2013. Yup, Tis.

Special Open Channeling this Saturday. Apologies for the last-minute notice. My bad for missing the calendar entry. Details further down.

Welcome to 2013 as we enter the post-apocahypetic era. We have yet to move into the post-megadrama era, but one day at a time, people, one day at a time. Perhaps you look out into the world, eyeing the chaos and endless positioning and grumbling, wondering if anything has really changed from 2012. If outward is where you are focused, your enthusiasm to continue existence may become deflated. A better option is to turn within to tap where you’re really being informed. In that place you will find a world of difference from a year ago.

I ask: Over these past months have old things risen in awareness to be acknowledged and released? Do your choices feel clearer? Has your relationship to past events changed? Do you feel less pulled into polarized positions? Are you feeling more at peace with the world? Have you moved through completions with people from earlier in your life? Have some things that used to haunt you simply disappeared from your experience? Do you feel more authentic? Are you tired of most everything the way it has been? Do you sense that truly all is well?

The transformational shifts first happen within consciousness and then manifest in experience, not the other way around. The great predicted transitions of 2012 have happened (and continue to happen), but if you’re expecting to see evidence in the external world you need to complete the transformation within. We have labeled this process “Doing Your Work”,  but as you may know that’s some sugar-coating right there. Yet, the idea of becoming the change you wish to see in the world has never held more meaning. It is literally true. The savior model is defunct, whether Christian, New Age, or any other. The story has always been about what we are to become.

For many of us, 2013 will open more of what’s next, even while others move through a more accelerated version of the inner work we’ve been doing for decades. The pathways have been mapped in consciousness by the pioneers, and now others who choose can move along them with more ease. This is a big deal in the horn-tooting sense, so give yourselves some credit for what has been accomplished. The end of the world as we’ve known it has finally arrived. I’m quite sure, because I have spun around and now find myself as clueless as when I was younger and used to know it all. The acquisition of wisdom seems to mostly consist of vast experimentation followed by the dumping of what isn’t so wise and seeing what remains. Whose idea was this, anyway? Oh yeah, mine. And my many traveling companions.

We’ve been on a healing/transformation path for so long it may seem strange to even consider what it might be like to be on a creative path. As one world ends another begins, though the overlap confounds. The future has yet to be created, so don’t expect to know what it holds. That would be weird. Our main option now is to stay open to what wants to move through us, expressing AS us. The operating system for the next story is in place, but the evolution of expression and experience within it is barely birthed and has a long run ahead. The question now is: how do we transition from transformers of density and illusion into Creators within Creation? The next cycle of 2013 will begin to inform us, and here at Lightsmith a framework is firming up.

We had a loving and deeply supportive visit from Sananda at our New Year’s channeling. If you missed it, the audio file is posted in the Freebies section of our shop. At 45 minutes or so the presentation is short compared to many, but the message is large. Give a listen if you want to get a sense of where we’re at.

Our events this year will reflect the transition into “Creator Mode” by coordinating with Spirit and Earth to introduce the energy and nature of the fundamental rays. During each New Moon event of 2013 (starting this Friday the 11th) we will be working with the Earth Mother. She is the master of manifestation, and each session will weave in awareness of the upward manifesting currents of creation while facilitating what is opening for individual participants. New Moon events focus on the New You!

Our core Second Saturday events are also being restructured. This year we begin a new series tentatively titled Creator within Creation. These events are open to everyone with no prerequisites and no order of importance. You can participate in any or all during the year. This series will be in cooperation with our Friends in Spirit and will include deeper embodiment of the 12 Rays of Creation. This series begins Saturday, February 9th, with each session running from 1-5pm. Further details will be posted on the website soon, and I will send an update to remind you.

A Second Saturday channeling also continues each month, but with a twist. The channelings this year will be incorporated into the classes rather than being separate in the evenings. This simplifies each Saturday presentation into a more coherent whole and also opens the weekend evenings for all who participate live.

In a nutshell:

Creator within Creation classes every second Saturday starting February 9th:
Collaboration with Spirit and the 12 informing Rays of Creation

New Moon events starting this Friday, January 11th:
Collaboration with Earth Mother and the 12 manifesting Currents of Creation

New moon info and signup

A special channeling this Saturday! This channeling will be structured like the sessions of a previous time. Our Friends in Spirit will begin with a comment or two, and then open to your questions about anything you’d like to discuss. Would you like some perspective on things like the Sandy Hook shootings, the purpose of Alzheimer’s, or why politics has become the theater of the absurd? Or, maybe you’d like a suggestion or two about something that is up for you right now in your own process of healing that would help you become more integrated and clearer. This is a rare opportunity to get some personal questions answered, and you can join us in person, by phone, or by internet stream. If you won’t be attending in person, you can sign up on our channelings page.

More information on our calendar page

Compared to the deep healing work of last year, this year feels lighter and swifter with openings to many pathways of new possibilities. I am so ready to move on and am looking forward to whatever is next to come out of the Great Mystery – and myself!






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3 thoughts on “2013. Yup, Tis.”

  1. Your post hit home with me. In my meditations exploring the crack between this universe and ??? and visiting with the Sun and other beings I just find that what would have wowed me in the past just seems like “so what” now. It has been difficult to fathom if I am sick, mentally ill, tired, cynical, or have truly moved on to some other space.

    Activities that brought joy, excitement, and wonder almost seem like another duty to perform….. OK – I will move this energy from here to there if that is what I am supposed to do. That is OK but now the question of “is this all there is” comes in. On one level I really don’t care anymore. Is that apathy? Or, is it really surrender and acceptance?

    I will laugh at myself now for this silly post.

  2. Hey Michael,

    Thanks for the note. You have described the experience of the current energies perfectly, even more succinctly than I did in the update. “Is that all there is”, indeed! I write from my own experiences and perceptions and I am equally relieved when I get feedback that others are in a similar place. Feels like there is still some coordination happening in the field and things will begin to move when all is aligned. My sense would be that the spring equinox is significant in the timing.

  3. Talk about operating systems…Yesterday I brought my laptop in to the Apple store because it was acting up a bit. They told me I needed to replace the fan and recommended re-installing the operating system. When I asked how long it would take, I was told “Two days. We’re really behind.” I must have given some type of expression because he then said “Well, maybe we can have it done for you tomorrow some time.” So, I said “Ok”. While he was preparing the paperwork he told me he would waive the labor charge and it would only be $17 for the fan. ??? Not sure why he did that, but I graciously accepted the offer. But the really cool part? I got a phone call that my computer was ready and that I could pick it up – THREE hours after I left it with them!! Wow! I’m LOVING 2013!! :)

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