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Reminder: Cross-Quarter Planetary Event Friday Night

The first planetary event of the year is tomorrow night, Friday, February 1st at 7pm central time. During these events we open to be of assistance to humanity and the planet. We never know ahead of time what the focus will be, but the sessions are always interesting and benefit participants as well. There is no charge for this event. You can join us by internet stream, phone, or in person. Login Continue →

2013, Ramping Up.

Back in the pre-historic days of the mid 1990's Michele and I found ourselves connecting with a man who had spent extensive time researching the Maya and their calendar system. Through our work with him we realized he was carrying a level of information that did not synch with the notion, popularized in 1987 by Jose Arguelles, that the "shift" suggested by the current version of the Mayan calendar Continue →

Date change for Visible and Present gathering

Hello again, I heard from a number of people interested in giving input into planning for the future of Visible and Present here at Lightsmith but the Tuesday date (tomorrow) did not work. So I am proposing a second date and time......Monday, Jan. 28 at 6:30 pm to accommodate those coming from work. Again, if you are able, willing, or interested, let me know ( You can Continue →

Request for Input

Hello Visible and Present Friends! As we begin 2013 I am feeling the need to get your input as I plan the future of Visible and Present here at Lightsmith. For those of you who have found this work powerful in your own life and who are free during the day, I am inviting you to bring a sack lunch to Lightsmith on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 12 noon. We will sit, eat, and talk about possibilities for Continue →

2013. Yup, Tis.

Special Open Channeling this Saturday. Apologies for the last-minute notice. My bad for missing the calendar entry. Details further down. Welcome to 2013 as we enter the post-apocahypetic era. We have yet to move into the post-megadrama era, but one day at a time, people, one day at a time. Perhaps you look out into the world, eyeing the chaos and endless positioning and grumbling, wondering if Continue →