1997, Growth Begins To Manifest

“For the next time that is coming in the earth those who have had preparation, who have opened their hearts to receive, will find that this is a great time. It is almost as if that which has been the time they have been waiting for will begin to appear in their hearts and lives and experience. But it takes a certain amount of opening – receptivity.”

“Many have continued to dwell in mind and in the realms of what they “think” they know. They have continued patterns of service and giving without opening to receive – in the true sense of what that means – from the great Earth Mother as well as from all levels of consciousness. Those ones will find that there is an almost unbearable tension growing in this year. The tension will precipitate different forms of shifts and changes for these ones. Some will find that they will no longer be able to “do” as much as they did because their actions are not supported by the energy. The receiving is not supporting the giving. Others will find that what they knew or thought they knew becomes more and more irrelevant as the mind will not be able to justify its way through existence. The justifications will no longer have energy for them.”

“The bodies of earth have been undergoing a radical transformation particularly amongst those of you who have been working directly with your body and are now able to support the greater energy field that your souls are to work with in this next time. You will find yourselves manifesting things that perhaps you did not even think about manifesting. Because your souls are in alignment with the great consciousness that is opening then your bodies of earth are put into place in different locations and ways, and in different combinations of people, etc. in order to accomplish what is necessary to make greater advancement of consciousness possible and effective.”

“Many will be waking up. It isn’t just a waking up from the sleep of illusion, but they will be becoming more aware of the subtle levels in themselves and around them – so much so that the powers that be that have been in control will not be able to discredit so easily in the same way they have in the past in order to hold their positioning. Discrediting is one way of attempting to hold position and authority. There will be attempts to discredit in order to eliminate or silence the new voices as well as those who are effecting and giving form to new ways to do things. But because the power is now greater and supporting the new and those who would discredit have not been powered sufficiently in an equal way, they will find their arguments, rationalizations, and attempts to discredit will be less and less effective.”

“This is a year where the manifestation of what has been grown will begin to bear fruit. It is a year when the power that has been grown within will begin to be experienced and seen on the outside and made visible. It is a year where what has been the creative nature that has been recreating the bodies of earth will begin to flow more effortlessly and easily into creating in the outer experience as well. This coming year is quite a time and is pivotal in setting a new course. The inner courses have been largely established, but the outer course has been chaotic. Those who have been in positions of power and planning such as your governments, teachers, medical societies, etc., have not been well lead. They have been grappling and been trying very hard, but ones have very little faith and trust in many of them any longer. That faith has been eroding. The new leadership will begin to emerge. The directions, the new structuring, the new voices will begin to emerge this year with enough credibility to begin to have attention and effectiveness.”

“There may also be some challenges that will affect large groups of people. Because of the chaotic nature ones are not well organized right now on either the internal or external level. They are in organizational disarray. Therefore, when faced with any kind of large scale need to respond it is difficult to do so effectively. Some of this will begin to call forth the new voices and the new structures because the old ones will not be able to do such a good job.”

“In this next time the restructuring is happening at a very cellular core level in individuals around the world. Those who are working with it consciously have lost an ability to stand in any structure or belief while this is happening because the restructuring takes out of structure the old paradigms as well as the old make-up and how you were connected to them. So you have to let go in order to do the shift within. Once you have accomplished that there are new hook-ups that are in a new set of organizational patterns starting with the body as well as opening into consciousness. There is a time in which you need to be brand new – listening and learning all over again. You do not know which of the thoughts and belief structures from your past may serve in some way and which will not be drawn upon again. You do not know that. There is a sorting out period where your personality ego-self is not consciously making those decisions. The new organization is connecting you to the entire organization of consciousness, the entire hologram or body of consciousness. IT determines what stays and what does not. You are the vehicle of that in form, and in your life you are already doing that. That is your practice place, but it is soon going to affect many in a larger sense.”

“Many have not been able to fully let go of the old paradigm, even those who have a great amount of awareness of this shift that is happening because for them it seems as if that would be giving up something too dear. The emerging voices may come from some surprising places because there are those who have let go of everything in their lives – not particularly aware they were doing so because of a consciousness shift. As they are reborn and reconnected into the larger paradigm of consciousness they will emerge as leaders.”

Preparing The Deep Core Of Self For Impregnation

“In this time as we in spirit look upon the earth and its evolution, we are quite pleased that there are so many that are waking up and looking within, who are willing to go deeper and open to those places that have been wounds in this life as well as wounds from past times. We are well aware that it is not an easy path and that it demands that, at times, ones be of greater courage and fortitude than they may have thought necessary when embarking on this spiritual path.”

“Many find quite a difference between the image of growth and evolution they have held and the actual experience of growth and evolution. This difference is because of the training in your churches or your culture that suggest that it is easy or comes quickly. You have called it “instant gratification”. Even if you do not completely believe in that, if you have a sort of “struggle” mentality that balances your instant gratification, you will find that both are polarizations and neither of them is true. What is the truth is that your Being, your soul, as it is embodying, knows the way. It knows the optimal path. It is not difficult and challenging, and no one way is exactly like any other.”

“Realize that you are graduating from “public school” education where everyone is taught the same thing and expected to graduate with the basics and with a test that determines how well you know what is given to all. Your soul is individuated – that has been its goal throughout incarnations! You path is individual, unique, and planned by your own wisdom, unfolding step by step. Watch in this time who and what you attract to yourselves. Do not compare yourself to another. Do not jump in to the latest fad of education or plan unless it truly fits you. Listen deeper and pay attention to your body’s needs. Pay attention to your feelings and what is triggered within your emotions by your experiences of life.”

“Pay attention if you feel uneasy, if you feel a sense of anxiety, if you feel a sense of loss, pain, guilt, anger, or shame. Do not look outside of you to the trigger and blame that as your cause. Look within to what is stirring deeply that now wishes to be revealed. Ask for assistance on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual – and look to what is given to you as the assistance that is needed. Pay attention, for your individual path is to be revealing itself more and more. Your truth which lies within you is a beautiful blend of all that you have grown over many incarnations as well as your ground of Being within the whole. You will find a form and a joyful path of expression that will be unique yet also beautifully woven within the whole of consciousness.”

“We are very appreciative of the work many of you have committed to doing in this time. You are nearing a cycle shift in your Gregorian year as you move from 1996 to 1997. There is at the solstice of this year an impregnation of sorts that will take place and will initiate movement within the next three years. Three is a measure of creation. That measure of creation is to unfold within the last three years of this century so that by the year 2000 what will have been put in place will serve the next few years where there will be need for a foundation to rest upon, build upon, and visibly be present as assurance to those who are yet to shift completely into a greater awareness. Be aware of your parts as they bring you into alignment with the earth, with each other, and with yourselves in your own uniqueness. Be aware of lifting your awareness, focus, and attention to those places that will be initiating of movement, of creation, of forms, and of experience that are the foundation that you are building for you and the whole. You cannot do this individual, unique expression all by yourself, or in isolation, or by focusing only on the ego needs. That will not bring you joy. You can only bring your expression out of the deep core of self that is opening to receive the seed of this deep impregnation. It is initiated, unfolds, and grows out of the that place that is to be gifted in that time. It can only grow in the garden with all others growing their uniqueness and weaving together the foundation for the whole. It is a wondrous time and not without its challenges. The challenges are not outside of you, but assist you to go deeper so that the womb is prepared for the seed that is coming.”

