A Small Group Gathering with The Earth Mother

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Breathe with me please.
Ahh, yes breathe.
Breathe deeply into your body and bring this life force deeper, deeper.

There is much that is good about living in a place where there is more fresh air. You can breathe and there is that which refreshes you. More oxygen. That is good.

Heeyah homikaya

Would you mind if we would stand? Breathing is easier. Alomaha. You say…………..


It is a greeting from my body to your body. My body to your body, your body to my body. Your body to your body…….So remember, it is like aloha but a little different. Alomaha, alomaha…..say it to your own body? Can you feel body? Does your body like this? Yes. Body feels acknowledged and spoken directly to.

The mind in the world has many languages, yes? French and German. Swahili and Spanish. English and etc… But all bodies are made up similarly. All bodies are similarly made up of certain molecules and minerals and water and DNA that is combined in certain ways that creates uniqueness, but much is similar. So there is a language that has been forgotten that once was directly known from my body to each body. It was a language that if you traveled you could speak with another. Sign language that the natives employed in your lands here, that was a universal language, was derived from the original language. It was a holdover. They did not remember all of the language, but their language was derived from the original language. Their languages. Many of the original languages that you have in your land are derivatives of what I speak with you.

Therefore there is a linkage and that is closer to harmony of body and nature than the English language that you have grown up with. That does not mean that you are ignorant. It just means that it takes a little more attention and focus for you to bring your attention to body and to nature to communicate. It’s a little more focused for you. So with my help we will practice and then proceed.

Hold hands similar to mine and be copycats. Be imitators for a little while. You see little vortices here, little movements? Yes, from both directions.

Heeyah kahoma……………………

Breathe some more

That was to help your mind let go of its attachment to the only language it knows and to be more receptive, to be open to receiving this. This motion that you do with your hands is opening in the frontal part of your body so that it too is opening, your chakras, your core. So that you are more receptive. Not just in head but all through your body. Very simple.

More practice. Heh o ma kaha………... Whenever you do this motion coming up you are inviting my body, my energy to be with you. You can do this any time you want to. This brings the energy up, this is a sign of receptivity. Alomaha is a greeting that you can do with this.

Alomaha……………..We learned this to begin with and I did the same motion. So two simple motions. If you forget the words that is okay. Even the motions are effective with intention, and sometimes you remember this easier.

So, your bodies are very important in this time. Minds have been taught may things. Emotions have been focused upon because they can not be ignored after awhile. They push on you. Emotions and physical body are very closely related. They are all part of the same organism. Animals have emotions, not to the same degree that you have, perhaps, because your mind has complicated them, but they have simple emotions because it is part of the physical realm to have emotion. Emotion is fluid, water, and it is part of your emotional fluid body. So bodies have not been understood except quite mechanistically as a sort of – well, let us use a screwdriver here and open this up and look inside and pry open this and look at this – what do we have here and this is not quite right so we fix it, etc.

Bodies are organic life systems all by themselves. They respond to consciousness very very easily through the emotions as the bridge. When ones get ill there is that which has been accumulated in the emotional body. Oftentimes forgotten but present that then creates in the physical body what is being projected into it as an ecosystem, a living organism.

What is now coming to consciousness is that the body also has wisdom to go this a way, not just this a way. Not just here and you think what you think manifests in body. What about the body communicating the other direction? And what if doctors and those who are in such professions would begin to study and learn the language of the body? Language of the body to listen, to receive the wisdom of the body in its own healing process. Because every body knows exactly what you need for healing and the sequence that you need it in. Every single one of your bodies can relate that to you. Did you know that? So, little secret. Not so secret, but not quite conscious yet, almost conscious. So I come to help.

So right now it would be good before we proceed for you to honor the wisdom in your body and begin to turn your eyes, your focus, to the wisdom here. Turn your eyes, your focus to your body. Encompass your body with your focus for a time and begin to acknowledge that a very wise one is here in the physical form. In this body there is wisdom, a repository of wisdom that is very very great. Because it is my repository of wisdom that I share directly through every cell and every molecule of your body. We resonate together. Acknowledge and honor this body that is yours. And ask it directly right now to begin to communicate with you and teach you. To begin to communicate with you and teach you how to receive its message.

