Open To The New Design Of Creation


This channeling opens with a commentary from Michele: Once upon a time we knew who we were, or rather, we thought we knew something about who we were. We could tell people our stories, talk about our hard times, our disappointments, desires, what we were working on, what inspired us, etc. Since the dawning of 1998, it seems for many I speak with, that these personal histories are quickly Continue →

You Are The Essence Of Beauty Embodied


Words from Spirit begins this month's message: "The beauty of Earth cannot be underestimated in any way; by perception, or by human attempts to physically alter that which is her Essence. The essential beauty of Earth is manifested in your experience every day as you walk, as you drive, as you open your window, as you listen, as you smell the fragrances. This beauty is not just an experience Continue →

Oneness And The Experiencer Of The Experience


This channeling opens with a commentary by Michele: Sometimes the Teachers in Spirit offer glimpses of what the next opening in consciousness might feel like. This is such a glimpse. I invite you to call upon their assistence to weave this into your own awareness so to move with more aligned focus toward our collective reunion with the Whole of Creation. Blessings! “You ones have been Continue →

Awareness Opens The Gifts Of The Cells


This channeling opens with commentary by Michele: 1998! Is anyone else experiencing a building anticipation and excitement about the energy of this cycle? It feels as if we have been quite deliberately and thoroughly stepping free of whatever has bound us within the old paradigm of reality, restructuring and embodying our “higher selves” with breathtaking clarity and precision, while laying the Continue →

It’s Time To Choose To Be Hu-Man


This channeling opens with commentary by Michele: As I have been working with clients these past weeks, several themes are emerging. One, people continue to heal and clear trauma, confusion, and distortions in the lower three chakras. Two, we are reaching core soul wound levels, making possible the transformation of core adaptive patterning. And three, people are beginning to exit the fear Continue →

The Mystery Of Creation Is In Your Cells


This channeling opens with commentary by Michele: Perhaps like many of you, I have been in an intensified learning process since August, rather like going back to school. Much of the focus is upon my body and the Earth, exploring and discerning ever more specific aspects of consciousness, and learning how to work with them. Any aspect of consciousness in body, Earth, or all of creation can Continue →

Grieving The Lost Feminine


This channeling opens with commentary by Michele: “It’s happening. It’s really happening!” I’m hearing people whisper an acknowledgment of their awareness of profound personal transformation, their witness of a worldwide heart-softening and opening of love, and their awe as the perception of an orchestration far beyond their control or efforts dawns within their minds. So it is, happening that Continue →

The Great Earth Mother Speaks


This channeling opens with commentary by Michele: Three years ago, after more than eleven years of channeling wisdom and guidance for personal and planetary evolution from the Spirit planes, I began to express the consciousness of the Earth. It is a very different experience for me as a channel. Whereas Spirit Teachers connect through my crown and third eye into my heart, throat and energy Continue →

Claim Your Inheritance


This channeling opens with commentary by Michele It has certainly been an interesting summer so far! Mother Earth’s extremes of hot and cold, and wild uncontrollable winds and rains, seem to be a dramatic outpicturing of the continuous waves of energy urging us to completely let go of our old tired-out masks of separation, and to receive and integrate a new awareness of who we are beyond Continue →

Helping Each Other Get Real


It was with much appreciation that I read the editorial by Tim Miejan in the June ‘97 issue of THE EDGE. The title was “Join the circle of life and get on with it”, and in it he made an invitation to us all to stop posturing and start being. My heart went “YES!” and I felt a wave of relief move through me. It was that feeling that comes when someone speaks a timely truth. When these truths surface Continue →