A Choice For Love

A note from Chris LaFontaine: This transcript is an excerpt from material that was given on May 1, 1994. I am used to the clarity of energies of the intelligence that presents through Michele, but this experience was powerful, profound, and life-changing for me. This level of communication was also out of the ordinary for Michele at that time, and earlier in the day she was energetically prepared for this transmission. I did my best to engage in a dialogue, but mostly I sat and sobbed in the presence of a Love beyond words. We wish to make this excerpt available to as many people as possible as support for the personal challenges we are experiencing during this time of swift and significant changes. Permission is given to all readers who wish to duplicate this transcript for personal, non-commercial use. Pass it along to friends. it is to remain freely available to all those who find it of value. Please reproduce in entirety, including this note. For any other use including use of quotes or publication for commercial purposes, please contact me at chris@lightsmith.com.

The two opening paragraphs are an expression of those known as Elohim who are very near the Source and act as a ray of intent through which the pure light of the Source can emanate (and thus communicate).

Greetings of peace, of joy, of beauty this day. We who are here are not those who typically come. Occasionally one of us decides to show up, and we work with those who are more familiar with the language that you speak and are trained to be of assistance to make channeling and prophecies, etc., possible. Also, in order for us to be present, there are adjustments that are made in that energy channel of earth [Michele] to facilitate this exchange.

Those of us who come today are not of earth body. We sit very close to the central Source. We have journeyed by our intent to be of assistance, and to be directly participating in this transformative event in earth. We have directive to do so or we would not come. Our presence is an indication that the Source of creation, that light impulse through which all has come into existence, is focusing in this direction and has an intent to be visible and active in this process. We are those who assist that intent. We bring it forward through those who are assisting us, and those of you who are receiving.

There are no mistakes in this earth plane, however there is an experiment being brought to an end. There is that which has been allowed over the eons of this earth plane for the ones who are of evolution of soul to use the patterning here for that purpose. Free will given, free will is now to be removed. Not in the way you would say removed, but by choice. By the free will choice itself. For that which has been given in this earth was opportunity to love God, or love the Source if you wish to say that, love Self, love. Love would probably be enough to say. There are many opportunities to do so every day, every minute. There are many opportunities because this is a universe of opportunity, and because this is a planet of manifest opportunity.

When there is a choice to love, there is confirmation of the essence of soul, of spirit, of light, and of love. It magnifies itself. There is nothing else it can do. It can only be more of itself when there is that acknowledgment. When there is a choice not to love, there grows to be a shadow or a veil, that which covers and begins to eliminate light where it has been. That shadow, as you know, grew collectively and shrouded this beautiful planet, a planet which was ordained as the jewel of the heart of God. We use the word “God” because that is simplified at this time. The jewel of the heart of God is most precious! God is now saying to the universe:

“This jewel of my heart has been for many ages an experiment for those who have chosen to be upon Her for the purpose of their soul’s evolution. Those who have chosen love will now be elevated to that which is my heart place, for they are those who know the integrity of my intent and the power, and beyond that, of my love. The jewel of my heart, therefore, is resonant and shining in their hearts. They are then the jewel of my heart as well, for there is no separation, for they have embodied it. They have become it, and they are then most precious to me.

Those who have chosen against or away, given opportunity after opportunity, will no longer be able to share in the experiment in this place where I opened my heart and I have given all I could give to those who were willing to receive. The time is now that these ones will begin to be removed, for they tarnish the jewel of their own heart, covering it and covering the jewel that is to shine in the universe for all to see. For that is the intent, and that which has been ordained.

That heart is now opening further in this time of completion, and there will be two things that happen. One is the shadows will begin to be removed. The shadows are all manifestations of choices away from love. This is the planet of my heart. It cannot be that what is against love can remain. All that is to be in this place is a shining jewel for all to see. The removal is done through a variety of means. Many will feel it as a pestilence or that which is a sort of large-scale process. It is not death, please understand, it is not death for any of you who have chosen love. It is only an opening for the light and the love to be more present. Those who have chosen to remove themselves will do so with an understanding that what has been their opportunity, given again and again, has been missed. As they awaken to that, it will feel to them as a great loss. They will feel the pain of it for a long time until they have a choice once again to open to love, and that will be given to many. There are also those who I will not speak of for their fate is with me.

You who have chosen love will be elevated into the place where my heart so embraces and is so real and so powerfully present that there will be no other experience, and you will walk the earth. You will not leave the earth. Those who are encountering you in these next years will find that your presence so blesses, and is so embracing that they, too, remember their choice. They, too, remember their opportunities. They, too, look upon life with greater eyes of openness, of love. Your presence is what I need in the earth; your presence of heart, of love, of light, and of the jewel shining forth. What you do and what you say are mine to give you, and are part of the whole of the jewel of love shining forth in the earth. Whether it is a moment in which you are acknowledging a beautiful place in the earth or a sunset, whether you are gazing into another’s eyes, or whether you are speaking to large numbers of people. That moment will be a union into the heart of all. Those times in which you experience fear or see fear, remember who you are. Remember that heart and go there and know that all will be well, for I am that which cares for all those who have acknowledged heart, acknowledged love and chosen it. Your time of suffering is over, whereas others will begin.