You have an ache or pain? Ask your body what it is that it is holding for you there and how to proceed in its physical rebalancing. You in your healing practices learned how to ask the first question “what is held here?”. Sometimes the second one is forgotten. Remember to ask and listen, then listen. In this world there have been many things that have accumulated over time that have woven into this consciousness of the whole.

You are born into the consciousness of the whole and you experience it from infancy on and it imprints into your mind, your visual fields, your ears, your bodies. It imprints. And then you grow up with this all imprinted, wondering why there is that which feels not so alive or joyful as you remember from somewhere in your memory. And it gets increasingly worse as you get older in age and time, until those places that have been holding for a long time begin to give out. Now, in the collective there is a consciousness that predicts the stages of life, yes? You have infancy, childhood, adolescence, puberty, adulthood, later adulthood, and death. This is your span. You don’t like to think about death, do you? That is not liked. People don’t like to think about it, but it is part of the prediction for a life span. It is in your consciousness and you say it is normal, yes?

This body has another program that has not been initiated. It has another program here in the body that has not been turned on, the switch is still off for most people, because this whole hologram of life span and how it looks and how it works is plugged in to most of your minds. What would happen if you opened another switch in your body that had a different program and looked different, and you experienced it differently? What would happen?

Yes, your perspective would change. People might think you were crazy on a general scale, yes? So you might want to do this in little groups so you don’t do this all by yourself and feel like you are actually doing something bizarre. Because it will feel that way initially. I will explain. This body and its wisdom that we began to open to and acknowledge wishes to teach you some things. It is longing to teach you some things. Part of which will lead you to a time where that switch can be turned on. You have to have cellular memory before it can be turned on. Most of you have been looking out at what you need to expand into, yes? I turn you around. Look deeper into body, into earth, because body and earth both hold this wisdom. When you open this wisdom and you begin to regain cellular memory, the cellular memory automatically heals your body, automatically brings you back to the whole balance, the whole of you. Automatically remembers what it was that was wholeness or health in this program of this body. There is a cellular remembrance. Then it also automatically remembers how to take life force directly from my body and transform it into life force for your body. What happens then?

Your energy would start to cycle differently. Your sleep, your eating would change. Not that you would probably stop eating, but it would change dramatically. And you would not need to take energy from other people, or get it or take it or lose it, or whatever you do. Your relationships therefore change because you have endless source of energy, endless free source of life-force into your body. When the switch goes on then this begins to be your experience, and automatically you are connected as if you are plugged in to a circuit that is plugged into all of life, all of creation, all of animal, plant, mineral, lakes, mountains, oceans. So automatically that communication becomes effortless or easy because there is no separation from your life force and the life force of the whole. Therefore there can be no harm. You cannot act in harmful ways against your own life force or the life force which you are plugged into which includes all of life. Do you see the ramifications?

Breathe and allow this to penetrate. As it is named and spoken you bodies begin to say “oh oh, someone is calling this into manifestation”. Breathe. Allow yourselves to realize that this is information that has been kept from you that in some centuries some of this was known, or resurfaced. But people were not to a physical point of evolution, mostly, to be able to use this information. If they did, often times they were canonized and became saints or something, do you see? Because they illuminated their body and they didn’t need to eat, didn’t need to sleep, they could go for endless days and yet have energy. Mystics they call them, or saints. In different traditions they discovered this and they plugged themselves in. What wants to happen now is large scale plug-in. Light up, yes? Light up earth, light up every part of this great body. And it isn’t only that your spirits will illuminate, that is part of it, you have learned that part as many of you have been studying. Yes your spirits inhabit this body, yes there is that which you manifest through intention and light, but you’re missing half of the equation. You cannot make it happen from light and energy and spirit alone. You cannot make it happen.

