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Small Group Sessions May 1998


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INTUITION AND PSYCHIC ABILITIES? We would see it as a continuum more than a difference where intuition is the place within each one that can make a connection to their own soul’s unfolding within the whole, the hologram. It’s basically your link to the hologram through which information comes always so that you get a sense that “this is in the flow” or “this isn’t Continue →

Experience Divine Love And Eternal Grace


This channeling opens with commentary from Michele: I’ve had the great privilege of studying with Master Teachers in Spirit for the past 15 years. Even with all of the insights, perspective, and guidance, I have also been blessed with a skeptical mind and a shy introverted personality. I’m often amazed at the way I am perceived by others because of my public persona, as someone who has it all Continue →