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Small Group Sessions January 8, 1999


THANK YOU FOR THE PREVIOUS GUIDANCE YOU GAVE ME THAT HAS HELPED MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SON. HOW CAN I BEST ASSIST HIM TO EVOLVE WITH ME AS WE CHANGE WITH MOTHER EARTH IN THIS TIME? The more you are in relationship with this one in a way that listens to who he is, he will communicate to you when he needs a certain kind of support. It is important for him to also listen himself to the earth, to Continue →

New Year’s Channeling 1999


This transcript is from a small group gathering on January 1, 1999, and contains information about the coming year. Participants were present both in person and by telephone conference call. “Happy New Year to everyone. It is our joy and our pleasure to be invited to be with you in this great time. And it is quite amazing to us that this is being broadcast, so to speak, beyond the room’s Continue →