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Open to Your Full Merger


"What we would like to pass on to people in this time is that the soul, the Great Spirit, the body, and the Earth are currently in the process of engaging with each other at full momentum. If you do not feel as if you are engaged in this process, ask yourself what you are resisting or fearing in terms of not jumping into it fully. This engagement does not necessarily mean pain or disruption. It Continue →

Small Group Sessions November 18, 2001


SOME INCREDIBLE CROP CIRCLES FORMED IN ENGLAND THIS PAST AUGUST. I DOUBT THEY WERE HOAXES. THE TWO THAT FORMED NEAR THE RADIO TELESCOPE ON ABOUT AUGUST 19TH CLEARLY SEEM TO BE OF EXTRATERRESTIAL ORIGINS. WHO’S TRYING TO CONTACT US? Well, you ones have been trying to figure that out for a long time. The intelligence that is assisting to create the symbols in the fields in this area have your Continue →