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A Small Group Gathering with The Earth Mother


Comments by participants are in UPPER CASE Breathe with me please. Ahh, yes breathe. Breathe deeply into your body and bring this life force deeper, deeper. There is much that is good about living in a place where there is more fresh air. You can breathe and there is that which refreshes you. More oxygen. That is good. Heeyah homikaya Alomaha......................... Would you Continue →

Glory Hallelujah, We Are Free At Last


"In this time let yourselves reflect on some words that have been said in song or music, but often do not get said in your own lives. Let yourselves reflect on GLORY HALLELUJAH. Open to the expression of that and the experience of it. When ones express GLORY HALLELUJAH it comes from a deep place of appreciation, of knowing, of excitement, of bursting forth. In this last winter time it was a great, Continue →