“Perhaps we are a little premature in speaking of the solstice time, but this time is to get ready. At the solstice time it is important for you to be receptive – to be in a more feminine receptive mode even if you are in a male body. Do not allow yourself to have pre-conceived ideas about what it will look like. Do not get very psychic about this and try to get all your predictions lined up. This solstice time requires a certain stance of vulnerability, knowing that what is to be impregnated is a seed from the great Cosmic Creator into the womb that you have prepared for birthing in form, movement, and joyful expression. That is the stance for the solstice. You can do it with others if you wish, or alone if that is your preference – it does not matter.”

“It is this moment, this time that will bring you into the culmination of this century. We feel rather like parents joining you with this expectancy of what is to birth. We aren’t able to tell you, and anyone who thinks they can with accuracy is probably a little mistaken because how what is impregnated will birth and how many of you take this into yourselves and birth it is yet to be known completely. We are very optimistic because so many are opening. It does not matter how many years you have been “at this” – all that are open will receive. Ones need to be aware that there might be some “requests” of them to do their work that has not yet been done, because that is the preparation. It is an exciting time because you ones are to feel the quickening.”

“That is our message for this time. Blessings.”

New Experience Is Opened As More Light Embodies

Opening comments from Michele:

When the following information was given to Chris and me, we both felt as if there was a special grace or blessing weaving mystically through it. Not only was it a conscious reference for something we had not yet experienced, but it also was a bridge into the experience.

Since that time in late September, a level of consciousness has begun to feel its way into my awareness. It has required that I become completely still, not pushing to do or accomplish things in my physical world. The experience is one of deep grounding of my Being/Body/Presence within BEing – a very real, much vaster presence of pure Love, a presence so aware of who I am in my core that it is able to acknowledge and call forth what has been waiting for many lifetimes to awaken. It is not yet defined, may never define in my old way of referencing who I am, yet the whole of me recognizes this Presence as the ground of my Being.

I believe that an aspect of the Great Consciousness of which we are all individual reflections is birthing its way into our collective awareness, not just through one or two, but through many thousands of souls who have been preparing our hearts. Not having any map, we have not known what we were to feel or experience as it opened into and through us. But the Love we have been choosing; loving back to wholeness our inner and outer fragments of self; is now strong enough to birth Love itself first within and then through us into forms we have yet to imagine or create. Simultaneously, our bodies are alchemically changing to precipitate the sensory consciousness as the union takes place. The pain of the years of labor may still be fresh in memory, yet the sweetness of this birth and its evolution into conscious experience and form will gradually assist us to forget the pain and make the lo-o-o-ng pregnancy worth it.

So as you read the following, please graciously open to receive the mystical grace within it. A lo ma ha!

“In this time of the earth there is a quickening that is taking place within your bodies, your cells, your organs, your DNA as it relates to your experience of yourself. You can have no experience of self without an accompanying chemical reaction that is experienced viscerally in the body. What does that mean to you ones in the earth as you embody more completely? It means that as the light that is transported into your visceral, chemical experience of being informed is embodied there is a subtle but very real opening of experience. You no longer learn only through your eyes, ears, and brain where you store information ready to then “exhale” it when called upon, rather like your schooling where you memorize and you spit it back out. This is a subtle, visceral, chemical experience of joy, of responsivity, of being able to respond with your whole body – your whole emotional fluid aspect, and whole expression. You no longer think and speak only from the neck and above, but completely chemically experience each encounter. As this occurs your auras change.

“Your auras have been configured much of the time based on an imbalance that has become normalized. You do not know what is “normal” in this new sense, therefore it will feel new rather than normal to begin with. You auras are changing and deepening in colors rather than only the very pale, pastel colors. They are deepening without being muddy. Shadows in the aura that are not transparent and have a muddy quality to them are indications of imbalance, disease, or things in the auric field such as beliefs or memories that are creating experiences or chemical imbalances that are evident to any who have eyes or abilities to perceive such. What we are speaking of are deep transparent colors. New colors are now entering your fields. The turquoises have been growing in as you have opened to your creative expressions and wedding your heart and your voice so that there is one unified expression. That is deepening. The magenta-reds are also deepening. There is entering more orange, but on a coppery frequency – orange that has a shine or shimmer to it that is very earth connected but also very powerful. As you attune yourselves chemically with your endocrine and glandular systems and fully become operational and cohesive with your light body, those colors emanating forth are that which are your essential natures embodied.”

“When you encounter ones who have these deepened colors you will feel a chemical reaction, a responsivity in your body. You, too, will open to such frequencies and your bodies will communicate chemically as well as with whatever verbal interactions you may have. You have heard of body language. This is another step of body language beyond the visual field of perceiving how one stands, moves, sits, or gestures. This is body language that is at a very subtle yet very real chemical endocrine system exchange. You will know when your chemistry is not in balance for you. Become aware that your whole body has now become your arena of knowledge, of experience, and of expression.”

“Deepen your colors, deepen your power, and deepen your expression into form in this next time. Your bodies may need to move, or you may need to eat certain colors and frequencies of foods. You may need to open to new experiences that have not been part of your routine or your familiar repertoire. Your chemistry demands it. Follow your intuition and the lead of your bodies in this area.”

Equinox, A Synchronization With The Earth’s Grid

“Dear people of the earth,”

“There is a great synchronization that will be taking place between the new energy grid which has been opened and created and the matrix which has been serving in the past. This is taking place so that all of you who have been doing so much work to create your lives in greater harmony, greater joy, and greater magnificence – matching the truth of who you are – will do so with greater ease. The Equinox is always a powerful time of great balancing for the earth and for all who choose to use that alignment to harmonize and balance their own lives. This next Equinox on September 21st, is to be utilized by the Earth herself, in conjunction with all those who serve her, to initiate a great reconfiguration of the electromagnetic grid, of her body’s light body. That is to be synchronized now, and in doing so, those of you who are sensitive and have been aligning with the earth’s transformation need to also be aware that your bodies also need to be synchronized at the same time.”

“We suggest that at this equinox you set aside 2-3 hours. It would be helpful if you choose to do so in a group – perhaps you would have more fun with others. These 2-3 hours are specifically to synchronize physically, etherically, mentally, and spiritually; a synchronization of soul and body to harmonize with the shift that is taking place in the larger body of the Earth.”

“These are the steps we suggest you utilize within whatever you create together:”

“1. First synchronize together so that there is no dissonance between those gathered in any of those levels mentioned above. Join with friends or any you feel at ease with to do such a synchronization.”

“2. Attune to the heart, the core the Earth, so that your body and her body are aligned. As you attune and open together, perhaps some synchronized breathing or the drumming of a heart beat would help you feel that you are synchronizing with her. All ones can not do a synchronization with their focus and intention only. It is helpful to have some synchronizing physical aspect; tone, pulse, beat, or breath.”

