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The Guidance of The Larger Hologram


“In this time we would like to speak about a quality of consciousness that is beginning to open more than it has in the past. Many have called it intuition, or in a personal sense those levels of guidance that ones seek when they make decisions about what would be for their highest good or a way to proceed in their life’s unfolding. That intuition, instinct, or sense of knowing guides people. If Continue →

Small Group Sessions February 25, 2001


WHAT ARE THE ORIGINS, PURPOSES, MEANINGS, LESSONS AND ISSUES INVOLVED IN ALCOHOLISM, FROM A SPIRITUAL/METAPHYSICAL PERSPECTIVE? HOW CAN IT BE HEALED? We can answer in a general way, although each person creates this experience for themselves more specifically. Overall, it is that in the earth plane there has not been for many generations a way to be open to life and light directly without Continue →