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Accelerated Chakra Shifting this Saturday. And…

Ah, finally some relief from the discombobulation of recent weeks. Our energies have been focused so internally for months, and it feels good that things are now starting to move in our outer worlds as well. So, I would say that whatever we've been working on so diligently has opened the door to our next phase. I don't believe that any of us know exactly what is coming, but we can't say the Continue →

Solstice Event Tonight!

A reminder of our special Solstice Planetary Event tonight at 7pm (central). The energy has been building for days and we seldom know the focus of these sessions until we begin, but we always do a great piece of work for ourselves, humanity and the planet. Remember that you can participate in person, by phone or by internet stream. And just to keep you curious, there will be a special presentation Continue →

Many Things

After a quiet span I suddenly have several items of interest to tell you about. A couple days ago I started writing the usual fact-filled/opinionated/wordy but magnificent update, however today I figure I best cut to the chase. First, it's already time for another New Moon session. Boy these come around fast! Well, every 29.53 days, but who's counting. In April these New Moon events definitely Continue →

Great Group for Eclipse-Transit Event

Thanks to everyone who joined us on such short notice for the planetary event last night. Turns out we had over 60 participants between the local and remote groups, so I would consider it a significant event when that many people feel drawn to take part in the process. Feel free to add a comment about your experience! Continue →

Special Eclipse/Transit Planetary Event

We find ourselves rather suddenly adding a planetary event to our schedule next Tuesday evening. We weren't sure about adding another project to our busy schedule and *tried* an initial act of resistance, but greater forces prevailed :) A partial lunar eclipse on June 4th and a transit of the sun by Venus on June 5th and 6th appears to be calling us to action. You can check with professor Continue →

The Big Deal Chakra Shift

Last week I began this comment with a few thoughts in mind and ended up writing a small book. What can I say, I get excessive wordspill when I haven't written for awhile. I decided short and clear was preferable to long and complicated, so I began anew. The energy has been truly odd these past weeks. Can you sense how something is building but nothing gets clear? Have you been almost constantly Continue →