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Small Group Sessions October 25, 2002


This dialogue was between Chris and friends, and the Spirit group that arranged for the October 25th channneling we titled The United States Becomes Accountable. This was some of the conversation that continued following their message. OVER ALL THE YEARS OF TALKING WITH YOU, YOU HAVE NEVER PUT THE FOCUS ON THINGS LIKE A SECRET GOVERNMENT OR THE POWERS BEHIND THE SCENES, ETC. I THINK I Continue →

The United States Becomes Accountable


It is our joy and pleasure to be reunited through this one [Michele] with you and with humanity. It is our joy and pleasure, yet we understand that in the human experience that it might not always be full of joy and pleasure. We understand this with compassion, yet we also come to you with an awareness that we wish to pass on to you; the realization that you, too, are always full of joy and the Continue →