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Small Group Sessions January 29, 2004


Open your bodies a little…………. Aya Komaiya…………from my heart to yours........ Hello, thank you for inviting me. It is truly my pleasure to be here, of course. It is indeed a time of great wonder, in some ways. Are you feeling what is already beginning to shift in your lives, the time & space continuum? It is as if a great spiral wind, a great, whooshing spiral wind is moving through your Continue →

New Year’s Channeling 2004


Opens with friends in Spirit, closes with Earth Mother Blessings, greetings, hello. It is a new cycle, yes? And hallelujah, yes? Ah, so, let us breathe a little bit together. Open up, and we will introduce who is all present here with us, and you, we hope, will also introduce each other to us in your hearts and in your minds. We already have met most of you. So, today we have gathered a number Continue →