Many are using the same technologies that you know for spiritual work for control in this earth, many. They use the same matrix only they turn it for another purpose. This, however, has some safeguards and it is why it has not been open to many until now.

There are safeguards. There needs to be a full loving acknowledgment of body and of creation. You cannot open the cellular memory of the DNA without respect. In the old goddess times there was respect, and many learned in that time or remember from that time how that connection felt, even though bodies were still young in the earth and awareness was not so complete. But there was an awareness of that respect and reciprocal honoring. I honored the human ones as I honored all of my children. They honored me. There was a reciprocal action. Same kind of thing you see, when your body is charged and you receive life force, you recharge me. It is reciprocal. There is reciprocal energy exchange, as it should be where there is that which is in balance.

What I am sharing with you is planting a seed, because each of you whether you believe it fully yet or not, is fully capable of doing this in this lifetime. Fully capable. Once you know this and you begin to believe it, trust it, know it. . . . your first little exercise might be “what is in the way from me believing this all the way?”. Ask what thoughtforms that have been constructed to hide this from you are still there in your mind because they may be there on this collective plane. Second question will be “how can I open to communicate directly and listen to the wisdom of my cellular memory?”. And you ask directly because you know the sequence, you know how to do this. I will help you intimately, directly. You have to ask.

Then you begin the process of allowing your body to release what it has been molded up with in this collective memory that does not fit what it is going to create. Do you understand? What has been loaded up, thoughts about polarizations and that there is all of this woundedness and there is fighting and there are many many ones who think that they have to work for a living, that they have to depend on others for their health, for their well-being, for their resources, for their whatever. Their religious beliefs, etc. That dependency and that focus outward has closed the body from revealing its wisdom. Therefore, ones such as doctors are necessary to fix things, because the bodies are not talking very loudly to these ones. There is too much in the way. As you become aware of this however, you can initiate this communication, heal what is necessary for your body to heal and regenerate, and light the switch, you see.

Now, you talk to me. How does this feel as I say all this to you, do you like or do you believe or is this not something you……….




Yes, familiar. You know why it is familiar? Because you chose before you came to do this, to explore this, and you chose this. So you are opening a memory of what it is that you came to do. Part of your mission, your focus here in life.

So if you’re willing we will take this one step further, one step further. Take some more deep breaths.

I’d like you to begin to pull up from your feet. Pull up as if you are pulling up some of my life force, and I will give it to you. You are in a place of working together here with me. Pull up. Gently you are asking. Open up. In the body the repositories of the old beliefs that you have carried and inherited from parents are held, not only cellularly but in the energetic form that encases the body. So as you pull this energy up, which is actually quite good for you to do daily (so you can always do this), but do it now with an intention to begin to open some of the old belief structures that you, individually, are ready to loosen and release from. Each of you will have some different ones that you have already begun working with, already opened up packages of them, perhaps, and are ready to begin to open these.

So as you pull this up now, breathe down and meet it. Meet it with your focus, meet it with your life force, meet this energy and let it work, particularly in the root center, the second center, and the belly here for awhile. Focus there, pull the energy in, pull your focus down, and if you feel like moving around you can do that. Bodies like to move, you ones sit too much. Move it around. Move around and allow anything now that sort of fly into your mind or that you are aware of that are part of some of your patterned ways of thinking about yourself or about others. Let them start to loosen up. Ask sincerely, with respect, to be assisted to allow what is no longer necessary for you to hold, that which keeps you from directly communicating and listening to your cellular memory. Ask that it be lifted gently, gently lifted out, and I will help.

Keep breathing please, don’t forget.

That is good. There is more life opening already. More light, more life force. So move up. Up to the mid-section where there are many important organs. Many important organs are in this part of your body as well as a very important energy structure that has held fear and contraction as well as where you lose energy, where you plug in to where you find yourself dependent. It does not matter if it is a person, institution, working place, government, whatever. You lose energy through this place, and what happens to the organs? Good question, eh? You can answer that one.

