Archives for March 2013

Traversing the Wormhole

Wormhole: "A tunnel in the geometry of space - time postulated to connect different parts of the universe".  And perhaps different dimensions? If my soul has a to-do list I may soon be able to cross off being funneled through a wormhole. It's akin to being expressed through a pasta maker, yet disorienting enough to distract you from fully recognizing your new shape. Holy ravioli! We had our Continue →

Finally, March

We may still feel like we're idling, but the shift into drive is not far off. The spring equinox is soon upon us, and by the end of the summer we may wonder why we didn't better appreciate some down time while we had it. This brief update is a reminder of what's setting up here at Lightsmith during March, and how you can join us for what's going into motion. Following this listing of events you Continue →