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New Year’s Channeling Next Tuesday, January 1st

This time is truly one of celebration for all that has been accomplished within the consciousness of humanity and earth. The early phase of the New Dimensional experience is now well-established even while being less visible to many. Yet, many also feel the tide turning in ways prompting both relief and trepidation. Such is the nature of fundamental change. Collective events have a way of serving Continue →

2012. The Windup and the Pitch.

The final moments of 2012 include two more significant events, completing a triple whammy that began with the Cross-Quarter planetary work of November 5th. Next Wednesday is the infamous 12-12-12, which rides the energy of all the focus we give it while being amped up by the new moon. Then, of course, the world ends on December 21st, so.....see ya! Not so fast. The winter solstice is yet Continue →