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Releasing The Non-Essential


"What we would invite people to be aware of in this time is that any process they are going through right now is one of bringing them into a greater awareness and alignment with who they are; the core of Love that they are, the core of beingness that they are, the core of their own integrity, an alignment with why they have chosen to be embodied, and the core knowing of their own sense of and Continue →

Small Group Sessions April 3, 2001


I'M INTERESTED IN YOUR PERSPECTIVE ABOUT SCHOOL SHOOTINGS. WHAT’S THE MESSAGE WITHIN THAT KIND OF VIOLENCE BY CHILDREN AND IS IT A WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON? It is not world wide, but in some countries it is condoned and they are trained to kill. In the US it is not that, but in some ways the children have taken on the disassociated rage and powerlessness and then have taken what society has Continue →