So bring your focus here. Bring the energy up. Bathe these organs, bathe your body in this energy. Let your organs feel that they are being fed directly. Bring your focus there and ask with respect for assistance to remove or release or loosen those patterned ways of thinking and of relating that have continued to keep you focused outward in fear-based thinking and behaviors and relationships. Turn it around, almost involution. Turn it around and allow yourself to take back this energy that is yours, releasing as much as you can those patterns that keep you in dependency outside of yourself, or others in dependency upon you. Now we will also work directly with this place and these organs.

Very good. Keep that life force pulsing in there now. Feel the life force pulsing in these organs in this part of your body, regenerating the energy there, re-energizing these organs. They work very hard sometimes when there is much contraction. That is good.

Then we will move up to chest and lungs and heart. Arms are included. All of this area, that beautiful heart, that which brings in oxygen from my atmosphere and transforms it in your body by magic. You think you understand. It is not truly understood, not yet, but it will be. So focus here in the heart, the lungs, the beautiful heart chakra center, the arms, the hands, beautiful extension of the heart and the lungs. Now work a little bit to stretch. Stretch just gently, not difficult, so that you have a sense of your back as well as the front. Feel your back as well as the front, because you are also aware that your spine runs down and also is included. So breathe the life force into this area, your focus comes together here, and we ask with respect for assistance to release what is held in this part of the body that keeps you from truly believing and receiving your Divine blueprint, your plan for being here. Why are you here? Your heart knows. Your heart knows and your lungs are those organs that support the life plan, support your purpose. They surround the heart, they are part of the system, and the ribs protect it until it is time for you to then bring it out through your throat, your hands, however you do it. But here it is.

What keeps you from attuning and knowing what it is beautifully yours? Why are you here? Why are you in my body? Why did you come? You need to listen, for your body, your heart can help you. So what ever has woven around that keeps you from remembering, ask now that it loosen and release, and I will help.

Is it getting easier to breathe? There should be more space opening up. Then we will move up to neck and head as a unit. Throat, connected to mouth. Jaw, connected to ears, connected to brain and all of that which is numerous, numerous neurons that serve as communication pathways that link all of the body with your consciousness. No one exactly know how that happens, yet. That, too, is magic as of now, but there is much that is designed, and by design linking your capacity to listen, to communicate directly with your body, has to do with the neurons that are in the brain and spinal column. How do you begin to control the neurons of your brain? Not your thoughts, the neurons of your brain, the cells themselves that are neurons that are communicators. Do you have any idea?

Yes, that is a good beginning. You ask to be taught.

I will give you some hints. The neurons in the brain and in the spinal column are like little electrical impulses, and there is a gap that they jump between. Yes, synapses. So there is a little gap there. In the gap is the magic. In the little place between them is where a spark is ignited that brings whatever is going through that to consciousness. So if you want to begin to communicate more directly, imagine all these little places that have all these little sparks, and sit there. You can even pick one if you wish and make it a symbol of all of them. You sit in the middle of an electrical synapse where this is charged and it is going right through you, do you see, through your consciousness. It is a little hint of something that you might try in your meditation some time. Ask, when you are sitting there, to understand how to learn, how to receive direct impulses, direct messages from your body, to consciousness, and then how to give messages directly from consciousness to body. Basically learning the communication technique. That will help you. It will help you to understand this in your mind, to have and image, to have a place to sit.

So remember that it is in the little space that the magic occurs, and play with it. Play with it, don’t get serious. Seriousness closes it down, and everything slows down. Play and joy opens it up and everything speeds up, and it opens and expands and it is easier. If you go to meditation and you are very serious you won’t accomplish much. If you go to ask and you are very serious, no one listens. It doesn’t get it through. Have you noticed if you are ever out on a walk and your head is like this and you are very much…….nothing much really happens as far as nature. You have to be open. Once you are open then you will receive. You will receive many little gifts as you walk.

