that has been unconscious needs to be revealed, and the energy must be released to be reclaimed for new expressions. Some of us have been at it for awhile on a personal level. Now the greater collective gets a turn.
  • The Earth Mother has estimated 2020 as the year the scales will tip the other direction. Until now, the old story has held dominance. As the rate of change quickens, the new story will soon become dominant.
  • Earth is transforming. Some call it ascension. She is creating a new dimensional level of experience. Those who are choosing Life are invited to go with her into that experience. Those choosing against Life have another trajectory.

The Next Phase

As the transformation process returns our attention to earth, we find ourselves making adjustments in our bodies. I bet you can list several issues you’ve had in the last 3 months. This pivoting toward Life is why you may feel discombobulated (more than usual) and why we are currently being so challenged in our physical experience. It’s also why you will find things arranging, or maybe rearranging, between you and others in ways that are unexpected. Life is orchestrating, you don’t have to. Honor yourself and your feelings. Practice discernment.

What’s next is a phase of synchronization with the earth. We can’t yet understand the implications of what awaits, but the reference is to stages we will be moved through as the earth continues her dimensional transition. For those who have chosen to participate with her, she will be doing everything possible to help us keep up. When asked what’s the best thing we could do for ourselves right now, Yeshua said “hang on to the earth”. Buckle up.


Our event with Yeshua was quite magnificent. During the channeling he opened the conversation for us to ask questions. Between his initial message and his responses to our questions we learned more about what’s coming with the current shift toward Life. I was also stunned to learn about changes in the way we will transition in and out of life in the future, starting even in the current generation with those who are embodying more fully.

This was our last such session with Spirit, and both the channeling and final Spirit-directed process were rich with information and significant energetic adjustments. We have already heard from people who missed this event, asking if we could make it available. I now have a link on our website for purchasing the download.

This event was the highlight of many sessions we’ve had over the years. We had a clear, expanded message from Yeshua, and the channeling went an hour and 22 minutes with Q&A included, an abundance of fascinating and helpful information. The channeling set the stage for the last process of its type, and the final preparatory step before the Earth Mother begins her series of synchronizations.

You may be interested in hearing what Yeshua had to say and to complete this final process for yourself. I have created a product page where you can order the full session, if you wish. Even if you don’t choose to hear the entire program, you can listen to the first 10 minutes of the channeling using the player at the bottom of the page. I’m sure you will find the information interesting.

We’d love to hear what’s up with you. Remember that you can make comments, share your own experiences or ask questions about this or any other update. You’ll need to be viewing the post on our website. You can click on the article title in your email, or go to the website directly.

And now we pivot right along with you, with receptivity and curiosity, looking forward to where our new direction leads.

To Life.





A Special Visit with Yeshua, February 6th

This brief update highlights a special Lightsmith event coming up in just under three weeks. By request, we will be hosting a visit with Yeshua (Jesus) on Saturday, February 6th. We begin at 1pm central time, and will likely wrap up about 4:30. We have no information about the purpose of the visit at this time. We love it when you can join us in person, and are just as pleased when those at a distance choose to participate by phone or internet stream. Remote participants can sign up using a link on the calendar page.

Also, a reminder that the next First Tuesday session is coming up soon. That event is Tuesday, February 2nd at 7pm central. Information and sign-up on the calendar listing.

This coming Saturday, January 23rd, Michele is offering Visible & Present Discovery Process I from 10am-5pm. The event is pretty much filled, but cancellations and rearrangements often happen. Information about the Discovery Processes is on the web site. Please contact if you are interested in attending, and she can let you know if space is available. The next opportunity to begin the Visible & Present series is Saturday, April 16th. It’s never too early to sign up, as popularity is growing for these events. You can also contact Michele if you have a group of 3 or more people who would like to do the Visible & Present Discovery Processes together. She will coordinate with you to schedule a special time not on the calendar.

On a previous update I wrote that I would be offering a thought or two on current energies and events. Like many, I’ve been working my way through a cold (well, two) and some s.l.o.w.l.y dwindling bronchitis. My good intentions have given way to the reality of low personal energy and a desire to hibernate. I will re-emerge soon. Possibly.

Be warm and well,


December Solstice, January Events

Our next planetary event is the Winter Solstice, which occurs in Minnesota on Monday, December 21, 2015 at 10:49 PM CST. The Lightsmith session will begin at 7pm, and as usual we will be streaming live by phone and internet. If you are joining us at a distance, see the calendar page for the phone number and internet link.

And helping to kick off the new you in the new year:

The next round of Visible & Present Discovery Processes begins January 23rd with Discovery Process I : Authentication. On the surface, the Visible & Present series appears to be about clothing and how to match what you wear with who you are. True, but incomplete. As you make your way through the series you will also gain a greater sense of yourself. You will discover what having visibility and presence really means, how you have avoided much expression of your own power, and how to make simple shifts to create real change in your life’s experience. You’ve done a lot of personal healing and shift work over these past years. These Visible & Present processes continue that personal journey in a way that is illuminating, deeply transformative and remarkably effective. And, they’re interesting and a very fun way to bring the outside you into alignment with the inner you.

During the first process you will be energetically typed. You will also receive a custom-created shopping guide with fabric samples chosen specifically for you. If you wish, you can continue to open, expand and deepen the experience with Discovery Processes 2 and 3  in February and March. Check this page for general information about Visible & Present, and click on the calendar listings for more. BTW, Visible & Present events are for both women and men. C’mon guys.


More insights to come as we head into the new year, but I wanted to be sure you were reminded about the Solstice event. This event is a planetary session, so we work closely with the Earth Mother and whatever intention she has for the evening. I can only imagine she has many things in progress as we are move through these challenging times. I know our group energy and focus will be harnessed for something helpful to the whole, and personally I find participation in collective shift work to be deeply satisfying.

On another note, we have been asked if there will be a New Year’s channeling this year. No, the energy doesn’t seem to be supportive of a channeling. As for Second-Saturday events, we also do not sense the energetic thrust for a repeating, rhythmic schedule. We do, however, feel that several special events will still be happening in 2016. They will arrange as needed, and probably on certain Saturdays. We will give as much notice as we can when something starts to gel.

First Tuesdays will continue along with the 8 planetary events of the year. All those dates are now posted on the Lightsmith calendar.

2015. It’s a wrap.