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Lightsmith – The Form Dissolves

This is one of the last update emails you will receive from Lightsmith. We intend to remain connected, though the form will change. For this to be a year of new beginnings, the old must release. For us, that time has come. We are grateful for all that has been; your support, your friendship, your participation in extraordinary action within creation, your agreement to become who you are through a Continue →

Moving On, A Celebration

Right off the bat. That's how energy seems to have gone into motion as we entered 2017. Although I'm writing from what I witness in my own experience, I'm usually never alone. For awhile last year I wondered if anything was ever going to feel like movement in the outer world. 2016 took us deep, yielding more clearing and release, but with a resulting clarification in a sense of self and a kind of Continue →