So head and neck. This is a beautiful place, these beautiful heads, will all of the sensory organs, the throat, the mouth, the voice. So focusing here there is that which has been patterned ways of receiving through eyes and ears and senses that you have taken as reality from the time you were little. Things were named for you and you then said “yes, that is what they are”. And you forgot to keep looking beyond the name. You said tree. You looked at this and said tree. No one told you that if you looked at this and asked it for its name it would give you a name, and it would be more than tree. Do you understand. You were stopped from seeking further and meeting the natural order, the natural creation that still wants to meet you and still wants to work with you directly, still longing to be partner with you.

So the senses need to be opened so they do not stop at “tree”, or they do not stop at “rock” or they do not stop at meeting a person and getting their name, but they seek to see more, hear more, taste and smell more, and be able to then express more in response. The whole system has been sort of shut down and limited. So we want to open the system of senses, or receptivity on all levels, and that includes the neurons of this wonderful brain.

Are you ready? Okay, bring the life force up to your neck and your head, breathing gently up. Bring it up. It is easy to focus in your head, because you often do. So just let your focus rest there. Ask with respect for some assistance to release the veils of limitation around your senses and your receptivity so that you might be open to receive what is more truly present.

hee a kama, you say……………….


Breathe and feel some of that old stuff, like helmets, loosening from around your head. When you begin to see and hear and taste and smell and know from this level of receptivity that you will begin to open, you might weep because it will be so beautiful and so intimate. The loss of intimacy, the loss of feeling in your world is not about only the pain that has been carried. It is about the loss of intimacy with creation. When you are cut off from that which has been your life force, that which has been your partner in life, then there is that which begins to deaden and your senses grow numb, and so do your feelings at times. You long for intimacy. Many of you have been searching for intimacy. In relationships, perhaps you first search. Then with Spirit, reconnecting with Soul, which you call Father, God, Source, Heart, Own Soul. But now open senses as well. Reconnect with physical, tangible, sensory intimacy. Communication at levels that will make your heart open wide. And you will feel tenderness as you probably have very few times.

Such tender communication you can have. Receptivity with aspects of my family, my body, who I am in many forms through all of you, through all of life. Allow. Allow this body now that has been opening, thank it. Thank the body that is opening for you, with you. Remember that when you ask and you receive it is good to reciprocate and respond and acknowledge. That is part of the intimacy. And as you thank the body and the life force and your own consciousness here for participating, also thank the wisdom that is in you that knows that there is a little switch that has already been thrown tonight and that you will from this time forward begin a little more consciously another way of being here, another way of walking here, another way of living here.

In this time there is great beauty to be discovered. Great, great beauty. How many of you are moved by beauty? Right now in this moment I would like you to imagine the most beautiful place or thing or person or event that you can imagine, or that you have experienced. Perhaps you have many choices, but choose one right now. Something so beautiful that it lit you up, that you were in awe, that you could not speak, that you had a sense of wonder. Feel this feeling again. Put yourself into that memory. Put yourself into the memory and feel your feeling of what it felt like to be in rapture with this beauty, to feel it, to experience it, what happened to your body and what happened to you. Feel it. Breathe that now bigger, let it go out from you bigger so that you get to be surrounded by the feeling and surrounded by the energy of beauty. The essence of beauty is now wrapping around you. Wrap yourselves with the essence of beauty. Yes, that is good, that is good. Let it work magic with you, those things that only open when there is beauty present, the senses that only awaken when the essence of beauty calls them forth. Those capacities are latent unless the essence of beauty elicits those capacities and brings them into form.