Please be careful when you are in those places where there is great shadow. Do not speak of those things that these ones would take from your mouth and translate and put into words that would bring greater shadow and confusion to others. There are many who are yet able to choose, and yet there are charlatans among you. You will need to be discerning of these charlatans, for if they are among you, you will need to be very quiet and invisible. In some cases you will not be able to speak because I will close your mouth and you will not find it able to be opened. You will find yourself dumb and feeling almost half-witted. That is fine. I am protecting you that way. An option is to be aware, be very visible in awareness, but not in a way of drawing attention to yourself. Do not try to convince or teach in the presence of charlatans. Do not. For it can only bring confusion to any of those present, and they will then take the words and use them. In this time there is only that which is heart speaking. When heart speaks, you speak. When heart is silent, you are silent. That will be your greatest protection from these people. My heart embraces all, but there are those who willingly choose against that heart, that love, in this time of opportunity, and they are sealing their own fate with me.

It is a time where there is a final choice. Some call it final judgment. I choose to say a final choice. I give choice over and over and over and over and over and over again, for that is my nature. Yet, when I call one of my jewels home and I say enough of the experiment for that place, particularly this place that I have had great joy in creating, I then have a place for those who choose against. Do not worry and do not think about it, it is mine to do. Yours is to be more and more visible. When that radiance shines forth from you, you will find that there is no holding back, for the power of the heart opens into and through you and then to all. You will find yourself radiating love so abundantly that you will finally know the meaning of the term abundance. It has nothing to do with manifestation except that it does in experience. Truthfully, it is radiance without limit in experience, and then how that is then shared is part of the dance and the joy of being in form.

I like to experience form. That is why I have created this beautiful, abundant universe to experience it through. Yet, there are times when only the purest of heart can step forth and be witness to that which I have designated as myself or what I will allow to be representative of that which I am. That is what is happening now. I resonate and sit in the core of all of humanity, and yet only those who acknowledge that and who have chosen to love are to manifest this in their lives and for others to see. It is an abundant universe. There are other places to learn. In truth, there are millions and billions and billions and billions of cells.

I am breathing back in and my heart begins to call to some and to say it is time to come home, and some wish to do so. Others I have chosen to be representative of who I am. These ones will go forth beyond the earth into other universes to witness and bring forth the jewel of my heart to places that have not experienced such beauty, wonder, and love in that way. Your hardships have been many in duality. I am sorry for the pain. Yet, you will not find it has been all that great when you look at it from the light and the love of the expanse of your own nature. It will all fade away rather quickly. That is why it was allowed, because it was known that it would not stain or hurt the soul, but would only test and bring you through those tests into a new experience of being one with the emanations of my heart in form unlike any other species in my universe. So you now are what you are, and I am pleased.

Would you please provide some clarity on the concept of ascension, and address misconceptions and distortions in the way the idea has been discussed by some?

“The description of ascension is coming from a dualistic mind, that is what the distortion is. It looks at ascension as another form of separation. It has within it that frequency because the description comes through a frequency of duality. That is why it feels odd to ones who open to a more pure frequency of love and light. Those who are duped by it are yet looking through eyes of duality, then the seduction opens the opportunity for another choice. Yet, there will be those who are confused. I do not want further confusion. That is not my desire or my intent. That is why I have asked to be opened into the earth through you ones. That is why I make myself present, and it is why those who are in the earth need you to be radiant love beings. That is ascension. I would call it elevating. I elevate you. I bring to you, through you, in you, all that is your fullest soul heart experience to radiate into each moment – sometimes with greater manifestation and magnification than others. Not so that you will be set apart, but so that you can say to others ‘this is who you are – make your choice. You have a choice. This is your choice. This has been ordained for you to make. There is no final judgment outside of the final choice each one makes.’ Pass that on.”

We have been changing physically and also in consciousness. What further change awaits us at this time?

“If you in this moment open up a little bit to the experience of your heart light radiating throughout your body and into the room you are sitting in…..you think it’s a room, though it’s actually an aspect of the earth that is also radiating great love to you…..if you open to that radiance you will begin to realize that the experience you have has been limited by your perception of being a body. It has been limited by your perspective of being a human person with a personality, thoughts, and emotions rather than a radiant being of my heart that is experiencing creation, all of it. It does not mean you will not sad at times, for there is a sadness as this particular jewel of my heart has a need to peel the shadows from her and become again the diamond. As to those who choose against, there is a loss, and yet it is also a gain. It is also that which purifies, so there is no pure loss, no pure sadness.

