A Special Visit with Yeshua, February 6th

This brief update highlights a special Lightsmith event coming up in just under three weeks. By request, we will be hosting a visit with Yeshua (Jesus) on Saturday, February 6th. We begin at 1pm central time, and will likely wrap up about 4:30. We have no information about the purpose of the visit at this time. We love it when you can join us in person, and are just as pleased when those at a distance choose to participate by phone or internet stream. Remote participants can sign up using a link on the calendar page.

Also, a reminder that the next First Tuesday session is coming up soon. That event is Tuesday, February 2nd at 7pm central. Information and sign-up on the calendar listing.

This coming Saturday, January 23rd, Michele is offering Visible & Present Discovery Process I from 10am-5pm. The event is pretty much filled, but cancellations and rearrangements often happen. Information about the Discovery Processes is on the web site. Please contact Michele@visibleandpresent.com if you are interested in attending, and she can let you know if space is available. The next opportunity to begin the Visible & Present series is Saturday, April 16th. It’s never too early to sign up, as popularity is growing for these events. You can also contact Michele if you have a group of 3 or more people who would like to do the Visible & Present Discovery Processes together. She will coordinate with you to schedule a special time not on the calendar.

On a previous update I wrote that I would be offering a thought or two on current energies and events. Like many, I’ve been working my way through a cold (well, two) and some s.l.o.w.l.y dwindling bronchitis. My good intentions have given way to the reality of low personal energy and a desire to hibernate. I will re-emerge soon. Possibly.

Be warm and well,


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