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Open To The New Design Of Creation


This channeling opens with a commentary from Michele: Once upon a time we knew who we were, or rather, we thought we knew something about who we were. We could tell people our stories, talk about our hard times, our disappointments, desires, what we were working on, what inspired us, etc. Since the dawning of 1998, it seems for many I speak with, that these personal histories are quickly Continue →

Small Group Sessions March 1998


I HAVE SEVERAL QUESTIONS ABOUT SOME OF THE MESSAGES ON THE LIGHTSMITH WEB SITE. FIRST, YOU HAVE SAID THAT WHAT WAS STARTED AND CONTINUES ON THIS PLANET IS AN "EXPERIMENT": WHY DO AN EXPERIMENT? Experiment is a word that the mind understands, but in the process of Creator evolving within creation certain focuses of the pure emanation of Creator have certain intentions to evolve within matter Continue →