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Stories from Our Earth Journeys 1999-2000


About The Journeys In the summer of 1998, I was invited by Laurie Young to visit her in Guatemala. During that visit, I was given a vision during which the Earth Mother asked us to form groups to travel to different parts of the world to assist her in a process of planetary cellular metamorphosis. Her body is composed of large cells which have had a specific structural template since early in Continue →

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Small Group Sessions May 11, 2000


I'VE BEEN EXPERIENCING NECK PAIN RECENTLY AND HAVE TALKED TO MANY OTHERS WHO HAVE THE SAME. IS THERE SOME "COSMIC" REASON WHY THIS IS SO PREVALENT RIGHT NOW? On the spiritual plane the neck region is the area where you translate your consciousness into form, or words. The life current is also expanding and desires to come forward and up. The neck region, in the definition of reality says that Continue →