There is always light, there is always love, there is always joy. In that you find a radiant expression and experience that no longer has any need for any duality or separate self. You find yourself being fully present as the emanation of love that is particular to you. You will still feel a certain uniqueness, for you are unique. You are unique in my creation. Great souls have brought together their many aspects of sub-souls. Part of the process in this last 2,000 year cycle has been to merge your sub-souls. That, too, has been by a choice to open to those aspects of self that have been separated through judgment without love.

As your heart embraced each aspect of your self in love, one aspect or emanation of darkness, of shadow, died and was incorporated into your larger soul. There are great souls who are now embodying as fully empowered emanations with all aspects now brought together. You think you have been doing it by personality, looking at self and inner child. That is just a manifestation, for as you have done it over the last 2,000 years you have in truth brought together aspects of soul that were separated into other forms. These forms were split off from the Source of your one soul. That has now shifted for many of you. You cannot ascend or be elevated scattered about, you see? Many will think they are among those who are to make this elevation, this ascension, but if they have left behind aspects in the shadows they cannot come. Only they will know, I will know, and they will have to begin to look deeper, yes?

What is the accuracy in the concept or metaphor of “waves of ascension”?

“It is more as if there are waves of love that come into earth with the first wave arriving as you ones embody fully. Then that love penetrates and spreads out and calls to others. They begin to bring together all of their soul, and then there is a building of power and light that assists the evolution of others as well as the shifting of the earth. Pay attention to those things and happenings which are part of the gnashing of teeth of those who are experiencing the pain of their own choices. If your heart goes out to them, speak once and once only telling them of their choice, and bringing your love as a bridge to them. If they refuse, walk on. Do not go back to them. There are too many to offer the choice many times now. That has already been done.

The second wave is a sort of metaphor, but it is also wherein more light can then be utilized in the earth. Outcomes aren’t exactly predictable, even for Source. There is a dynamic. I know not for sure the number that will be counted among you in the end of this time. I know only that those hearts that I am in now, and who I call to and who respond soon, that these ones will bring great joy to this jewel of my heart, and to me, and to all.

A ‘wave’ of this sort has a build-up, an intensification, that brings the optimal or the most of those who are ready into this experience. So, it is not only alone that you do so. It is all those joined together who break through that experience this in a similar space and time. It’s difficult for me to explain this. It is very difficult to translate into your language. Particularly a language that has so much vibration of duality that it is almost impossible for the heart to speak in it. Your mind is being re-patterned in a hologram so that language will shift. You will find yourself less able, perhaps at times, to speak your language. Yet you have emanations through you that have much to say. At times you will open your mouth and only a tone will come through. Or you will find that music or poetry, using the language in a different sense, or making up words, or my language will begin to communicate from person to person directly.

There will be a universal understanding without the separation of language. There is a difficulty speaking about this in terms that are consciously understood. That is why you experientially know through ecstasy, through joy. Realize that when you focus to limitation and shadow aspects, that if you can do so with love focusing from your heart into that place of shadow that there can be no shadow or pain for long. There can be no heartache, there can be no grief, there can be no limitation. For the heart emanates into that place and shows what is true, and shows what has been a choice away from love. Then you choose otherwise, for there is no desire any longer to choose away. Do you see?

I am still dealing with emotional issues and some other physical challenges. Will this change, soon? What do I need to look at?

All of the physical symptoms and all of the emotional symptoms go together. Those aspects of soul or self that are yet needing love, asking for love, are manifesting so that you can choose to love them, choose to embrace them. Difficulties, places of sadness, places of anger, where the understanding of light and love has not yet reached, bring it to those places. Use either the emotional symptom or the physical symptom as your focus of attention, and let that love and light bring them home to the whole of you. That is all any discomfort is asking for, whether manifesting inside of you or outside of you.

The only caution for now is when you extend your heart to those around you and they choose against, for that is their choice, keep moving so that you do not get caught. Those who wish to yet get energy from others will try to hook ones in an addiction to them so that they can use that light and love in a way, not to choose for themselves but to hide from themselves and continue to take from others rather than to open and bring all of themselves back together.

Bring all aspects back home into your heart. Allow your feelings to be a release of that charge of the shadow. Open your body to what it requires for balance and health. Ask your Being for guidance, direct guidance, in what your body requires chemically, in terms of vitamins, etc. that will help it return to balance. Relationships that seem unresolved are only parts of self that are yet calling for love. Open to your heart what it is that each aspect, or feeling or part wishes. Give it to them and bring them home. It is done on an individual basis, and it is also done on a soul level. It is also done at the level of the collective. Do you see?

At the end of the discussion a closing was given by the Elohim

“That is all. We are grateful to have been able to be present with you in this way. It is our joy to be so connected into the earth through bodies that allow. Blessings.”

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