Working with the essence of beauty, working with it, playing with the essence of beauty is what will create a greater beautiful expression in this earth. New forms will come through it. It will not come through unless ones truly can receive and be and hold this energy of beauty, this essence of beauty. You will notice that beauty cannot be captured or held. You can wrap it around you, but it circulates. You can be in it but you can’t hold it. You can feel it, but you can’t name it very well. One word does not do it justice. So all you can do is open to the experience and let it get bigger, and expand it. Try expanding it further now. Expand it out. Beauty, wonder, awe. Beauty. Into this field of beauty let yourself open your heart and let one of the desires of your heart come into consciousness and into this field of beauty. One of your desires, your heart known desires. It might be a very deep desire or one that you have been working with recently, or something new. One of your hearts desires. Gently place it into the middle of this field and let it be created in beauty. Let it be manifested in grace and beauty, and let it be received back to you gracefully and with gratitude.

This is good. Imprint this feeling of beauty. Imprint it in your mind, in your awareness, in your body, in your experience so that you can return and sit, and open, and expand.

Before I close there is one more thing. This is a time where you will be drawn by others who are not so conscious, to serve them in ways. There is that which is service that is true from your presence and your heart, and there is that which is a drawing back into pattern that might look like service, but it will not be the same energy. I wish you to discern the difference, the true difference between what is true service and that which is drawn the next step of your evolution and anothers, and that which is one who wishes to pull you back through whatever looks like a need for you to serve them.

True service always feels reciprocal, always is reciprocal. True service is not only giving to another and losing energy and then becoming drained, true service is truly reciprocal. They give back to you as you give to them, and there is something that you receive in the exchange. It may not be anything that you thought you were going to, but it will be a gift that you get in that exchange. Others will take from you and soon you will find that you are losing energy, feeling depressed, wondering what it is that you are doing, and having a difficult time getting your sense of center or focus back. Your body will feel tired, fatigued, or anxious and agitated and fearful. Note it.

Note what happens. If that begins to happen, say to this one “I cannot be in this relationship this way with you right now, this is not serving in a true sense”. And that is the truth. You are not serving them and you are not serving yourself. Retreat from them, regain your energy, re-energize your life force, realign your soul within your body and become again who you are. The beauty exercise is always helpful whenever you feel that you have lost yourself or your energy, because beauty restores you. Probably the most graceful restoration that can happen is with the essence of beauty. Love helps, love is great, love heals, but beauty is a higher frequency. Beauty is finer, and it will restore the finer frequencies of your soul spirit that are also part of your aura much faster because of its nature. Do you understand the difference. It is important to understand. You may be tested on this, if not already. You may be tested on this and you need to have consciousness with you so that you begin to find a new way to act in these places with these ones.

There is a decree of sorts that has been issued out into this planet, this earth, and it has been out for awhile. However, it has not been universally heard. All ones by the end of this century are to connect directly to their Source of energies. Some are hearing it and are making progress in connecting to their own Divine soul source and earth source for light and life and energy. There will no longer be that which will be allowed to have energy stolen from others directly and indirectly. No longer stolen from my body without respect and without regard for a reciprocal action. You will watch that decree being played out as ones take their energy back and hold, connecting to their own source. Other ones will get very mad and actually quite frantic at times because they will not be able to get what they have gotten in the way that they have gotten before. Be gentle with them but be very firm. Focus them where to find the energy for themselves. Give them some exercises. If they continue to turn away or try to manipulate, then you must leave. And allow that a blessing goes with them that perhaps their soul and its wisdom will assist them to connect to the next person and listen and hear more clearly.

So practice you ones. Share with others you are connected to that these practices are helpful and essential for the evolution of our whole body together. Realize that as you make these connections more and more you will feel joy, more and more you will feel freedom. More and more you will feel that dance coming back into your step, that dance coming back into your life, the synchronicities of the dance happening ever more readily as life begets life and reciprocal action opens reciprocal action. And as you do so joy will be what you feel inside, outside, shared with others, and all alone. Shared with the earth, all of my creatures, all of my plants, all of my body as well as just because you exist, because you have life, because there is a dance to dance without having many more complications about it.

Listen now while play a song to elicit this feeling. It is to elicit the feeling of what it is to live in this earth as one who is free, aligned, sourced directly with life and light and joy. If you feel like moving and dancing, you certainly may.

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