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Cross-Quarter Planetary Event Thursday, August 1st

Discombobulation, odd spatial distortions, constant rearrangement of plans, erratic sleep patterns, lack of clarity, boredom, unexpected emotions with no apparent connection to a cause, lack of future vision, ringing ears, fatigued, and much of the time a lack of interest in much of anything. Yet still busy. There you have a sampling of the weirdnesses being experienced in the current Continue →

A Letter to Humanity

As expressed through Michele Mayama, July, 2013 Download this article in PDF format As we in the United States celebrated independence over the 4th of July, I had a quiet four day break from work and family. What follows began to come through one morning and continued in stages over the next couple of days. I was both channel and creator as it wove its way through my consciousness into form. I Continue →

Reminder: New Moon and Creator Session This Week

Summer has finally landed, and we're keeping our calendar light here at Lightsmith. Our only two scheduled July events both happen this coming week beginning with the New Moon session this Monday evening, July 8th at 7pm. These New Moon events have evolved into quite powerful shift sessions, always focused on the individual while also working with the Earth Mother and the larger currents. You can Continue →