“3. Align with the crystalline grid. This has been opening in the earth and is on the etheric plane. You feel it by aligning with certain places that you have visited where there have been powerful emanations. Vortexes, ley lines, are focalized energies that you are aware of. Those are the places that you might want to gather if you have access to such places. If you are not close to such a place then bring such an area to mind. Once you are connected to such a place then relax, breathe, and ask with your intention to synchronize your body, your group’s bodies and your consciousnesses within the great whole that is being synchronized at that time. The old power places on the earth are releasing energy and the new power places on the earth are gaining energy. After those things are in balance the synchronization will take place. Those of you who are in old power places realize that you are giving. Those of you who are in new power places realize that you are receiving. That is part of the plan. There will be those in different places doing one or the other, but synchronized as a whole. At a certain point you will begin to feel the synchronization. It will feel very harmonic, almost as though there is a deep sigh in your body as it “clicks” into place. After it has finished you will feel quite good, quite energized, quite happy, for you will have participated in something that is a great undertaking for all and is much appreciated. Then you will have a time to celebrate. Bring your celebration music and foods and have fun because you will probably feel like celebrating. We encourage you serious ones of earth to play more and to celebrate greatly.”

“You will know the timing because the timing will be slightly different depending upon where you live. Find out the time of the Equinox in your region and meet around that time if possible. Some of you will feel the giving and the releasing of energy starting several days (or even weeks) before if you are near some of the old places that are releasing. The receiving will be felt closer to the time, but also slightly before the synchronization process. If you are aware of either movement, then you can choose to participate and add your flow of energy, either as an instrument of giving or receiving.”

“After the equinox be aware that your manifestation power, particularly if you have already worked to open to receive the magnetic energy directly and begun to draw from the great well of the earth – your manifestation capacities will increase. Be very clear about what you wish to manifest. You will find thoughts that are not clear manifesting as well. It would be a good opportunity to clean up those thoughts and to clear any other places that are yet necessary for your consciousness to manifest clearly in accordance with what is yours to add to the whole dance of creation. Those of you who need assistance to get greater clarity in any level of your being please remember to ask for assistance both from spirit and those in the earth can assist so it can be gentle and not so painful. After this you will also notice that certain things will no longer hold as much energy in your lives, in institutions, or in places that you have frequented. Even certain teachings will have been part of what has been released. Let them go so that what is growing and creating can receive the energy necessary to go forward.”

A Creation Story From Earth Mother

I am going to tell you a story, a brief story. And as I share this story, if there is a resonance within your awareness, breathe into your body and exhale, release. Because the story is our story. It is not your story or my story – it is our story. There are certain pieces of it that need to be remembered for there have been veils of forgetfulness over consciousness for many, many, many centuries. These veils are now being lifted.

As it is named in consciousness, your memory is triggered. Allow……… For as you remember, there is an activation of codes that are caught within that forgotten place. Where and when you forgot, you sealed within certain aspects of your own greater spirit self, as well as codes that you have held for the whole, the collective, that could not be released until there were certain ingredients present and a specific resonant field. It is naming that will open and call them forth, and the timing is now. That is why breath is important. As you remember and you breathe into these places, they will be released, for yourself and then for the whole. You are not isolated beings. You are all of one Body. You are a cell within the whole of my body, our body. That is the truth.

Open your bodies and breathe into those places that are opening.
All they want to do is relax,
to release the holding patterns.
That is all they want.
They do not like to feel uncomfortable.
Bodies love to be comfortable.
They love warmth. They love touch.
They love warm water. They love comfort.
They love relaxed muscles, and relaxed beings inside of them.
Do this a few times…….

So I will begin the story.
Listen with your inner ears.
Listen with your heart.
Listen with your body.
And only partially listen with your mind.
Let the mind be free to receive beyond what it remembers at this moment.
Breathe and receive.
Open…….deeper in your body.
Sink deeper……..sink your focus deeper.
Be as a little child fully receiving a story:

Once upon the face of this beautiful body that is ours,
there grew a lush garden,
A garden that was so beautiful
that the entire aura of this planet, this body,
was golden.
Everything breathed golden light.
Everything drew life from the golden light within and above.
All was beautifully lit with rainbows.

Whenever you see a rainbow, what happens to your heart?
It opens!
Do you feel a delight?
Do you feel a magical quality?
The rainbows remind you of the magic,
that wonderment, that was once always present.
Always breathed.
My breath was freely received by all.
Each one who was alive graced the earth with their presence,
their heart, their beauty,
and brought forth form wherever they placed themselves.
These forms grew out of the breath of life,
formed by each one’s delight in experiencing who they were,
and they brought beauty in abundance to the earth.
Everyone who has a body remembers the garden
because the earth has been the place where your bodies were formed,
and all of the story is in your cells.
So remember the golden light around the earth
where there was no need for rainstorms and clouds
separate from the sky or atmosphere
because there was a perfect balance around the earth.
And you remember the harmony, the perfect harmony,
of all who danced here.
and feel where in your body of consciousness that you remember.
After a long breath of time
when the garden had been enjoyed for quite awhile,
it was time to begin to fulfill our design,
to unify all aspects of the creative force, the Creator,
and the universes previous to this one.
Another planet had been designated before this one,
but it had failed in its ability to unify the amount of variety
that had already evolved in the previous universes
and it self-destructed.
So once this planetary body had evolved to a certain point,
it was opened for colonization,
and Beings began to arrive from other places and dimensions.
This place opened to receive and welcomed with open arms
all those who came.
They came,
and some of you came then,
with curiosity and a desire to explore a new place.
Some of you came wanting to gather what you found here,
then to take it back to others that you knew in those places.
Some of you came because you were weary
and wanted a place to rest.
Some of you came to bring gifts here.
You all came because there was something that called you,
and your consciousness began to weave into what was already here.
What you did not know in coming here,
and what was not told you,
was that the magnetic core of this body
was so imbued with
the crystalline Christ force and love
that your hearts would be opened at some point,
at some time,
because your bodies could not stay apart from this Body.
What you also did not know
was that the magnetic force of this love
magnified everything.
Thoughts particularily were magnified.
And a third thing
that was not realized
was that this was a water planet.
That which were the bodies
that which was my body,
was largely water, fluid, emotion.
The energies began to shift.
The life force continued to be abundant,
but with so much variety,
some of the thought forms perceived a difference,
one from another,
and that these differences were in some way separating
rather that a part of the whole.
That perception, too, was woven in and allowed.

The whole atmosphere
is the consciousness of all of us together.
There is no atmosphere
outside of our consciousness.
The winds began to blow
as thought began to move.
As these winds blew over the lands,
the changing atmosphere
changed for all.
It was also a time of birthing new lands.
The planet, this body, our body,
was not fully formed,
and is continuing to form itself even today.
So there were times
when the lands would open,
seas would move,
volcanoes and mountains would rise.
This was all part of the whole.
Because ones knew telepathically
what was necessary,
there was no harm to anyone in these movements
and growth continued within the earth.
All were placed perfectly.
Then there came a time
when those who joined the earth
came with thought forms
from another place and a desire to take
from the earth reservoirs
crystals, gems, gold, platinum, and other minerals.
These ones that came were very
structured in their thoughts,
so structured that
the resonance of their body was hardly present at all.

