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Accelerated Chakra Shifting event this Saturday

As we shift out of Duality we move through a sequence of physical and energetic changes preparing us for functioning in the new dimension. One significant area of shift is in the chakra system. The chakras are "morphing" into new toroidal structures, enabling communication and creation abilites to come online within the new field. This change also disconnects us from the old system of polarities Continue →

Two August Events Remaining

The NEW MOON session is tonight (Monday, August 13th). We scheduled this date because we will be out of town at the time of the actual New Moon. We've been working with the transformation of the chakras during these sessions, and we expect that focus will continue this month. Join us in person, by phone or by internet. Information and registration ACCELERATED CHAKRA SHIFTING is scheduled for Continue →

Free Cross-Quarter Planetary Event Monday

Our Cross-Quarter Planetary Event is next Monday, August 6th at 7pm (central). It's hard to believe we're already in August, but the river of change is swiftly moving us through our paces. Once again we will gather to give focus to larger-scale movement affecting our planet and all of humanity. As usual we don't know the content ahead of time, but after 19 years of doing events with Michele I can Continue →