Helping Each Other Get Real


It was with much appreciation that I read the editorial by Tim Miejan in the June ‘97 issue of THE EDGE. The title was “Join the circle of life and get on with it”, and in it he made an invitation to us all to stop posturing and start being. My heart went “YES!” and I felt a wave of relief move through me. It was that feeling that comes when someone speaks a timely truth. When these truths surface Continue →

Listen To The Children


This channeling opens with commentary by Michele Every so often, our Spirit friends speak on behalf of children. In the larger plan, those being born carrying a new structure of consciousness are integral to what is currently being shifted in the whole. Within them are many seeds that will bear fruit in our future, fruit that looks very little like what the dying matrix of duality has conceived Continue →



"Greetings, hello. This evening we were asked to come with a topic, and we have come prepared to speak about relationships. Is this one of your favorite topics?... Perhaps it is one of your favorite and least favorite all at the same time, yes? What we would like to do with this is to put it in some context and then open to questions. In this kind of topical work, if there is something that we are Continue →

Changes In Human DNA

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"Blessings, greetings, we are present, we are here. Hello." HELLO. "It is a pleasure to be with you in this time and to be invited to be in discussion with you on a topic that perhaps you have questions and interest upon, and we have gathered our material to share with you. We have been briefed on the topic that you ones would like to discuss, so we will speak for a time, and then we can Continue →

Let The Great Heart Energy Fill You


This channeling opens with commentary by Michele I recently spent two weeks living outside, sleeping in a tent on a tract of land on the island of Kauai. I felt as if I was emerging from a deep contraction, being rebirthed by the Great Mother. It seems that each time I cycle through my depths, and rise again to bring forth what I learned therein, I start with a simple message of Love. Then the Continue →

Go Within For Everything You Need


A message from Chris, Michele, and Friends, April 15, 1997 There is a new structure of consciousness that has been birthed and is currently working to stabilize within the whole matrix of consciousness. We are not speaking of the general knowledge of the shifts taking place, but of this particular moment in our evolution when what has been talked about and prepared for is actually happening Continue →

Another Perspective, Viewpoints on a Planet in Change

This community television production from 1997 was the debut of a short series hosted by Chris. The first show featured an interview with Michele and a wonderful presentation by the Earth Mother. Nice direction by Heinz Iwen and a professional studio setting helped create this special and rare video of the Earth Mother as she expresses through Michele. We are very happy to have this recording as a Continue →

Sink Into The Moment, Focus On Your Embodiment


This channeling begins with comments from Michele: Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to speak coherently about transformation in terms of current experience. For many of us, these past months have witnessed an escalation of times of exquisite reunion, Love embodied without external cause. Simultaneously have been intense glaring insights into how we have been webbed and woven into the old Continue →

It Is Time To Step Free Of The Old Reality


"This time is one where there is a great amount of hesitation amongst you to step into the next opening. You have had so much training in the reality system that you have known that truly stepping into the experience of creating within a new reality is a bit frightening and is causing many to hesitate. Realize that all that has been your awakening process; the insights, inspirations, and times of Continue →

1997, Growth Begins To Manifest


"For the next time that is coming in the earth those who have had preparation, who have opened their hearts to receive, will find that this is a great time. It is almost as if that which has been the time they have been waiting for will begin to appear in their hearts and lives and experience. But it takes a certain amount of opening - receptivity." "Many have continued to dwell in mind and in Continue →