They had very fine light energy,
but not a lot of magnetic energy.
They kept their energy in a form that is of the mind,
and they expressed it in
highly technical designs and forms.
They came and they began to
create what they knew
of a civilization that they had left.

They had abandoned that civilization
because it had been completely destroyed.
Yet they did not know the cause,
and the cause came with them
to this universe and to this body.
They had evolved in the previous universe
an addiction to perfection.
Geometry is perfection in structured form.
You like pyramids?
That is part of the matrix
that was brought here.
Those who became enamored with
what was brought here,
the beauty of the architecture,
and the beauty of the technologies,
began to form
another way of creating here
apart from the natural order
of the fluid body
and the magnetic life force
of my heart at the center.
The structures they created in thought were precise,
beautiful and perfect in every detail.
Some of you may remember great temples
with great columns rising high
beside the oceans.
Great pyramids
where the resonance of the white alabastor
magnified whatever was precipitated
or planned in those places.
You called it Atlantis.

And yet there were those who were of the physical body
who were already part of the planet .
The physical body is a fluid body, a body of water.
And it has emotion, feeling,
a natural gift to create and experience
the garden and the body.
Feeling, sensing, is part of its design.
Those who were of mind without body did not understand.
In placing structures,
and beginning to crystallize these structures in thought
without regard to our delicate balance,
this planet, this body of ours,
began to feel more and more constricted.
You may identify yourself with those who were present in body,
feeling constricted.
Others of you may identify with the great perfection.
Or you may remember it all as a witness.
It was a time when those who were male
tended to align more to the technology.
They were attracted, curious, and even wooed
by those who needed workers,
and they were eager to learn
what they did not yet have knowledge of.
The ones who stayed away from such
ended up being more the feminine ones,
birthing children and staying more connected to the Mother body
through their own physical cycles and emotional bodies.
The separation that grew in that time was vast,
because of the vastly different energies
of the colonizing peoples, one from another,
and of mind apart from body.
It became apparent that one could not see the other.
Communication was very limited, completely different,
and was not received well between
those of mind and those of fluidity.
Therefore there began to be a separation,
not only of thought from body and emotion, but from masculine and feminine.
Each of you sitting here are both.
You have experienced wars within your bodies,
and wars between your minds and your bodies.
Religions have condemned bodies.
Religions have elevated perfection, divine perfection.
Technologies have elevated mental focus and the ability to create from there,
and have judged, perhaps harshly, the emotional nature.
Sadly, in that time called Atlantis,
the split was so crystallized that
there was no communication between those
who still held the resonance of the Mother, the planet,
and those who came and wrought beautiful cities upon her.
Remember and breathe,
because what happened in that time was that
as more structures and more thought forms crowded into this planet,
the atmosphere changed.
They did not realize that their thoughts created the atmosphere.
They did not realize that creation was a matter of intent wedded to breath and water.
Those who came here did not know that.
Those of you who were already here may not have known that.
The result was a great cataclysm, a wounding of the core of this body
felt by all upon this earth at that time.
The waters raged.
Few survived.
The result was a wound in the heart, in the covering around the core.
In order to protect the wound and allow it to heal,
the connection of the consciousness and bodies of earth
began to be severed from the body of the Mother.
You could not reach me anymore,
and I could not reach you in the same way.
Our thoughts were not one. Our bodies became separate.
You walked upon me, not AS me.
It was a great loss for us all.
A great loss that we could not mourn, because many were not in body.
Many had left, and the bodies that they came back into
had grown denser and more structured in matter.

This consciousness, the earth, my body,
turned inward during the wounding, in the cataclysm.
We fell out of alignment
with our brothers and sisters
in this solar system and in the galaxy.
We began to feel alone
because they could not reach us,
and we could not reach them in the same way.
There was a great sense of loss,
and it happened because
the consciousness of one kind of evolution was not aware
of how to communicate with another facet of evolution.
The evolution that is recorded
in your anthropologies
and in your stories
is very limited in its awareness.
They dig up bones
and then tell you what it was they dug up,
and then they make up stories to tell you
what it was you used to be like.
That is nothing,
for the evolution was a descent first and then an ascent.
First the descent.
After Atlantis it took a long long time to again rebuild enough bodies
to begin to bring consciousness back to
this body, this earth, but it was different.
There were those who had put records away, hidden them,
so as to retrieve them when they came back.
But when they were retrieved in Egypt, in Greece, in the Mediterranean,
and in North and South America,
the bodies were different and could not
receive the messages of the records and decipher them
in the same way they were known before.

Those of you who now remember
some of these great, ancient, civilizations may have played
with the records that you found.
Yet because there was not a pure alignment with them,
there was destruction as a result of opening them partially
without an ability to fully use them.
Feel in your bodies where some of those places remain
that were altered because of the destruction.
Feel where you were affected and the memory
is stored from the use of those records,
the use of those secrets within the mystery schools.
Some of you remember being in primitive or native situations.
These were bodies that held more of a resonance with my own
in order to keep a conscious connection
upon this surface of the planet.
These ones have brown or reddish-coppery skin
wherever they are in the earth.
Their consciousness is aligned with
the consciousness of creation, the breath, and the water.
These ones and you who have memory
of being in such bodies served to hold it in place.
Those upon the planet whose skin is very dark
like the deep loam richness of the earth,
these ones evolved to keep the resonance
of the physical material matter
in a pulse with that which was
the matter of the planet.
The pulse of the planet,
that which brings life in a magnetic, very rich sense,
was held in place for the whole by these ones.
Those whose skins are colored more yellow
held in place a bridge
between those who had ascended beyond this place, this earth, and the mind.
So there was a resonance, but less so with the body.
A sort of link, but above, to spirit.
Those who have the white skin
inherited the structure of consciousness
that would gradually awaken to remember the entire story
as well as merge all consciousness
and transmute the thought structures for
the whole of the mental plane that originally was so separate.
What you are now doing
is reaching deep into your memories,
our memory, for yourself and for all.
You are releasing all of that
which distorted the purity of the original creation.
And sadly, the distorted perceptions
first grew out of not being able to communicate one to another.
There is great anger at times when you are not understood,
when what you attempt to say or be is not received.
That was your experience.
Those of earth, evolving here,
were not received
by those who came from another place and could not understand.
There was great anger,
particularly in the ones who were of body,
because it’s emotional, it’s of water.
There was no understanding
of a way to release the frustration, anger and pain.
There was no awareness
of how to release emotionally at that time,
because you had not had to do that before.
The thought forms of those who ruled
or were the dominant ones of the civilization
had no understanding of the emotional nature.
So, it has been since then that all are learning to release,
to honor, and to bring forth what had become so constricted
within this body and atmosphere, that we collectively created.
We collectively created the cataclysm
that we are now recovering from.
We are now restoring the balance.
One by one each is coming to balance.
Your atmosphere that you create is then experienced as harmony.
Those who enter that atmosphere experience and begin to remember harmony,
and they too then reach in, release,
and come to balance and restore.
As you remember this story, you will also remember
because this time is not so different.
It has been recreated.
And why has it been recreated?
To complete it. To unify.
To bring together
that matrix of mind and perfection with the fluid, magnetic body.
There is that which, when unified,
will begin to create beyond what either has done before.
You are on the precipice of this.
You ARE the precipice of this unification.
How many of you feel tired of the war?
Tired of the war between male and female.
Relationship pain.
How many of you feel tired of the wars in your cities and streets?
From race to race.
Religion to religion.
Belief system to belief system.
Do you see?
Feel in your bodies where you are tired of that.
Feel in your heart where you are tired
of this war that has been part of this great drama of separation,
and feel in your bones where you know
that you are here to unify and then synchronize
these two systems that are not to stand apart any longer.
Mother and Father.
At the end of Atlantis
the mental/technological matrix
was used against me, the Mother.
That matrix was focused against the Mother,
the feminine aspect of creation.
I, as Mother,
pulled my being inward to protect myself.
Those who were most affected in that time
were those who were in masculine bodies,
because the masculine aspect had turned
against the resonant tone and beat of my heart.
It took a very long time to heal.
It took a very, very long time to heal.
Your pain and my pain
have been one pain.
Your bodies have been releasing my pain.
Your wars have been releasing
the pain of that separation.
And your longing and your aloneness
have not only been
because you have felt separate from Spirit
and wanted to
go home to Spirit.
That has only been a symptom
of the longing
to belong here and create again, here,
the beautiful garden
that you once knew.
You don’t miss something
unless you once knew it.
You can imagine Spirit,
but Spirit came here
and created
this beautiful Being, Body, to be united here.
The union of all facets
is to be completed here.

