Claim Who You Are


This channeling opens with commentary from Michele: I recently read that, in 1998, for the only time in a 26,000 year cycle, the winter solstice point will exactly align with the intersection of our galaxy and our solar system. That struck me as a very significant piece of information! What does this mean for those of us growing more aware and awake? How do we consciously join with this cosmic Continue →

Invite Love To Move Into Your Life


This channeling opens with commentary from Michele: It seems that awakening is upon us! More and more people I am with are speaking of an increasing joy with no specific reason. Or life seems more full, the senses more alive, gratitude more constant, or the experience of being within the flow of creation seems more tangible. Fear is losing its hold in these people, being revealed as the false Continue →

Goodbye, I’m Not Leaving


Have you ever jumped off a diving board into a swimming pool, grabbed your knees into a cannonball tuck, and managed to splash a little water into a whole lot of areas? That’s a bit how I’m feeling as I write this column, so with that fair warning heeeerrrrr...... I...... go.... To paraphrase the book of Ecclesiastes: “To all things there is a sequence”. I offer this thought as a reminder to Continue →

Jim Morrison and The Doors


Excerpt from a channeled discussion with our friends in Spirit, September 10, 1998 Note from Chris: In the late 60's and early 70's, I became very connected to the music and energy of The Doors. Even today, I have sitting on my computer monitor a little model of Jim Morrison performing in front of a logo of The Doors name. For whatever reason, the combination of music, personalities, and Continue →

Hold Center


This channeling opens with commentary from Michele: As national and international environmental, economic, and leadership crises escalate, there is a growing tension and uneasy watchfulness in the collective field. If one is not completely immersed in navigating personal crises, we have become aware that our fragile and very interdependent sense of world stability is becoming increasingly Continue →

Time To Decide


This channeling is from the Earth Mother and opens with commentary by Michele: As I received the message from our Earth Mother for this article, I began to understand something much more clearly than I have before. After many millennia of evolving within the Earth as dependent children, we are maturing to a point of seeing that we have a choice. For the last 5,000 or so years, our collective Continue →

The Essential Nature Of Conscious Creation


I know, it’s a rather ambitious title. Especially the idea of trying to express a non-linear, fluid, experiential state of being in a written, word-structured, linear form. Then again, I’ve never let such details bother me before, so I’ll just plunge in, as usual. People have ideas, visions, and projections about what is happening to us in these times. We talk of ascension, cleansing, Continue →

The Time of The Birthing


This channeling opens with commentary from Michele: I have become aware of a familiar feeling as of late. I sense another portal of consciousness opening into the collective. At first it is felt, sensed, with little in way of a physical presence. People I speak with feel it too, sensing with anticipation either what is beginning or is soon to be revealed. While yet unclear in detail, within our Continue →

Make It So


This channeling opens with commentary from Michele: In these past years, many people have been drawn into a conscious healing process through physical illness, relationship pain, or distortion in some portion of life. We can become obsessed by our own unconscious processing its way to awareness; focusing on healing our past traumas, surfacing distorted beliefs about ourselves and how that Continue →

Experience Divine Love And Eternal Grace


This channeling opens with commentary from Michele: I’ve had the great privilege of studying with Master Teachers in Spirit for the past 15 years. Even with all of the insights, perspective, and guidance, I have also been blessed with a skeptical mind and a shy introverted personality. I’m often amazed at the way I am perceived by others because of my public persona, as someone who has it all Continue →