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So, How’s it Going?

Seems like the long weekend went by pretty fast with only a small amount of our plans actualized. Michele and I did finally do some needed sorting and cleaning at the building, but we ended up spending more down-time that we thought we would. I sometimes think what I see as a break is seen by my soul as a really good time to do some more transforming work. I'm now ready for a rest from my break. Continue →

New Moon Session Monday Night May 21st – Focus: Heart Chakra

Another "New You" Session. Last month (yes, a MONTH already!) we worked intensively with the Solar Plexus, and we will continue having a more specific focus tonight as we work with the Heart Chakra. All the chakras are changing to fully function within the New Dimension of Living Light, and this session will use the energies of yesterday's New Moon Eclipse to assist your Heart Chakra to move more Continue →

Saturday: Maya, Mother of Buddha

Channeling Open to Everyone Our channeling Saturday evening is open to everyone, and our guest for the event is Maya, the mother of Buddha. Her presence will be guiding the work of the afternoon Mastery 2 class, and then she will speak directly to us during the channeling. We don't yet know what she will be bringing through, but we know that during the day we will be working with the masculine Continue →

Loosening the Fear in Humanity, Free Cross-Quarter Event

This Friday, May 4 at 7pm central time is our next opportunity to work in collaboration with the Earth Mother and friends in Spirit at the planetary level. Most of the time we are concerned about our own needs, feelings, processes, and experiences. And because we are also part of the Earth and collective human consciousness, what we accomplish personally has an effect upon the whole. Once in Continue →

Full Circle

Hi to Everyone on the Lightsmith Community List, Within the last few weeks I have found myself re-visiting, and in some cases re-energizing, things that I thought had permanently slipped into my past. The most stellar example is a return to my roots of photography and image making. I started out months ago sifting through and scanning mounds of old negatives and slides, discovering photographs Continue →

Clothing Exchange and New Playshop Scheduled

Hello to all! Spring is my favorite time of year….and I love the ritual of transitioning from winter to spring and summer clothes. As I touch and look at each piece of clothing, I ask whether it fits who I am now or if I still have a connection with it. If “no” is the answer, it goes into my give away or move on pile. I also look at what I have from previous years that I still like and see how Continue →