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Small Group Gathering with Earth Mother in Guatemala


Comments by participants are in UPPER CASE Breathe with me........... As you breathe, take into your body more life...more life......more life Grab it, take it in, and take as much as you need right now. If you feel a little depleted take more than you need...... Take more than you need. Now breathe, take, receive Yes, and taste life Taste it. You can just eat it up and it will Continue →

Portals, Journeys, And Judgment


Over the past few years I have noticed that often I find myself immersed in a personal experience just before I am to write or otherwise communicate with others. I am aware that at times I have had a personal situation to move through prior to speaking to a group, and I would realize that the insights I had opened to became the focus of my presentation. This phenomenon has again occurred, and I Continue →