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Listen To The Children


This channeling opens with commentary by Michele Every so often, our Spirit friends speak on behalf of children. In the larger plan, those being born carrying a new structure of consciousness are integral to what is currently being shifted in the whole. Within them are many seeds that will bear fruit in our future, fruit that looks very little like what the dying matrix of duality has conceived Continue →



"Greetings, hello. This evening we were asked to come with a topic, and we have come prepared to speak about relationships. Is this one of your favorite topics?... Perhaps it is one of your favorite and least favorite all at the same time, yes? What we would like to do with this is to put it in some context and then open to questions. In this kind of topical work, if there is something that we are Continue →

Changes In Human DNA

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"Blessings, greetings, we are present, we are here. Hello." HELLO. "It is a pleasure to be with you in this time and to be invited to be in discussion with you on a topic that perhaps you have questions and interest upon, and we have gathered our material to share with you. We have been briefed on the topic that you ones would like to discuss, so we will speak for a time, and then we can Continue →