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This channeling opens with commentary from Michele:

The message this month is an overview of 1999 that was given in a December group channeling. The reference to the twelfth hour was given as part of an explanation that the energy has been building and magnifying each Christmas/solstice since 1987. Since the message was lengthy, I will only add my greeting and blessing along with these words from our friends in Spirit for the new and last year of this grand cycle.

“Guess what 1999 is about? What happens from the eleventh to the twelfth hour when you are waiting for a new millennium to strike? You get together with those that you have resonance with, that you feel the connection with, so the excitement can build. The excitement builds a charge or a momentum. Don’t people get excited when it’s close to the twelfth hour? You get all your party things together and your noise makers, and you build a charge. Then what happens at midnight? Everything pops open, everybody celebrates and gets very merry, very happy, a great release of energy. Humans like to celebrate big events, and the cosmos says well, let’s work with it. So the celebration of the new millennium will be used on a grand scale. The charge is being activated in the planetary body, partially precipitated by the human tendency to celebrate an event together, but this time, simultaneously around the world.”

“The purpose in 1999 is to build a charge. In a sense it is like hooking up to a great big battery. It takes not only awareness, but a physical capacity to hold and build charge. Your bodies will need to grow a little stronger this year. You might even have to beef-up your diet, sometimes literally, in order to build a sense of strength in the muscles and the bones and the tissues. You cannot withstand a large charge if you do not have a strong sense of earth or ground. If you feel weak and wobbly, the energy will dissipate.”

“It is done not only in the body individually, it is done together. You will find yourself in certain combinations of groups or with people where the charge builds very quickly, and to a very high frequency, almost as if you somehow synergize a charge of joy or a charge for some purpose that wishes to be created. You will practicing, next year, building a charge and releasing it into some actions or forms, but overall you will be building. So, from now until the end of the millennium, you will perceive a charge building overall in the collective field. Some people will find it very uncomfortable, and it will precipitate behaviors that are discharging behaviors.”

“Discharging is when you build a charge but you feel anxious or you are not comfortable, so you eat, distract yourself, get angry, shop, work, talk a lot, become very scattered or disorganized, wandering without focus. There are many many ways to discharge. You see them all the time, everywhere.”

“During this year it is good to observe yourselves and to note what your favorite discharging patterns are. You all have your own ways. Do you tend to eat or watch TV? Do you call someone on the phone, do you tend to get busy without consciousness so you dissipate the energy, or do you fall into a pattern of addiction? What do you do? Observe yourself and begin to stop yourself before you discharge. Hold the charge longer and just be with it. When you start to feel that you are going to go into your old pattern, sit or stand somewhere and actually feel the charge without dissipating it. Feel it, acknowledge it, and let it build up in your body. Contain it. If you need to stretch or do something to charge the strength in your body, then do so. If you need to breathe deeper, do so. Your body will instruct you if you listen to your body, because your body is the charge holder.”

“Listen to your body, hold the charge and see what shows up. Perhaps there is anxiety when you have a larger charge, so let the anxiety show you what you’re afraid of. Perhaps there is just a sense of danger or anger. Perhaps charge translated to anger in your family. It was a discharge of energy, but it felt hurtful and the energy was read by everyone around as anger in their emotional body. So then charge translates to anger or fear for you. Feel the fear or anger, but translate it back into pure energy. Take the emotional context out, fear, anger, sadness, or whatever the charge was and translate it back to charge. Let yourself experience the charge in your body without having to experience the negative emotion. Breathe, open, stretch, contract and release muscles, tone, and use the charge with intention and purpose. You will have opportunities, because this will be your practice.”

“So leading up to the year 2000 collectively you will be building a charge overall. Building and releasing, practicing, and feeling the charge growing all year. You will also be called upon to assist others who are having difficulty with the building energies. You will be called to educate and to assist people to be more at ease and more comfortable with the charge, opening their bodies, and healing whatever needs to heal in order to hold and flow with greater energy so they don’t just discharge in hurtful or angry ways all over the place. The more people that practice and can be part of holding and building the charge in the planetary body, the greater the potential and the possibilities for the release at the “twelfth hour”.”

“So let your soul resonance draw you to connect with those with whom you will have a wonderful time building and using charge. As you learn how to do that, your body will grow stronger, and you will find yourself increasing your capacity to enjoy higher and stronger frequencies in your body and field. Your DNA will open, you will find other abilities opening up, and you will actually have a very good time. Simultaneously, many people around you will be having a very bad time. That is the basic scenario. How will you spend 1999?”

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