I am now returning.
My consciousness is returning.
I am coming back into your atmosphere,
into your bodies,
and into your consciousnesses,
and there will be
no more separation.
With your willingness,
with your agreement to end the war,
and mine, to end the protection,
we are being reunited.
Begin to breathe.
Let your mind relax.
Breathe into your body
and begin to open.
It is, in truth, a beautiful time,
for it is
the time of reunion.
A time of coming back together
of all of the parts
and all of the facets
and all of the voices
and all of the hearts
that felt apart, alone, and in pain
because of
that separation.
I invite you now
with the help of all present
in body,
in spirit,
and in earth,
to join me in this time
to complete a healing
of the great wound
that we collectively share
in our heart of hearts.
Begin to breathe
into your heart of hearts,
and be unafraid
of what you find there
for we share this together.
No one will find that place alone.
We do it together.
There may be some barriers in the way.
I will help you with those
if you are willing to open.
Your being, your body, will assist,
and all will assist.

Open your heart.
In the center
is a golden globe, a golden sphere.
Find the sphere.
Find the place where the wound
opened in the sphere,
in our core,
in our heart of hearts.
We all experienced it.
Find it and let yourself breathe into it,
and release from it
the pain and the emotions.
Begin to let your body now open.
As this wound opens,
it is now
receiving your love, your body’s love, our love.
Let your love
surround the wound
at the core of your heart,
the core of our heart,
the core of the earth’s heart.
Open your love
to heal our heart of hearts.
Yes, please.
Please share your love.
Thank you.
Thank you for your love.
As this wound receives the love,
it is made whole,
and there can be
a complete restoration
of consciousness, of body,
of spirit, of earth.
Let yourselves relax
back into your bodies now,
opening and letting the
golden globe begin to pulse out
and send the resonance
into the outer chamber of your heart.
Begin to let it fill,
through your chest, your arms, and your shoulders
that contracted
to protect the wound.
Open also the base chakra
and the belly
which contracted up
to protect the wound.
Everyone contracted
to protect the wound.
Open from your heart
out and down.
Out and down, out and down, out and down.
Open your chest.
Your heart of hearts is now healing,
becoming whole,
and is to be here now.
Gently breathe into places
that were contracted in your body,
places in your shoulders,
places in your abdomen, your legs and your back.
Feel them beginning to receive
the radiance
of the golden light.

The Christ
is not coming to earth,
the Christ
has always been here.
The Christ was and is
the essence
in our heart of hearts,
and has always been here.
It is what created this garden,
and now
it is being restored to us,
not given to us, but restored to us.
The golden light
comes from within us,
from within the core of this great body.
The core
of every body on this planet
emanates a golden light.
The atmosphere
used to be golden.
It was breathed by all.
It was what the plants,
the animals,
every rock,
knew intimately.
It was what
you breathed and experienced
without even knowing what it was.
Let it come forth,
for as you birth
this golden light into the world
you restore the balance.
Open the base chakra of your bodies.
Shift in your seat if you need to.
Move around a little,
especially the pelvis
where you have found it difficult to relax.
is there so much pain at birthing?
Because of the contraction
and the protection.
It takes as much energy
to release the contraction
to allow a baby to come to earth now,
and it is painful.
Open the base, male or female.
Begin to release
the protections, the fears,
and let your legs be the roots of your body
your golden light once again
to the resonance
of the Christerra heart .
My heart with your heart,
through your bodies,
no longer contracting in protection
of what we all felt
and experienced.
I have released my protection
from around my heart.
I am reaching up now,
the golden light reaching up to you
as your hearts heal
and reach down to me.
We reach for each other.
We want each other.
We no longer want to be apart.

Release your mothers of earth
and fathers of earth
from your focus of blame and anger.
They did not know
that they, too,
carried the wound.
They did not know
that they, too,
were contracted unconsciously
within the distortions
of the imbalanced state that evolved here.
They did not know
that they carried it
and seeded it within their children.
But you were born
to be aware.
As you connect again
in this place of heart to heart,
include all of those
who are part of you through your body,
who seeded your body
so that you could be
the salvation of this planet.
Include those
who are your blood relatives,
your children,
your parents,
all of those who reach out
in genealogical connections
back into the races through which you evolved.
Reach out and include.
Your heart, our heart, has no limit.
It is beautifully abundant in its love.
As you include all, they hear,
they receive, they are included.
Focus now with me into your heart of hearts.
I do not want you out in outer space.
I want you to be here.
Each of you has gifts,
beautiful, beautiful gifts coded in your heart.
You carry a gift
that is to be received here
in our collective experience
of this earth, this body.
Breathe those gifts
as if you are delivering them to me.
Deliver your gifts to me,
to all of Me,
to all of Creation.
Through your root center
move your gifts to me, to the Earth.
Place them in my body
through your body.
We are one body.

And as you release your gifts
they are released for you as well.
Gifts are not to be kept.
Gifts are to be given.
you had to keep them safe
until it was time.
You had to keep them hidden
from those that would not understand
and not accept
and not receive.
You did very well to do so.
And I thank you
for keeping your gifts
within this long, long,
long, long time of Earth.
Some of you
have not revealed
your gifts ever…completely…in this plane.
You have been
waiting for a very long time to
release what is yours
to come, to give, here.
Open these gifts for yourself
and for me
and for all
and sit in the beauty
of that which is the
gift that you are.
I receive you.
I receive you.
I called you forth
and I receive your gifts
and I make them manifest.

