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2015. New Year’s Channeling. More.

New Year's Channeling Materializing Light Visible & Present New Moons Verbiage Alert!  Abundance of words ahead. A commentary and details about our plans for 2015 make for a longish update, but we have a lot to share so hang in and here goes: 2014 is a year I don't really need to tell you anything about, since the constant barrage of individual and collective challenges pretty much set Continue →

So Long 2014

2014 or Whatever That Was Creation Class - December 13th Solstice - December 21st New Moon - December 22nd   If I'm going to offer any reflections about 2014 I need to commence with the writing. You probably noticed I haven't penned perspectives this year with the same frequency as times past. The reason? Well, partly because of the somewhat paradoxical journey of 2014. We did a lot of Continue →