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Step Out of Contracting Duality


"Some of what we would like to say in this time we have perhaps said before. However, because of what is taking place in the collective consciousness we would like to reiterate it in some ways and offer a little more direction to people in terms of how to work with what we are speaking of." "There is a very strong contraction in the field right now. The contraction is not one where it is felt Continue →

Small Group Sessions January 26, 2001


LATELY MY DREAMS HAVE BEEN MORE DEEP, MORE COMPLEX, MORE BUSY, MORE MULTI-FACETED AND KIND OF FAST IN TERMS OF TRANSITION FROM SCENE TO SCENE. WHAT'S UP? Consciousness right now is in a process of attempting to do some restructuring so it is as if you touch all these different structures, beliefs, areas of consciousness and unconsciousness. In touching them there is a certain acknowledgement, Continue →

New Year’s Channeling 2001


Blessings, greetings, we are present, we are here. Hello, hello. It is the beginning of one of your new years, yes? And it is another beginning in many ways for those of you who have been on a journey for some time, perhaps cleaning up and closing doors on your past experiences in duality. You have also been opening up some doors, some windows, among other things. This next year is a time where Continue →