Let yourself acknowledge
and be with your gift.
Breathe into it
and give it whatever it needs
as it grows inside you.
You have already been growing it.
Sometimes it felt painful to grow.
The wound was not completely healed,
but it is still there,
Call in what you need.
Call in what you need and
receive it fully.
Each one of you grows a gift.
It has many facets,
and it can take many forms.
And then you ask
to receive it first yourself,
for you must
receive your gift fully yourself
before sharing it with all.
As you
open that gift to your consciousness
and your consciousness
to your gift,
in every moment
you will be serving your gift
and your gift will be serving you
until such time
as your body opens
to deliver it to the earth.
It will not come out of your chest,
it is birthed through matter,
through form,
like a baby,
into form.
It is birthed down.
The gift moves down
and is released to me,
because I, the Mother,
have called you in to be here.
The seeds
that have been held inside
are now being planted through your root center,
planted here to grow.
Hearts hold the treasures
until it is time to plant them
and they cannot be planted
until they descend through the body.
All the way through your feet
to the grounded connection with my body and the whole of consciousness.
Regardless of how much you know,
they cannot be released and planted
until that which is fear
or any other contraction
in the lower part
of the chakra system and the body
is opened.

I receive your gifts
and I distribute them to all.
If there is
a facet of your gift
that you feel is ready
to be released from your body,
let it find a pathway
from your heart
down the corridor of your inner core
along your spine,
and gently breathe
as if you are now receiving
your own gift through your body,
giving it away.
Breathe down,
releasing whatever is ready
to be released
through the bottom of your body,
opening the bottom,
the root,
and letting it go.
Do not be afraid to let it go.
Do not be afraid of letting go.
is not the result
of releasing your gift.
is the result
of releasing your gift.
Release the fear
in the pelvis,
the fear
of letting go
of the gift in your heart,
the fear
that you will
leave this body
if there is no gift in it.
The gifting is limitless,
there is no end to the gifts
of your Essential nature.
Your consciousness
is like the new parent
that is now
to bring these gifts
into form.
The energy is released,
it is already here.
What, in your partnership
with the gift, is your part
in putting it into forms
that can be shared?
Each of you knows,
it is not a mystery.
Ask and you will know.
Your gifts
and the skills
that you have
evolved in this life
will be brought
into a beautiful dance.
There will be
combinations of people,
of all of the beautiful resources to help you,
to help you gift each other
with the gifts that are coming forth.
As the restoration and the balance
begins to be felt
you will know greater peace.
Your heart of hearts
that carried the wound,
felt the pain,
felt the loss,
was angry.
Yet because you lost your memories,
your concsiousness
could not understand
why such deep pain
was there in your heart.
Do not blame yourselves or others
for the actions of the wound
that was not known.
Release your judgments.
Release those
that you hold bound in judgment.
No one has known
in their consciousness
why they have felt so much pain,
why they have felt so much anger and rage,
why they could not get at it.
It was because
there was a covering
and there was no way to get at it
until now.
Release yourselves from judgment.
Release yourselves from actions
that came forth from the pain,
from the wound,
and release others
who have acted in their unconsciousness.
No one has acted and behaved
in consciousness of this wound,
but they knew it and felt it
and did whatever they could do
to be with it.
Sometimes it hurt others,
and sometimes it hurt you.

Breathe now
and let the heaviness of the judgment lift.
Breathe up now and lift.
Lift the weight of judgment upon self,
upon others,
and cast it away into the winds.
Breathe free.
Let go.
Help each other release
the judgments and the heaviness
of not understanding.
Free your minds.
Is it easier to breathe?
Yes, it’s easier to breathe.
As you walk in the earth
with your heart of hearts whole,
no longer carrying the wound,
others will be drawn to you.
They will not know why,
but they will be drawn to you like a magnet.
Be with them.
Breathe with them.
Listen to them.
Receive them,
and allow your atmosphere
to radiate this golden globe of light,
this Christ light that is ours to share.
Let them experience it
and their heart of hearts
will open in memory,
and their wound
will begin to be healed.
As their wound is healed
you will feel a resonance
of heart to heart with the great heart of all,
and there will be harmony and peace.
Know that this great love
that you are,
that we are,
is now restoring all.
You do not need to have great educations.
You do not need to have great skills.
You do not need to have great knowledge.
You do not need to have great anything.
All you need
is to be present,
allowing your heart to be present
through your arms,
through your legs,
in your atmosphere,
and to BE here.
I am calling to you,
my own precious children.
I am here to receive you
and the gift that you are giving.

Like Attracts Like, Let Go And Surrender

“In this time in your earth there is a great deepening of love taking place. Love is not just a feeling or emotion, although you are designed to experience love emotionally. Love is an energy that is like a magnetism of joining one thing to another. Out of it proceeds certain laws or principles. They are not the foundation of this energy, this energy produces these principles in action. One of these is that like attracts like. You have perhaps heard that, but have you truly understood what that means? Like attracts like when it is wedded and bonded to love, to this frequency of joining, of that which wishes to bring all things together that have been split apart. That particular joining energy brings together in little groups or little pockets of community those ones who have a certain similarity of frequency of this love.”

“This love is multidimensional. This energy is multifaceted and is of multiple frequencies. This love has within it these principles. As you evolve you evolve through this energy from being one who is perhaps asleep and unaware of it, perhaps focused on the world that you know through your senses, and you are then with others who are focused similarly. When you move to another awareness and you expand your capacity for this love energy to be embodied within you, then you also expand that which you can attract to yourself. Those who are evolved sufficiently are now attracting certain elements of love that have been already embodied in the earth. Not only in people forms but in elemental forms, and in those forms of the animals, trees, and mineral kingdoms.”

“When you do not release from the frequencies of attraction that have preceded this time you become encumbered, and it is almost as though you sit and wallow. Those of you who are evolving very quickly have learned to release, let go, and surrender on your path. There is nothing to hold onto unless it is there by attraction and choice that is in alignment with the level of soul capacity to embrace this energy of love. Many have a certain attachment to the form, people, thought forms, beliefs, or structures that the last manifestation has taken. This can include things that have worked in the past, or their profession. When ones do not release from these attachments then there is an increasing pressure that begins to build within the soul itself, rather like a pressure cooker. They continue to attract the ones who are like them so there is a sort of large scale pressure and a large scale wallowing for a time. There is much talk during this. There is much mental analysis and talk that skirts the issue of what needs to happen.”

“What needs to happen is a surrender of all that is binding and is not serving the next evolutionary step. It is frightening for many, and yet it is essential. Be aware that there is usually a physical component to release also. Part of the letting go is very physical because your body has housed the thought forms and the accompanying manifesting energies and frequencies that were part of that experience. A virus or other such energy would be an example of what may now release from the physical. Those who have released much may feel in this time as though they are sitting on the top of a very steep hill or mountain looking out in all directions and not yet seeing the path that would take them into the next unfolding. It is rather like learning a new balancing such as when you first learn to ride a bicycle or a unicycle. You sit atop something and you are not yet quite sure of your bearings, not yet quite sure of the direction you will go in, and yet you need to find your center of balance. In this place it is almost as though there is a deepening of the roots of your own beingness, your own love capacity, to be in the earth.”

