A Special Visit with Yeshua, February 6th

This brief update highlights a special Lightsmith event coming up in just under three weeks. By request, we will be hosting a visit with Yeshua (Jesus) on Saturday, February 6th. We begin at 1pm central time, and will likely wrap up about 4:30. We have no information about the purpose of the visit at this time. We love it when you can join us in person, and are just as pleased when those at a distance choose to participate by phone or internet stream. Remote participants can sign up using a link on the calendar page.

Also, a reminder that the next First Tuesday session is coming up soon. That event is Tuesday, February 2nd at 7pm central. Information and sign-up on the calendar listing.

This coming Saturday, January 23rd, Michele is offering Visible & Present Discovery Process I from 10am-5pm. The event is pretty much filled, but cancellations and rearrangements often happen. Information about the Discovery Processes is on the web site. Please contact Michele@visibleandpresent.com if you are interested in attending, and she can let you know if space is available. The next opportunity to begin the Visible & Present series is Saturday, April 16th. It’s never too early to sign up, as popularity is growing for these events. You can also contact Michele if you have a group of 3 or more people who would like to do the Visible & Present Discovery Processes together. She will coordinate with you to schedule a special time not on the calendar.

On a previous update I wrote that I would be offering a thought or two on current energies and events. Like many, I’ve been working my way through a cold (well, two) and some s.l.o.w.l.y dwindling bronchitis. My good intentions have given way to the reality of low personal energy and a desire to hibernate. I will re-emerge soon. Possibly.

Be warm and well,


Author: Chris

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2 thoughts on “A Special Visit with Yeshua, February 6th”

  1. Chris — can you tell me what is happening? I have been told that you are no longer posting and updating channelings. I am just curious as to why and what’s next. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and downloading and paying for the channelings for several years now.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    In this very moment I’m working on the next update for Lightsmith that will talk about what is changing. Should be out later today, or at least by Monday some time.

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