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Michele Adds 2nd Grid Class, Video-Streamed

My error of omission on the last update ruined my shot at a glitch-free 2016. It's the 66th year in a row I have made at least one mistake, though this one barely glistens in the shadow of some. I wrote that Michele is offering a Grid Class in April, and I failed to mention the date. Some of you, however, did find the listing on our events calendar (to which I also forgot to make a link, so 0 Continue →

Synchronization Begins & Special Grid Class Offered

On Saturday, April 2nd, we will be hosting a much-anticipated event with the Earth Mother. Our friends in Spirit previously announced that our formal work with them was ending and we would begin a new phase of synchronization guided by Gaia Terra, the great being of the earth. During the event I expect we will be more informed about the processes coming our way and what it means to stay in Continue →

Reminder: Equinox event on Monday at 7pm CDT

A quick reminder that this coming Monday evening, March 21st, at 7pm CDT we present one of our 4 planetary events of the year (equinoxes and solstices). During these events we partner with the Earth Mother and other beings of Spirit and Earth. The purpose is to provide a group for processes intended to facilitate transformation on a scale larger than personal. Although we never know content of Continue →

New Earth Mother Event, Message From Michele

Hi, and welcome to a week of radical shifts. It's such a special time, no? Lots of kablooie happening as more things lacking resonance are suddenly ejected from your life. Or you from them. I guess it's mutual. I know that the times of new moons and eclipses birth a multitude of reflections and analyses, but really, what day recently hasn't been chock full of entertaining scarifying transition and Continue →