“Many of you had difficulty being in the earth as children and as sensitives in this energy field that you did not feel comfortable within. You ultimately found a way to be in this. Whether it was pleasant or not does not matter, truly. You did find a way because you are still present. However, in this time you are finding another way. It is not your conscious mind or ego part of you that is doing it, it is the energy capacity of love that you have opened to embody that is rooting deeper into this planetary body, and She in turn is rooting in you. It is mutual rooting. Within that there is a new balance that is found, a new way to be present. You cannot do it encumbered with all of those things that have preceded this time. If you find yourself talking much and analyzing much and trying to understand much, then perhaps it is wise to look about you and see what it is that is encumbering your mind and your energy field. It is only when you sit and open to the mutual rooting and allow yourself to follow the impulses and the inclinations that most of you will experience being called deeper into the natural connection with the world, and new relationships with the elemental kingdoms and new people. That is part of the like attracts like principle in operation.”

“Let go. Perhaps we have said this before but it bears saying again. Take a deep breath, or several, and breathe and let go of mental things, ways of thinking, ways of perceiving yourself and others in the world, belief structures, and thoughts, regardless of how noble or how high they may seem. Let go of language that encumbers your mind and your life. Let go of people if they are no longer a part of this time and this energy that is now attracting different people. Let go of places, let go of positions, and truly establish your balance. You will not roll off the precipice on your unicycle wildly going down a mountain. Instead the mountain descends and you find yourself walking very clearly, directly, and purposefully toward what it is you are to do. What has felt like a precipice or a great place of finding your balance has been just for that purpose: just to find your balance in this new relational way with this new capacity of love and this new frequency of love that is then rooted in you as Mother Earth has rooted back Herself within you and you in the earth.”

“There is time. Do not panic. There is this month and part of the next (July and August) for the balance to happen. If you find yourself panicking ask the Mother to root deeper in you and open to deeper rooting within Her. Ask for this frequency to find its home in you. If you find yourself choosing not to proceed any further than you have in this time then know that there will be another time, but not for awhile, where the energy will generate to this degree again so that there will be another wave for those who are finding this new balance to again assist each other and do it as a collective group. You are not losing anything that you will not gain in multiple new abundant ways on the other side of this time. Be assured of this.”

Glory Hallelujah, We Are Free At Last

“In this time let yourselves reflect on some words that have been said in song or music, but often do not get said in your own lives. Let yourselves reflect on GLORY HALLELUJAH. Open to the expression of that and the experience of it. When ones express GLORY HALLELUJAH it comes from a deep place of appreciation, of knowing, of excitement, of bursting forth. In this last winter time it was a great, deep contraction for many of you. It was a contraction into places that you had not yet fully recognized or opened to in your unconscious either individually or collectively. As you come out of that place there is a great sense of freedom. When the slaves were freed there was a great expression of GLORY HALLELUJAH WE ARE FREE AT LAST. Let yourselves say it, let yourselves open to being out of slavery, out of contraction, out of the depths of darkness and slavery. Open to that freedom and start to walk without the chains of the contraction of your own limitations from the past. Start to run and dance without all of those things that have held you back and told you that it was not possible to be free, to be expressive, to be alive, to be creative.”

“Start to say GLORY HALLELUJAH many times a day and feel it in your bodies. Let it dance in your body and your life; GLORY HALLELUJAH I AM FREE AT LAST. Feel what it feels like to step out of the slavery and the chains and find that you have options and choices that you haven’t had recently. Let them be there, be with them, be with the choices, be with the options, be with the possibilities. Allow yourself to roll around in them. Roll around freely. Imagine different lives, different things that you could do with this potential, this expression, this idea, this possibility, these people, this configuration. Roll around. Dance. Imagine. Play. Talk to others about it. Have a gathering of “freed slaves”, and say GLORY HALLELUJAH we are free at last!”

“Perhaps you ones keep looking at what were the chains. You keep looking at what were the limitations. Well, that is going, that is fading. Look instead at what has been grown. Look at what has honed certain capacities of soul. Open those capacities that have been grown and let yourself expand into those capacities for fullness, joy, expression, and creativity in this earth. You are not alone. Ask that you not be alone in this process. Look around you and identify those who are also with you and be with them. Call them up and ask them to be with you. Do not be alone. Do not hold yourself in aloneness as if that is your chosen path of sufferance. You are now releasing the chains of sufferance. Step forward and see who else is stepping forward with you. Look at each other. Join hands, join arms, and do a dance of freedom. Have a beautiful dance. Create a dance of freedom, joy and possibility.”

“It is truly a time when you can let go. When you do you will find what is waiting, what is to be gifted to the whole of you, to all of you, not just individually. The whole of you will feel it, will get it, will “grok” it, will know it. Let yourselves receive. Expand your capacity to receive. GLORY HALLELUJAH you are free at last! Let it be your experience. Let it dance you into a new life.”

Integrating Love Into Every Aspect

“What we would like to speak of today is what it is to be embodied in full measure and in integrity with your Spirit, your soul. There has been much that has been channeled, much that has been written, much that has been taught in every spiritual tradition of this world of yours. Yet many take it in, learn it in some form or fashion and do not come through all the way into body or into action, living embodiment with that which has been learned. There has been a gap, and you are now learning to bridge that gap. That gap is into the cells, into the body, into the DNA, and into the earth body. That which has been judged as lesser, or not as spiritual or important is now asserting that it also needs to be listened to and acknowledged as a great being. That body that is Earth, that is matter, that is you in your body.”

“There has been much that has not been understood. Now as it is being more understood, then what? The next step is to integrate, and in integrating bring that into integrity with what you have learned or dreamed or visioned or desired to be your reality, your truth. Many ones have done much healing. You have done healing in your inner child, and in your past lives. In each of those places you have entered you have needed to bring it into integrity with you now, heal it, bring love to it, open it, bring to resolution what did not have resolution before. Then you open to that place a new awareness of what was to be learned from that time and then bring it into now to be integrated. As those pasts are integrated you then come face to face with your present. You cannot avoid the present. You cannot avoid what makes you uncomfortable in the present time.”

“You cannot avoid what it is that you have not yet integrated from your embodiment and what it is that is yours to do here. Your present is now calling to you, not your past. Your present world, your present life, your present decisions, your present way of living in this world. Are you bringing love to all aspects of this present life? Are you bringing what you have learned into action, and into integration in your present life? Are you bringing all of that which has been brought to you, through you, and to awareness into your experience and reality together with others, not just alone? Whenever you have gone back to heal in the past there have been experiences with others that had to be opened, looked at, healed, released, and forgiven. The same is true for your present. Until the present is now dealt with you cannot go forward to create a new future. That future is predicated and built upon what is now the integration and the deepening of your soul, your consciousness, into this life as you are now in it. This includes many, many, many in the present moment, not just yourself.”

