Archives for February 2014

The Relentless Push. Special March Events.

A very pushy acceleration of the sorting process is underway. In some recent personal experiences and those of friends, I have noticed how sudden physical challenges may trigger an underlying sense of vulnerability. We developed patterns of control and repression to feel less vulnerable, but the cost has been a willingness to endure things that are not in alignment with who we are. Life is not Continue →

Last-Minute Info for Saturday

I have written before about how much we are shifting into an experience where we know little about what is next until we need to know it. The same has become true regarding information we work with in preparation for our events. Based on some insights received this morning I offer this quick update about tomorrow's event, Creating in the 5th Dimension with a Little Help from our Friends. The Continue →

Cross-Quarter. Creation in the 5th Dimension.

A last-minute reminder of our Cross-Quarter planetary event Monday night, and a first-time notice of our new series for 2014. Also, a little commentary on current energies at the end. Monday brings us our first of 8 planetary events for the year. At each session Michele facilitates a process guided by the Earth Mother and other beings of Spirit and Earth. The group assists by focusing the Continue →