Archives for July 1996

A Creation Story From Earth Mother


I am going to tell you a story, a brief story. And as I share this story, if there is a resonance within your awareness, breathe into your body and exhale, release. Because the story is our story. It is not your story or my story - it is our story. There are certain pieces of it that need to be remembered for there have been veils of forgetfulness over consciousness for many, many, many centuries. Continue →

Like Attracts Like, Let Go And Surrender


"In this time in your earth there is a great deepening of love taking place. Love is not just a feeling or emotion, although you are designed to experience love emotionally. Love is an energy that is like a magnetism of joining one thing to another. Out of it proceeds certain laws or principles. They are not the foundation of this energy, this energy produces these principles in action. One of Continue →