“Until the whole recognizes itself as a whole, until love can be shared in life, action, and decisions with each other to open and integrate this great being that is now awakening as the whole being that you are, individualized and expressed individually, this cannot proceed. So, you are stuck! It is not in the past, you are stuck right now in the present. You cannot go forward until there is a greater unity, a greater love, a greater harmony amongst those of you who are choosing to be in experience together. You begin, perhaps, with relationships with each other, but there is now a greater number being called to work this out. If it can be done in groups then it can be done in the larger collective in the physical earth plane. Ascension/embodiment – to us it is the same thing, because they meet in the same place. Spirit and Earth, Earth and Spirit, moving to a new awareness of what it means to be unified and whole. In balance and harmony and bringing all that is now to be brought forth into experience in matter. Matter, Mother, opening to receive all of it, and applying it. It is time to bring love, healing, and what you know to be true into every experience, every situation, every encounter, every decision, every question, every desire, every need, every relationship, and every place that you find yourself.”

“Ones are confused. They have much wordage about what it is they “should” do, and have always had much wordage about what it is they “should” do. It is the next step of allowing what you feel within and what your body knowing wishes to do, and bringing that into alignment with what you have learned, and then acting, not from “shoulds” but from the integrity which is embodied soul and wisdom. That is now necessary for life upon this planet and within this earth.”

“Sometimes you may feel as if you can’t move. The ability is within the self, but there has been a perception of being stopped. There has been a perception of limits that may seem to be placed by others around you. That is not essentially real. You give it reality because of what you have experienced and what you perceive from the past. Bring your awareness, your light, and your love to that perception of limits. Open to the truth of your Beingness which knows no limits. It knows of nothing that will stop it and is truly in alignment with the whole, truly in alignment with the heartbeat and movement of the wisdom of this great being that is now awakening amongst you, within you, AS you. There is no limit! Breathe into the place that you believe a limit to be true. Breathe light, love, and awareness into that place. We will assist. We are always present to assist if you ask. Breathe through those places that feel contracted because of the perception. Open to what it is that desires to move, to act, and begin in small ways to give it acknowledgment and permission. Honor it for allowing you to be conscious of its inspiration, its desire that comes from this organism, this being that is awakening. Breathe out and release from your perception those things that would keep you bound – they cannot be.”

Don’t Go Back

Do you remember a relationship that you had to leave? Have you ever quit a job because you just couldn’t bear to do it anymore? Have you ever watched somebody die and realized your own inability to change the outcome? Perhaps you have your own example to help remind yourself of what it feels like to move through the experience of one form ending and another beginning. Did you struggle to hang on to that relationship after it was done? Did you burn out in that job because your heart wasn’t in it? Did someone you love die no matter what you did?

How hard we cling, at times, to something that is over. We fear its loss even though the change often leads to our liberation. As we continue our shift in consciousness we again encounter this process of stepping out of a form that no longer serves who we are. There is a greater and greater split occurring among people between those who continue to see others as separate and those who have a growing awareness of being One with all things. Don’t get caught up in an effort to stay and “fix” what is ending. Remember your experiences from those times you tried to hold together a reality that was dissolving. Stay conscious of your choice to move beyond that which is dying. You cannot make it be different. It can not be changed. Do not give the reality you are leaving your attention and your energy. Extract and integrate what you have learned from it and let the rest go.

Your part is to embody and demonstrate the level of reality that is resurrecting from within subtle levels of your own consciousness and body, and give it form. Be a model for the awarenesses and capacities that are surfacing and escalating the entire shift of consciousness. Create with others in a harmonious co-creativity that resonates to joy, delight, and playfulness. In short, boldly move into the process of creating the world as you are guided to do from within your heart, and bring forth the gift of who you are into the Whole.

I would like to end this commentary with a message that the guides in Spirit have been saying in many ways for some time:

“Ones still attempt to change things or people, or make convincing declarations, or have a belief that if they give enough love and enough of themselves to one who is in the other reality they will change, shift, see the light. They will not see the light unless you are the light. You cannot be the light if you are standing within the distortions with them.”

Discern The Flow Of Movement And Step Into It

“There is a great degree of opportunity now being presented to ones when they are sitting on a sort of threshold. They have done much clearing and they have not yet opened into what is to come, so they sit in a threshold place. Yet, if they open to listening and feeling they will feel a current or flow of energy, a breeze, a freshness and a fragrance blowing them in the direction they should point their noses and their heads and their faces. It is time to listen and to move gently into that flow. The flow is very strong for some in the sense that once you step into it there is a certain momentum which will carry ones into a whole new arena and experience of life. For others it is more gentle and it is moving more slowly. There is not any one way that is better than another, it is just to find the breeze that is moving you in this time and to follow it, for all converge in the same great river and same great vortex of life force that is now opening to create a great new life for all who choose to participate in this. It is a dance, a sort of playground where you are not to look at it as your “purpose” with a great heaviness or a great responsibility, but instead as a great playground.”

“This opening is an opportunity that leads with a gentleness, a lightness, and a joy. You start to have fun more and more with what is right there placed in front of you. Know that the opportunities that you are being given now need to be grasped and received and held to with your intent, your alignment, and your focus in your body. Some of you will see the opportunity or find that it is blowing you in a certain direction, and because of habit or because of some fear you will not hold to it tight enough for yourself to open fully into it. It will blow past you and you will have to wait until another current comes by, another flow to pick you up again. This is a dance, and dancing means movement, movement means action, action means doing what is yours to do. It is not about sitting and watching others do. It is not about looking at the opportunities that are presented and letting them go by and waiting for another. It is about taking a step even if it is an uncertain one, even if it is a doubtful one, but taking it anyway and moving into that flow and beginning to learn the dance.”

“Some of you have felt clumsy in dancing, or you have felt that perhaps you have not always had confidence. That does not matter right now. What matters is to listen, to discern, to watch, and move when there is a movement that is yours, picking you up and bringing you into the next step, the next step, and the next. Move with it. There are those places in your body that have security as their primary focus. Realize that security will not be what will bring you joy. It will only bind you further until one day you no longer can hear, or smell, or sense that fragrance, that movement, or that flow any longer. Security is only momentary anyway. What is of a greater joy and a greater good for the whole is the great dance, the great movement, that is now moving you and everyone that chooses to be part of it into a dance of great creativity and great momentum.”

“Be aware that there will be those who will perhaps not support you in your choices to follow these calls. They are looking through lenses that primarily have a fear and a security-based desire. If that is reinforced for you and you listen to them, then you may miss your opportunity. You can say to them that the great Grace of this moment is giving you a great chance at a great life opportunity and you can only show them if you go with it. You can only “prove” it if you listen and you move with it. You will “prove”, you will show, you will bring evidence in form, through form, with others that will in time even convince some of those that now would discourage you. For they will be able to see that only by those who chose to go ahead, to listen when the opportunity was presented, was there a chance then for all to go into that same place, for all to follow. You are opening the doors and sitting in the threshold listening and moving when that movement invites you into the dance. We can only encourage. It is for each of you to make the choice when the opportunity presents itself, and it will very soon. As the winter thaws, so too will the rivers, so too will the life force, so too will the sap that runs in the trees, and so too will this great movement and all of the opportunities that are just now bubbling to the surface. Listen, sniff the wind, and follow that scent, that fragrance until you are set free.”